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    The Arrival Of... [Open/Social]


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    The Arrival Of... [Open/Social] Empty The Arrival Of... [Open/Social]

    Post by Ahote 3rd March 2016, 6:50 am


    000 words for username
    Hope you guys don't mind assuming that Junpei already know you, seeing as he was born into Fairy Tail.
    It was early in the day, around 8:30 a.m with a cool breeze to validate it. And zooming down the streets of Magnolia was a young wizard, small in size but big at heart, was Junpei, who had yet to discover his potential. He was wearing his usual attire, a black T-shirt and sagging, oversized brown vest. He was heading for the Fairy Tail Guild today, in hope of seeing his Uncles (Whom he so dearly admired), a small, plastic bag latched to the keychain of his shorts, filled with cream puffs he had just finished this very morning. He was certain that they came out perfect after several failed attempts, and wanted them to try it. It was often that he'd visit the guild with a small box or bag filled with his dishes, some perfect, some trash-worthy. And in hopes of seeing his mother as well, he dashed to the guild in a haste.

    "Hehe! Faaaairy Tail! Faaaaaaairy Tail!~" He chanted as he continued to speedily walk down the road with a gentle grin and soft, reddish-brown eyes. Everyday was an adventure to him; always experiencing new things and meeting new people. But, shyness was his weakness and is quite frequently hiding in the sidelines despite a strong temptation to expose himself, overthrown by hesitation.

    The realization made him frown, though determined to become more social. But he was often seen as a rather recluse, independent child who kept to himself when really, he spent most of his time teaching himself how to cook and play games. He didn't get to see his Father as often as he wanted to (Every day...), but it only encouraged him to create new things to impress him. But lost in the seas of scheming, he found himself walking too fast with his eyes focused on the ether above, ramming into the nearest pole and stumbling to the ground rear-first with a small scratch on the tip of his nose and forehead. His hands jerked to the scene and rubbed the scratches, when suddenly a moist feeling greeted him. Startled, he removed his hands from the marks and looked down to it, his eyes widening at the ungodly sight! "It's bleeding! It's bleeding! I'm dying!" He panicked and began to tear up, and in a matter of moments, was on the ground weeping from two bleeding scratches. "This is it! I'm going to die! There's blood!" He sniffled, but only managed to cover his face in tears again.



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    The Arrival Of... [Open/Social] Empty Re: The Arrival Of... [Open/Social]

    Post by Mura Kensho 3rd March 2016, 7:39 am

    “Kyuken, it's annoying that sometimes, I can see what you see…” Mura was having another one of those conversations with Kyuken, where he discussed his harassment of women. Being a spirit, it was unfairly easy for him, but when Mura could see the same things as Kyuken sought to see, then it turned out to involve him as well. All those panties, all that he found taboo… was now showing up in front of his eyes like random messages. “Well… being dead for over 600 years is bored, you know…” Kyuken excused, looking straight down. Mura was getting a bit annoyed about it; typically, he didn’t bother Kyuken’s desire to harass everyone, just because that he was able to without getting caught. “I mean, don’t you have a wife… or had?” Mura curiously asked him. Kyuken’s head got struck by lightning when Mura asked him; seemingly, he didn’t think about it for a long time. He must’ve been married, that was sure. “… ohh… noo…” came out of Kyuken’s mouth for now; he simply didn’t say anything else for a long time…

    Mura was about t head back to the Guild Hall, when he spotted a little guy on the ground. He seemed hurt and panicked about that he was going to die. “Huh!?” Mura chokingly spoke up, quickly charging at the young boy. When arriving, he moved down and asked: “Are you okay, sir? Do I need to call a doctor or something?” Mura began to look around, trying to find out about what happened. He spotted some blood on a pole and concluded to himself that this guy must’ve bumped into it. So his life wasn’t in danger… just his nose. Kyuken appeared behind him, wondering about what happened. “Don’t worry, young child. The Heaven and Earth Swordsman is here to protect you!” the spirit samurai proclaimed.



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