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    Escort on a Train (Job, Solo)

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    Escort on a Train (Job, Solo) Empty Escort on a Train (Job, Solo)

    Post by Aliarey Casady 13th July 2017, 3:35 pm

    Job Info:

    "An escort job, huh?" Aliarey sighed as she waltzed up to the train station. It sounded boring but easy jewels were easy jewels. She had been hired by some woman to make sure her husband boarded the train and to ensure he stayed on it until it reached his destination. It seemed simple enough. She walked into the building to meet the one she was supposed to help get on the train. Her eyes looked around the crowd of people to find who she was looking for and sure enough she eventually found a man that seemed scared out of his mind. He wore a professional businessman suit but his face was pale and he moved about in erratic fashion. That had to be the one.

    With a smile she approached him and waved a gloved hand. "Hey! Are you the one I'm supposed to get on the train?"

    The man jumped, startled by being approached and spoken too. His mind was far too distracted by thinking of evil trains. Nevertheless, he gulped and nodded his head. If he had thought clearly about it he would of likely said no in order to avoid what would surely be his death.

    "All right, lets get going!" Aliarey grabbed onto the man's hand and tried to pull him along so he would follow her. She was stopped with the heavy weight of the man not moving a single step, however. This caused her to turn around and stare at him in annoyance. Seriously? They weren't even near the train yet and he was already dragging his feet. "Come on. It isn't that bad." She tugged again but the man shook his head several times in absolute fear. He was not moving a muscle. The re-quip mage would not stand for such a thing. Jewels were on the line! Using all the strength she could currently muster within her, Aliarey slowly dragged the man outside and onto the boarding docks.

    By the time they reached the train Aliarey was out of breath from tugging the man along. He had tried several times to escape her grasp but failed each time. No wonder the wife had to hire someone. It was absolutely ridiculous! Now it came time to board the train. She motioned for the man to step up and go inside the vehicle but as soon as he took a step onto the first little stair he grabbed onto the railing and would not move. The solution was Aliarey having to actually push him until he lost his grip on the railing and fell inside. He stood up and tried to run out but she just kept pushing him right back in. There was now no escape for the man. Well except for the windows and other doors connected to other parts of the train of course. To prevent this, Aliarey stood close to him until they reached their seats and as the man sat down the blonde sat right on top of him. He wasn't going anywhere.

    "What are you doing?!" The man asked in shock at the woman having the nerve to sit in his lap. He was a stranger and it was not at all appropriate. He tried to push her off and get out of the seat but it was of no use. The added stares of other passengers did not help matter much either.

    Aliarey did not seem to mind at all and just sunk her weight in even more for added pressure so he couldn't get up. "I don't have anything to tie you up with. This was easier anyway." Not to mention rather uncomfortable, but she would deal with it. The train ride was not going to be long at all. The train whistled and soon took off. The man screamed and kept moving around in his seat throughout the entire ride. If the job did not require he still look his best she would of punched him unconscious in order to avoid such annoyance.

    A what should of been a short ride seemed like an eternity for both parties. The train came to a screeching halt and it was finally time to get off. Aliarey stood up and rubbed her aching rump. Sitting on someone's lap for that long was certainly not something she would ever recommend, especially if the person kept moving around. The man she had been escorting took off in a sprint through the train and jumped out. Aliarey shrugged her shoulders and let him go. Her job was to just get him through the train ride. Job was now considered complete.

    (Word Count: 770)


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