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    Ardere's Bank

    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

    The Fire King

    The Fire King

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    Ardere's Bank Empty Ardere's Bank

    Post by Ardere Kasai Tue 23 Jun - 22:11

    Ardere's Bank

    (In possession in all threads, social, PvP, or mission)
    Standard Gear:

    • Clarent (Sword/Multi-Part/AAL)
      -A sword Ardere gained when training as a swordsman in Midi. It is not crafted by anyone in Midi, if the origins had to be placed it would be somewhere in Bellum. The name Clarent infers that it is the brother sword of Excalibur or Caliburn of legend. The Coward's Blade, or the Sword of Kings, it is known as. He has owned this sword for seven years, and it has proven to be one of the strongest blades. Being of the highest class of Artifacts, it possesses a high amount of magical power.
    • Flame of the King (Item-Tattoos/Legendary)
      -Tattoos that Ardere received when he was a teenager, during a part of his life just after escaping the bandits. They were normally always visible, as they are made from enchanted ink, but as of late they do not appear unless in battle. They are flames running from his face to his chest.
    • Jewelry of Champions (Mission Reward)
      -Given to Ardere for winning the King of Fighters tournament, provides a stat boost and a hidden power. It is a necklace that he keeps with him at all times, to remind himself of how hard he has worked over the past years.

    (Gear that must be stated as on his person to be used) 
    The Vault:

    • Kasai Armor (Armor/Legendary)
      -Armor Ardere gained during his most recent trip to Midi, based off the traditional armor his clan used to wear into battle. With the special bright red color, it is composed of enchanted leather and wood. 

    • Amulet of the Moon (Mission Reward)
      -An Amulet Ardere received from the elders of the Haunted Village, when he saved them from the Lycan attack caused by the Blood Moon. It increases his magic power by 100% at night. It is made from a very special stone, one that draws power from the moon. (The tablet he broke at the end of the mission)
    • Ember Celica (Phoenix/Huma) (Combat Pet/Legendary)
      -Ardere found Celica during his first few years in Fiore, injured at Mount Hakobe. Wings broken, and scratches all over, he nursed her back to health. Celica may be sassy and dejected towards Ardere at times, but she feels as if she owes her entire life to him for what he did.
    • Poofy the red panda
    • Black Sun (Ship) (Personal)

    Name: The Black Sun
    Class: Personal
    Type: Aerial
    Size: 30m long, 10 m wide, 10 m tall.
    Occupation Limit: 5 (1 min to function)
    Background: Crafted with a hull from Midi, iron reinforcement from Pergrande, sails from Midi, and navigation systems from Bosco, this ship is the ultimate performer as a personal ship. Originally assigned to Ardere when he was a Rune Knight, he has since upgraded it further than it's original capabilities, as it served as his home for a period of time before his house was built.

    Offensive Capabilities:

    Napalm Bombs v2: Can drop bombs full of napalm that ignite on contact. These Napalm Bombs cover a large area in fire all together, six bombs at once, with damage equivalent to that of a fire spell equal to the users rank. Six bombs can be fired every post, meaning one rank equal attack every post. The bombs are not weak to water, due to being made from a liquid, napalm. The user must roll a die to determine the size of the area covered in flames. 1-10. 1 being a 10 meter area, 10 being a hundred meter area.

    Defensive Capabilities:

    Reinforced Hull v2: The hull is reinforced to survive heavy cannon/bomb blasts. These blasts would be the equivalent of B ranked spells. The hull is made from a special type of metal found in Midi, a black steel of sorts found meshed into the inner workings of the hull. When canon blasts hit the hull, wood will be splintered and the black steel will be revealed.


    Speed: The Black Sun is a top tier ship when it comes to speed, being able to outrun most ships, even speedy transport ships.

    Auto Pilot: When auto pilot is engaged, the ship can fly in one direction without any guidance from the person running the ship, or it can hover in one spot without moving. This is used when the person running the ship is sleeping during a long journey, or just needs to park the ship for a vantage point.

    Hologram Navigation: There is a hologram navigation system, which is displayed from a table monitor in the control room. This system provides a map of Earthland, with all of it's cities, and the ship's current location among them.

    Lacrima Radar: The Ship possesses a lacrima radar, meaning it can detect ships within a 5 km radius. It can not only sense ships, but any magically based vehicles 10 m in size or larger. It can also sense large beasts at least 10 meters in size on the ground, or 3 m in size/larger that fly.

    Ardere's Bank 9HXeMda

    Photo Gallery:

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    Ardere's Face Guide:
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    God Force:
    Ardere's Bank TFL1jC4



    Malva: Daughter
    Sayrn: Love interest
    Raven: Mentor/Idol
    Shuhei: Mentor/Idol
    Minh: Friend
    Vendredi: Best Friend
    Hikari: Best Friend
    Tane: Friend
    Allison: Friend
    Aiyana: Friend
    Deniel: Friend
    Enola: Friend
    Haretsa: Friend
    Kite: Friend
    Tyriel: Friend
    Vale: Friend
    Lady Red: Enemy


    Fiore: Official mage (Wizard)
    Midi: Official mage (Samurai)
    Minstrel: Official mage (Musketeer)
    Pergrande: Enemy of the State (Heratic)


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    Legacy Form:
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