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    [Deliver My Letter] To My Lover


    [Deliver My Letter] To My Lover Empty [Deliver My Letter] To My Lover

    Post by Guest 7th December 2015, 4:45 pm

    Marschal knocked at the door of the job requester's home, waiting for the person to come down and answer it. He tilted his head some as he heard footsteps tromping down the stairs inside, and the door swung open to show a gangling man. A gentile smile spread across Marschy's lips and he greeted the man, "are you the one who requested for a letter to be delivered?"

    The guy's eyes widened at the sight of the taller man, and he quickly nodded in response to Marschal's question. "Y-yes that was me! Are you really going to do this for me? Oh, you're such a great guy! Thanks so much! Uh. . . oh! Here, let me quick grab the letter!" He slammed the door shut on Marschal and ran around house, trying to find the letter he had written to his childhood friend. Moments later, he opened the door again and handed the mage the letter before speaking, "s-sorry about that. Please get this safely to her!"

    He dipped his head toward the man and turned on his way, with the letter gripped gently in his hand and his head held high. Today would be a busy day, what with the celebrity heading into Magnolia Town and everyone wanting to see her. The streets were already busy, so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to him to squeeze between people and get to his location. Marschal weaved his way throw the crowds of people, who were entering stores and restaurants, or heading to the performance. His ears constantly flicked as he listened in on all of the conversations that passed by him on the swift wind. On occasion, the random passerby bumped into him, and he nearly lost the letter twice, once to a puddle and another to the man-made wind. What he would hate to see was how busy it would be by the time he reached the performance area, but that was bad of him to think.

    "Hey, watch it!" a man stated as Marschal bumped into him--well, more likely harshly pushed past him.

    A woman squeaked when he shoved past her as well, pressing into herself to avoid being hit by someone else.

    Marschy merely snorted at them, as if he found it strange for them to be so nice while being so crowded near each other. He hated tiny spaces, it was the main reason why he was trying to rush past all these people and get to the performance. More grunting from the man, and he eventually broke throw the thickness of the people and arrived at his destination. His red eyes shot across his surroundings, trying to find loopholes and spaces he could easily squeeze into and avoid people. Once he had, he ran off on his path and created a maze of twists and turns until he reached the backstage.

    It was strange how no security guard was around, especially when this was the backstage and people would be trying to get in. "Hey, you! Stop right there!" a booming voice echoed, which made Marschal whiplash his neck in the direction it came from. Luckily, the one who yelled such was not directed at him, and was chasing someone else who was trying to get in. So, that explained where the security guard had gone, and hopefully they would be busy long enough for him to get inside. he warily looked from side to side and slipped through the door as someone entered it, likely a lights manager or someone. The door slammed shut behind him, making him wince, but he slid away from his place next to the door and wandered off to find the celebrity.

    "This is not what I wanted! I don't like this kind of food! What the hell were you thinking bringing me this fat-inducing shit?" a woman's voice echoed close by.

    Well, that was a lot easier to find her than what he had expected, so he merely followed her screaming voice to her dressing room. He peeked around the corner and knocked on her door, standing off to the side while he waited for her to open it. Moments later, the door swung open angrily and the female poked her head out, looking around for who knocked. Her green eyes landed upon him and she frowned at his appearance, straightening her posture and crossing her arms.

    "What do you want? Fans aren't supposed to be back here. Security!" the woman yelled.

    "Sh! No! Listen, I'm not a fan, I'm just here to give you a letter that someone wanted to give to you and weren't able to. You should know them," he responded, quickly handing her the letter. She took the letter from him, narrowed her eyes partially, then turned around and slammed the door shut without another word.

    He stood there motionless for a second, cleared his throat, then decided it was best he got back to the man instead. So, he left the backstage, which was a lot easier than trying to get in, and made his way back to his client's home. Marschal knocked on the door once he arrived back, and the man opened it, grinning wildly at him before he spoke.

    "She got it? Did she like it?!" he asked, clasping his hands together and getting antsy for an answer.

    Marschal shrugged and answered, "I honestly don't know, she took the letter and slammed the door in my face."

    "Oh, that sounds so much like her. Well, hopefully she'll write me back; here's your pay," he said, handing Marschal the jewels. "Thank you so much!" The Black Rose mage took the jewels and bade his farewell to the man before heading back to the guild again.

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