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    Find This Book: The conformed object


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    Completed Find This Book: The conformed object

    Post by Dubhlainn on 25th July 2015, 9:55 am

    The journey to peace village was all but brief for it was one of the stops between Magnolia and Era. He has been here before for it was one of the places he’d rest after having trained in the mountains which is in the village’s vicinity. The passenger car drops its speed as the village itself is in sight, it’s been awhile since he last returned to Savage Skull and went on with this journey for several weeks straight. He looked outside to see what seems to be a town where the fires of war had yet to touch or it already did but had never returned to rain its terror onto this village. According to what Dubhlainn has heard back in Magnolia, this village isn’t worth the intervention of the Dark Guilds but why exactly, this place is ideal for an attack knowing that there aren’t much military forces present in the area other than patrols by the Era’s scouts. The blessing of sunlight greeted him upon exiting the passenger car, with one sack of bag in hand; he made way towards his client who’s an old woman that lives on the opposite end of the village.

    There was one thing he and the client have in common and that is by reading books, in fact Dubhlainn and the old woman knew each other when he first arrived here years ago. She’s still looking fine and chipper as ever, who would have thought she would put up the request? After walking through and met familiar faces among the villagers he finally arrived to the client’s home. The old lady here and Dubhlainn had a history together though there was doubt that she’d remember him at all. She was the very old woman who convinced him to read books.

    “Come in, Dubhlainn I’ve been expecting you.” She spoke even before he knocked, despite old age her capability to feel presences never wavered, she’s one heck of an old lady. As Dubhlainn turned the bronze knob and pushed the old wooden door he was greeted with a small puppy gnawing on his shoe. Dubhlainn picked up the little dog and ruffled its head and poked its nose. The tail wags at the sight of him despite his stone faced expression as it rewards him with small licks to the face.

    “She had puppies; I never knew she was pregnant before.” Dubhlainn commented as he puts the little critter down to the floor only to run towards the old lady.

    “Indeed, I actually never knew this myself till she labored, it’s been awhile! Look how much you grown!” The thing is the old lady had treated him like a son really somewhat the son that never returned to her, she came up closer to him and pinches both his cheeks as he and her hugged like actual family members. Before Dubhlainn could even ask about the quest, the old lady dragged him down to the table to treat him to a rice meal. “Ah… you don’t have to-“

    “I insist! I should at least thank you for helping an old lady like me return here safely!” She cuts her sentence as she brings out a pot of rice and some dried fish. He wasn’t here to eat nor did he want to but I guess he considered himself lucky; her generosity is the fruit of his labor. “This cooking is delicious but I didn’t come over to get treated to a nice warm meal. Your post says that you’re searching for a specific book which had drawn my curiosity. May I ask of the book’s title?”
    The old lady then served a hot cup of tea to him humming a lullaby that she sings to the little children. The mother dog draws closer to Dubhlainn as she records Dubhlainn’s scent only to have been rewarded by being rubbed on the head.

    “The book’s name is called Charlotte, authored by Mcgraw.” She spoke as she puts the dishes away. Dubhlainn took his plate down to the sink to wash down the traces of food which he ate on.

    “Oh umm Dubhlainn dear, you can leave that to me.”

    “My pardons but I insist on it, at least it be one way to repay a bit of your hospitality.” Dubhlainn smiled as he finishes up with the dishes. He ended up helping the old woman do a bit of kitchen chores.

    Afterwards Dubhlainn headed towards the door only to be followed by the puppy from earlier. The old woman called his name having remembered to give her library card to him so that the borrower would be addressed to her.  “I’m sorry but I think it’s best to use my borrower’s card since you’re just going out to fetch the book for me and all.”

    Dubhlainn received the borrower’s card and kept it safe in his pockets. “Agreed, once I retrieved the book do read it and give me your feedback.” Dubhlainn picked up with puppy and cuddled it, placing down for the mother dog to fetch it. Once again he was outside only to be greeted by the sight of a good environment of the village itself. Children are playing, men working, some were fishing, and others were smelting some iron in order to make tools or perhaps weapons.  Finally he reached the library, the place where he enjoys his free time reading books. Every library would be a sight for sore eyes as Dubhlainn favors a variety of genres.

    There were a few kids running around the library which had caught his eye. Were they playing hide and seek in a place like this? How was it that the librarian noticing their activities? Dubhlainn wondered as he walked towards the card catalog in order to find the book he’s been looking for. After locking in to the book’s serial code, he commenced his search for the book. As he was about to enter one section, a woman passed him by with an irritated look on her face. Dubhlainn was so curious that he couldn’t help but stop by the corner of the bookshelf only to overhear the woman’s conversation with the librarian.

    “Excuse me sir, I’m afraid you’re not doing a good job in the library.”

    “How so?” The Librarian asked with a certain look on his face that says what’s going on?
    “Well apparently some books were placed into the wrong section; I’m seeing several books and autobiographies that doesn’t belong in the fiction section and some articles that aren’t related it.”

    “That’s impossible, the staff and I always makes sure that the library’s books are all in order and fit in their right categories!” He exclaimed and stood up in order to see it for himself. He asked for the book the woman was looking for and once it was given, he made a beeline to the card catalog to locate it. Afterwards he headed down to the assigned section, passing Dubhlainn only to be surprised how many unrelated books and articles managed to end up in this section.

