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    Bully the Bully (Solo|Job)


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    Bully the Bully (Solo|Job) Empty Bully the Bully (Solo|Job)

    Post by HalibelAkuma 22nd December 2015, 5:31 pm


    The train that was going towards Magnolia was coming to a stop. Halibel was on the train thinking about the job she had just received. “I’m actually starting to get a little angry… All these jobs are a so boring.” When the train stopped, Halibel got off and decided to head towards the coffee shop she was supposed to meet her client at. She failed to actually read about the details of the job before she took it (or the reward). When she arrived at the shop she noticed a young boy waiting outside the shop. He seemed to be around ten years old. He was talking to a girl that was around the same again as Halibel. He asked her “A-Are you the Infinity Hydra mage?” The girl shook her head before walking inside the coffee shop, much to the boy’s disappointment. Halibel walked up to him and asked, “Are you person that requested an Infinity Hydra mage?” He looked up at Halibel and nodded his head. “You must be her!” he said. She thought to herself “He’s just a child…” She watched as he reached into his pocket bringing out a bunch of wrinkled dollars. “Here you go. I’ paying you in advanced.” Halibel shook her head and said to him “N-No I couldn’t.” He’s looked at her with a determined facial expression while saying, “Please! I insist!” Halibel awkwardly took the money from the child before saying “S-So what is the job?” She couldn’t help but wonder that kind of job a child would request a mage for. “Follow me”, he said.

    Halibel and young boy walked away from the coffee shop and towards an undisclosed location. Halibel began to talk while walking a few feet behind the boy “Would you mind telling me where we are going? Or what I’m supposed to do? Or at least your name.” He said to her “Sorry. My name is Drake. I’m taking you to a park. There is the one kid that bullies all the other kids for their lunch money. I want you to scare him… Make sure he doesn’t bully us any more. I don’t want you to hurt him or anything… Just… Make sure he doesn’t bully of ok?” The boy seemed sincerely worried that Halibel might go over board. “Worry not. I’ll make sure this bully leave you alone.” Halibel and Drake approached the park. They walked through the park for a while till they found a rather angry looking boy pulling on the hair of a small girl. “There he is,” Drake said. He was shaking a little, as he seemed to be actually scared of the bully. Halibel gave him a warm smile before patting his head “Don’t worry… This won’t take long.” She walked up to the boy a more serious look on her face. The bully made eye contact with her before saying “What do you think you’re looking at.” He then pushed down the girl whom he was terrorizing and said to her “Don’t move.” She seemed to comply with the boy’s order. He really had a grip on these kids. Halibel said to him “Stop bullying her.” The boy laughed before saying to her “Let me guess! That punk Drake sent you didn’t he? He tried to stand up to me and got his but whooped and now he’s sending over his big sister. What a wimp. Tell him he can come face me himself.” Halibel’s eyelids narrowed in as she began to glare of the boy with soft smile on her face. It was almost psychotic the way Halibel was looking at them boy, as if she wanted to kill him. “I see it. I see a child straying from innocents towards the path of evil. You better watch yourself kid… Evil is the one thing I won’t tolerate. Like kicking down a child that obviously can’t fight for herself… If you went so weak yourself I would have beaten you to a pulp by now… But I won’t do that because I’m a good person. Now do me a favor… And get lost.” With each passing word that Halibel uttered, the boy’s facial expression went from bold and confident, to meek and scared. By the time she said, “get lost”, he looked like he was going to throw up. He began to run away without saying another word. Halibel walked up to the girl he had previously pushed down and attempted to help her up but it seemed that she to was afraid of Halibel. She ran as fast as she could away from her much to Halibel’s disappointment. Halibel comically began to sulk as Drake walked up behind her and asked, “What did you say to him?” Halibel shook her head as she said “N-Nothing!” She then ran away from Drake, feeling embarrassed by the fact that she managed to scare away the little she wanted to protect.


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