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    The Hunt (Mission/Rayden)

    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

    The Fire King

    The Fire King

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    The Hunt (Mission/Rayden)  Empty The Hunt (Mission/Rayden)

    Post by Ardere Kasai 18th July 2015, 9:37 pm

    Fight you?
    No, I want to

    kill you

    Standing outside of the massive city of ruins, Ardere would gaze throughout the massive structures. He had never seen ruins of this magnitude, it was astounding. With his sword strapped to his back, the fire mage would await the arrival of his partner; Rayden. The two had been on a mission before, and they worked fine together, but this would be a true test of his strength. Each mission got harder than the last it seemed, new scars on his body and lessons learned. With his pale hands in his pocket, he took a deep breath to let it all in. The vastness of the ruins was unsettling, and they would have to recover the lost treasures. While treasure hunting was not necessarily his forte, it paid well and he would ruin into treasure hunters that could provide an ample fight. Putting his arms behind his head, he relaxed his body. There was no sense getting worked up and excited just yet, he was still waiting for his partner after all.

    The fire mage was not sure how exactly they would find these treasure before the hunters, as it seemed they would probably just have to fight them for it. A strange mission for a future rune knight, but perhaps he enjoyed this sort of thing as much as he enjoyed catching the bad guys so to speak. Ardere enjoyed the thrill of adventure, and maybe he was reconsidering his purpose in the world. Hmm. Pulling out a small flask, he would take a quick swig of some sake. He had a feeling he was going to need the boost if he were to barge into some crazy ruins guns ablazing. From what he had seen before, his partner was quite capable when it came to combat, so they shouldn't have too much of a problem.  

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