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    Bully the Buly [Solo]


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    Bully the Buly [Solo] Empty Bully the Buly [Solo]

    Post by MorpheusDavol 6th October 2015, 6:04 pm

    When it came to taking the job of scaring some kid to not make him mess with another seemed to fit Hayden perfectly. He was a tall muscle made man with a sword taller than most men he wielded effortlessly enough, his cloak able to give the illusion of mystery and perhaps fear if used correctly. So he accepted the job despite the low pay, might as well help the kid before some dark mage took it to simply get a easy mark; this led Hayden to traveling to Magnolia which turned out to be mostly uneventful for the most part. But after having talked to the kid even promising he wouldn't hurt the other kid he had decided to set up location in a short cut the kid took apparently- clad in the shadows was Hayden waiting as he watched the boy enter into the alley from the shadows within it. Time to act.

    As the kid began to walk towards the shadows obviously confident in his stride as if he had taken this path many times, truthfully he had but never quite when Hayden was here. With a small step the edge of Hayden face was revealed along with a soft glint in the darkness from his back an indicator he had some type of weapon which was his large blade poking out from behind him. The look on Hayden's eyes was.. strange eery even. He was tapping into that slow burning rage he had before a battle, imagining that he was about to enter into a glorious sword fight- the one that would record his name in history. His mouth was covered by his red scarf but that just added to the creepiness he was seeping from the shadows.

    "I hear you mess with a little boy, a boy who's name we will not mention. Ah-"

    Hayden spoke but he saw the boy bout to open his mouth causing Hayden to take a quick step and pivot as he arrived in front of him in a mere second closing the small distance easy using the shadows to his advantage to keep his body mostly cloaked. He lifted a calloused finger to his own lips shushing him causing the boy to shiver for a second as he lowered his hand.

    "Don't speak. Listen. That boy is to not be touched, in fact don't even look at him. Should I have to come back to tell you to not mess with that boy..."

    Hayden didn't finish simply shifting his hand to his blade handle very slowly and methodical like, the boy frozen from fear and slight interest. He held his blade for a long moment before stepping back into the shadows. The boy was shivering slightly as Hayden left the seen, the cold fear he had instilled had caused the boy to begin to drop to his knees sniffling slightly. While he would never harm him, it was always about the intent behind the matter.

    Hayden reported back to the other kid a day or so later to check on the situation and soon enough the kid hadn't messed with the Kid. In fact he hadn't messed with anyone that whole day, keeping to himself quietly. Hayden had done his job and instilled some childhood trauma into a kid. Well he shouldn't have bullied. When you did something in this world you had to recognize the actions that this left upon someone- Hayden was willing to show just how important these lessons could be and if he was a adult well... he would have gotten a ass kicking.

    Hayden had stayed into town for a few days to make sure the situation wasn't going to go to shit in his absence, keeping to the shadows as he watched the daily interaction and gradually the Kid got out of the quiet state but Hayden lesson remained in him. Either it was fear or the realization that his actions could cause actions that someone might not approve of. This was a small world so this kid had at the very least learned a lesson at the cost of some of his innocence, but in this world he'd lose it some how and at least with Hayden he wouldn't end up dead. Shaken and afraid but alive.

    After that he left the town to return back to his guild and home, it was business as usual- with that he was ready to go to his next job. Clockwork. Tis the way the world worked, including Hayden.

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