    “Impossible… we organized and check on these books every now and then but… alright I’m terribly sorry mam, could you come back for the book another time? I’ll call upon the staff and re-organize everything. I apologize for the inconvenience. “

    The woman nodded as she made her way outside, exiting the library. The Librarian scratched his head, dumfounded of the fact that the books are jumbled together.  What made the situation a bit worse was the fact that all the library staff were on break. “What am I going to do?” He sobbed knowing how much work needs to be done.

    “Perhaps I could be of assistance sir?” And there he goes; Dubhlainn offers his aid to other people. Even though he had already contracted himself to Savage Skull his sense of chivalry answers and heeds his call.

    The Librarian was confused but then Dubhlainn offering his help would at least lighten to load for him. The Librarian tighten his tie and fixed his glasses , flashing it  as he answers dubhlainn with a nod. He then drew some documents that originally didn’t belong to this section

    “Are you sure about this? It’s not easy re-organizing the shelves, I have reason to believe that some library users might be putting books in the wrong places but who would be foolish to do such a thing? Anyways I would appreciate it if you put these documents back to the biographic profile section, consider their number codes in order if you please but of course I won’t force you to do it, after all you’re one of the library’s most valued bookworms as you obviously have something to read or research on.”

    Dubhlainn nodded and flashed a warm smile. “I’d be more than happy to help, after all the book I have been looking for in this section seems to be gone too, I’ll be helping myself by helping you re-organize the library.” Having heard this, the librarian smiled and handed the documents over to Dubhlainn. Afterwards, Dubhlainn made his way around the library to the biography section in order to put the respective documents back and handled each one of them with care. Once that was done he returned to the Librarian in order to aid him re-organize more of the books and the same process repeats over and over. It took them about an hour to fix everything and make sure all the books were back in order and the final chore was close as he is to return some books to the children’s stories section. This however was the last section where he hasn’t looked for yet and as Dubhlainn sets the books in the right order, a bunch of kids grabbed a book from the shelf. Dubhlainn glanced at the book they drew only to discover that it was the very book he’s looking for, Charlotte.

    Having discovered that the mess the children made was all cleaned up, children here decided to do the same thing again, messing up the library sections once more, starting with Charlotte. As Dubhlainn places the last book, he followed these children only to bump into them.

    A hard thud can be heard as the running boy was bounced back from the impact. This was by accident but the culprits were finally caught. Dubhlainn’s eyes shot a stern look straight to the children as they dropped to the ground. On one end Dubhlainn was standing on one corner while the librarian was walking towards the children from behind. The librarian gave the children a warm smile but behind him was a flaming background.

    “Dubhlainn, relax now that we know the culprits, I will tell their parents of their crime.”

    The children wimpered and bowed their heads in apology, pleading for mercy.

    “Alright then how about we not tell your parents and you may not do such despicable thing again?” The librarian smiled sarcastically. The children agreed and ran out of the library all worried and scarred of what Dubhlainn would do to them.

    “You didn’t have to give them the look Dubhlainn, they already said their sorry.” The librarian flashed his glasses once more.

    “I just wanted to make sure that messing with the library’s books wouldn’t turn into a habit, besides you have such a wonderful library and I dare say you and the library itself should earn respect and such.” The librarian let out a soft laugh as he gave Dubhlainn Charlotte, the book the old lady wanted to read.

    “I told the old woman that she could just borrow this book from me instead but she demanded a personal copy seeing you here I wagered that it must have something to do with Charlotte.” The librarian’s perception of the situation is accurate, also it’s rare to see Dubhlainn enter Peace Village’s library nowadays unless of course he had reason to, plus he was offering the book to the old lady a few days ago. He managed to piece this out perfectly and it was just brilliant. Dubhlainn received the book and bowed to the Librarian in gratitude. One stamp on the Librarian card sends Dubhlainn back to the Old woman’s house after. A small knock on the door sends the puppy running towards it, the door opens with a creek sound from its old rusted hinges.  Dubhlainn picked up the puppy and kissed it, fervently holding it along with the book itself. The old woman in the house but at the backyard sitting on a chair, Dubhlainn put the puppy down as it ran around the yard and walked behind the old woman whose eyes were captivated by the lake.

    “The Lake is so beautiful, ah the memories of it all.” The Old woman turned to Dubhlainn as she was given Charlotte.  

    “Ah yes, thank you Dubhlainn! You certainly took your time!” She held the book as if it were something precious to her and started reading the first few pages. The winds blew as leaves from the oak tree rained down on them.

    “By the way Dubhlainn, how good are you in babysitting?” She asked. Dubhlainn only had little experience in babysitting and the very first time he took a babysitting job, the child he was supposed to tend to stabbed him on the leg. “I’d say fair but that depends on the children themselves.” The old woman giggled as she turned to him. “You do remember Alice correct? She’s looking for someone who can babysit her children at least for a little while till she returns from her business trip. I won’t force you or anything but if there’s anyone I’d trust with the job it’s you.” Dubhlainn was touched by these words and bowed like a knight was blessed with grace and honor of the queen. “I don’t deserve as such.”

    “Dubhlainn regardless of what guild you belong to I can still trust you, you saving my life was quite something no other dark mage I know would do that other than you.”

    “So you knew?”

    “Dubhlainn, I’m a former mage myself, I maybe old but I still got some left in me.” Dubhlainn turned around and walked away, only to halt and say his final words.

    “Thank you… I’ll answer Alice’s request tomorrow.”


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    Completed Re: Find This Book: The conformed object

    Post by Hikachu on 30th July 2015, 10:32 pm

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