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    Get on that Train!!!!


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    Get on that Train!!!! Empty Get on that Train!!!!

    Post by Wolfe 26th July 2015, 12:47 am

    Wolfe had just gotten into Magnolia again. He realized he actually seemed to end up here a lot as fate might have it. Between coming here for food and jobs he noticed he spent more then a decent amount of time here. He knew of the local guild of Fairy Tail, and almost considered stopping in at some point and just saying hi and maybe meeting a few of their guild members. However, that was a ordeal for another day, as today he was here to help take on a job to help a couple here in the city.

    As it seemed, there was a couple and the husband was super scared of trains and wouldn't even get on it. It seemed he had a super important meeting of some sort for a career, and the job was to get him on train and make sure he got there in one piece.

    Wolfe met the couple at their house that morning about an hour or so before the train was to leave. They only lived about 15 minutes from the train station so it would be pretty easy to get him there. Wolfe entered into conversation with the couple for a little while to help calm the man's nerves and pass some time. Wolfe learned all about the job and about the couple. It seemed the man had gained a high ranking job at the merchants guild and was starting tomorrow. Wolfe was watching the clock and around 25 minutes till the train leaving he talked to them then they packed his last moment stuff and headed out the door.

    As soon as they were out of the house, the man went to make a mad dash for it but Wolfe was far to quick and before he could even take more then about 5 steps Wolfe already had his hand on the husband's shoulder and was pulling him back as the husband pleaded with Wolfe.

    The rest of the ride there was pretty peaceful in the carriage as Wolfe sat next tot he man and more or less held him in place.

    Upon arriving at the station the man once again made a run for it, but Wolfe was quick to cut him off every step he took till he finally gave up and sat on a bench and waited. A few minuted later the train was getting ready to leave and the man tried to throw his suitcase at Wolfe but he caught it with one hand and wrapped his other one around the man's waist and picked him up. They slowly walked over tot he train and went to board. The man grabbed at the walls and anything else he could to try and stop Wolfe. Wolfe was left with one final solution. Wolfe jolted the man with some electricity so his body went numb. Not enough to hurt him or really even put hi in any pain. Just enough to cause the muscles in his body to lock up and quit working.

    Wolfe got on the train finally and found a room on the train with a sliding door and took a seat next the man so he was right next tot he window and Wolfe was in the way to leave. He sat the an down and took a seat and a few minutes later the train started up and was on it's way.

    It didn't take long for the man to regain the us of his limbs and he was once again right at it as he tried to crawl over Wolfe and make a jump for the door a foot or two away, but Wolfe merely just grabbed the man by his shoulder and forced him down in his seat and watched as he squirmed and wiggled and pleaded with Wolfe to let hi go. He offered jewels and gems and even offered Wolfe information on magic which caught Wolfe's attention, but he knew this man was not a mage and therefor had nothing real to offer.

    This went on for hours as each time Wolfe tried to let up hes grip the an either tried to jump for the door or to open the window to crawl out. Soon the man even began crying and begging. Finally Wolfe had enough and shocked the an once again and this time it was enough to cause him to pass out. Still not enough to hurt him. However it did make the next few hours much nicer.

    This happened 2 more times over the next couple of hours as the man would wake up and Wolfe would put him back to sleep. Till finally the man got creative and when he woke up the third time he reached for his suitcase and threw it open at Wolfe and caused him to have to shield himself from a chunk of flying shirts and pants. the man used this to get to the door and open it and dart down the hallway to the door to leave the cart and get off. Just as he was about to open the door a bolt of lightning darted across the floor of the train and just as the door opened and he started to jump out Wolfe materialized and grabbed the man in mid jump and pulled him back in and closed the door. He then jolted the man one more time and dragged him back tot he room and sat him down and then picked up all the clothes as the man sat crying and begging.

    Luckily though this didn't last much longer because about 30 minutes later the train stopped and they were there. After that, Wolfe helped the man off the train and sat with him till he could use his legs again the two talked for a few. The man apologized many times about what he had done and the way he acted. Wolfe told him it was ok, and he understood the idea of what it was like to be that afraid of something and that everyone had fears like that. After a little bit longer of talking the man reached into a bag he had on him and pulled something out of it. He handed it to Wolfe who gave a good looking at it. It was an ancient coin fro long ago. The man thanked him again and told Wolfe to have it, when Wolfe went to decline the man stopped him and explained that the coin was his lucky coin and it had brought him great luck. Like meeting his wife, getting this job, and finding a good mage like Wolfe to help him when his fear would have cost hi so much. He told Wolfe he hoped the coin would bring hi as much good luck, even more so when it came time for Wolfe to face his great fear. The man then thanked him one more time and parted ways with him.

    Wolfe looked down at the coin and smiled, he hoped the man was right. His greatest fear was yet to come and maybe this might help him too.


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