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    Escort on a Train [ Job | Solo ]


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    Escort on a Train [ Job | Solo ]  Empty Escort on a Train [ Job | Solo ]

    Post by Ahro 7th April 2017, 9:29 am

    Job Description:
    Job: Escort on a train
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must by all means make sure that she gets on that train and stay on ride.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: A scared person requires help riding a train, but because of his fear will not even get on it. He requires to get to his destination by tommorow and the train is the only viable way of travel. So his spouse in order to secure his career has gathered her savings to hire a mage to escort her husband to the train. He is so scared out of his mind that it will be required to drag him on the train kicking and screaming and make keep an eye on him so he won't jump out. You also cannot do any lasting damage to him as he needs to look presentable.
    Reward: 500 Jewels


    Staring upon the pale piece of paper that lay in her hand, she scrutinized the writing upon it that called for help and for help, she had arrived. Allowing her crimson gaze to roam around and about, she shifted her weight from one foot to another while she waited for her clients. The roars of the trains assaulted her ears, announcing their departures before they blazed across the tracks that connected cities and towns, dashing across her and causing her wild and messy, sad excuse for hair to scatter into the air, dancing freely and in such a feral manner.

    Blowing her hair away from her face through the corner of her mouth, she shoved the piece of paper within the pocket of her black jeans as she raised her burgundy covered arms to tie her hair into a pony tail that shortened the length of her hair. Ahro licked her lips before looking around once again, glancing occasionally at the large clock hung at the station, according to which they had only a mere five minutes before the train was to departure and if that were to happen, not only would she lose the opportunity to do perform this task but her might also lose an opportunity of a life time. She couldn't let that happen for she was a very determined person. Once she had decided to help this fearful man, she was going to do it, be it by force.

    An expression of relief washed over her face as she spotted a beautiful brunette dragging a man towards the train. The man tried to resist with all his might, having fear wash all over his face. His protests could be heard until where she stood, "No! No! Let me go! I won't get on that thing!" She sighed as she realized that her task for the day might not be the easiest thing she had ever done. She broke out into a small jog towards the couple that managed to grab the attention of bystanders. It was now that she had properly taken in the features of the man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. His blond hair was neatly styled and his clothing looked professionally appealing. If it wasn't for the flyer, and of course, his constant screaming, she would never have realized that this man had such a basic fear for he emitted such a confident aura.

    The brunette woman, noticing Ahro looked her way with a tired smile,  "You must be the mage." It seemed a little hard to for her to talk which having a tight hold upon the man's arm. With a returned smile, Ahro clutched the man's other arm to give her some support, "Yes, I am. Mrs. Alena, right?" She nodded her head while the husband continued to protest,  "Dylan, please. Just get on the train this once without causing a commotion." Her request resulted in a string of "No"s and "Never"s from his part.

    With a smile, the mage said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of him from here on." She grabbed the man and dragged him onto the train that was mere minutes away from departure. She could feel him using all his force to stop her but being a mage, she had enough upper arm strength to push him onto the train, "Please don't do this to me. Just let me get off. I'll give you your money, just please." His tone and expression made her feel guilty but she realized that she had to do this for his sake, for his wife's sake and for his future's sake. Although the sound of immediate payment without performing any work sounded delightful, with a sigh, se rejected it, "Sorry, Mr.Dylan. As much as I'd like to take the money now and let you go, I can't."

    His expression fell as the train cried out, indicating that it has woken up and is ready to run. He looked like he was about to faint so she grabbed his arm and forced him to sit on the empty seat, holding him tightly so that he could not escape with his constant efforts of pulling away. His cries for help on the train caused many to look their way; some passengers even walked up to her, accusing her of being a dark mage who's planning on kidnapping this man. She rolled her eyes as annoyance climbed over her.  "Will you just shut up and sit down?", she growled so loud that she could see the fear in his eyes increase.

    Realizing that what she did just now wasn't what she should say to an already scared person, her expression morphed into one of guilt as she proceeded to apologize and calm him down. The ride itself was long but she had managed to keep him clam with some small talk to make him forget that he was riding a train and alas, at last, they reached their destination where they parted with a smile. He thanked her on his behalf and the behalf of his wife before paying her. With a grin, she was finally on her way back home. "Mission successful." She said with a fist bump in the air, gathering the attention of those around.

    [Word Count: 877/750]
    #a9a9a9 - Ahro
    #cc00ff - Dylan
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