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    Escort On A Train [Nagato, Solo]


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    Escort On A Train [Nagato, Solo] Empty Escort On A Train [Nagato, Solo]

    Post by Pein 13th September 2015, 10:41 am

    TAG: Nagato Namikaze, Rune Knights
    NOTES:blah blah blah

    Pinching the man in his neck, Nagato watched as the body flopped down onto the floor, almost lifeless. His wife shrieked and stared at Nagato with worry eyes. "Do not worry! He's not dead, just unconscious. Trust me, it's completely safe. It's a technique us Rune Knights use to subdue prisoners," the boy, causing a sigh of relief from his client's wife.

    For this episode of The Oddly Easy Jobs of Nagato the mage was met with man who's phobia of trains could cost him his job. Clark was a very important business man, and with a business meeting in a place he could only get to by train, his phobia would have to be subdued and neglected. If not, the man very well could lose his job and income. Picking up the body, Nagato threw Clark over his shoulder and grabbed his suitcase. Smiling, he said, "I'll text you, keeping you update when we get off and on the train. With that, the mage teleported away, turning he and Clark into a lightning bolt as they appeared in front of the train station.

    It was not until when Clark's body began to move did Nagato encounter problems. As Nagato put the large suitcase up, Clark's scream caused all the passengers to lock eyes with the weird pair. Clark frantically breathed and desperately attempted to undo his seatbelt. Leaping over and covering his terrified mouth with his hand, Nagato reached for the soft spot on Clark's neck, pinching it and rendering the man unconscious. Signing, he awkwardly waved to the passengers, who all turned around and decided not to bother the weird pair.

    Pulling out nylon rope, Nagato tied Clark down to his chair. He also put a blindfold over Clark's eyes while leaning back into his own chair. With the sound of a bell the train departed from Magnolia and satisfied with Clark's situation, Nagato drifted off to sleep.

    Said sleep was cut short as the muffled screams of Clark caused the mage to open his blue eyes. Looking over, Clark was trying his hardest to break free from his restraints, no matter what happened.

    "Look, I'll uncover your mouth if you don't scream. But if you do, I'll tell you right now I'm slapping you." Nodding his head Clark agreed to Nagato's terms. The screams of Clark however filled the train as the bandage came undone.


    The scared screams soon went into painful screams, before quieting down before another slap followed. Chuckling a little, Nagato said. "Hey I warned you about what would happened if you screamed!"

    "True..." Clark said on between his sobs.

    "Why are you scared of trains anyway? What's so bad about them?"

    Taking a deep breath, Clark began the back story on where his strange phobia of trains began. "When I was younger, I ride the train with my father and brother. Everything was going fine; it was my brother's and I first time riding one ever. My father got up, declaring he was going to use the bathroom. When 10 minutes passed, we began to get worried. When 30 minutes passed we began to cry, causing the train attendant to go search for my dad. It turned out on the way to three bathroom, my dad had to pass three train carts. On one of them, he attempted to disband a couple who was fighting, and was injured by the angry man on the process. Everyone must have got off at one of the stops, since when we went back there, he was alone, his head bloody and good body lifeless. He wasn't dead, but suffered amnesia that caused him to forget the past ten years of his life. Do you know what it's like to see the man you looked up to bloody and beaten?"

    Clark took a deep breath, and seemed to relax his tensed muscles. He must have just drifted off to sleep, as a light snore was heard. Alone in his head, Nagato thought of Clark's story. Little did his client know, he did know what it was like to watch a man who taught you everything be so weak and damaged. He knew what it was like to see the man you believed to be able to take on anything be beaten.

    The ding of the bell broke Nagato from his trance and Clark from his sleep. He began to scream again, causing Nagato to sigh and grab the tender part of his neck for what seemed like the hundredth time. Grabbing him and the suitcase, Nagato departed the train with a nagging flashback in the back of his head.

    Arriving at the hotel Clark would be staying in, Nagato layed the man down on the bed. He texted his wife, telling her of the job, and how Clark was bruiseless and safe at his hotel.

    Stepping over to the window, Nagato opened it and looked down. The room was on the 20th floor, and it would be a long drop to the ground. Stepping out, Nagato closed his eyes and just fell, the wind on his back and his hair distilling m rustling in every direction. It was not until he was about 50 feet from the ground did he teleport away to the Rune Knights building. Looking into the mirror in his room, Nagato's ice cold blue eyes stared back at him. A dark aura jumped off of his skin, dampening the mood in the room. He would not be joining his family in heaven just yet; the mage had a lot of things to take care of.

    ~Job complete.~

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