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    Ardere, Fire King.

    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

    The Fire King

    The Fire King

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    In Progress Ardere, Fire King.

    Post by Ardere Kasai 19th June 2015, 12:49 am

    Ardere, Fire King.  XHIhddV

    The Beginning: Many years ago, a child was born to Fura and Roku Kasai, in a far off place in Ishgar called Midi, attached to the country of Minstrel. The father, Roku, was the town's greatest blacksmith, and a kind man. The mother, Fura, unlike most women in their town, actually assisted her husband and was a blacksmith herself. Two very capable people, with their loving child. Until one day, bandits came through on a raid, something that was a common occurrence in this town. This was no normal raid, however. The townspeople had generally learned to just give them what they wanted, but this time, they wanted the children. The townspeople would not accept this, so they fought back. Roku fought his hardest to keep his young child, but it was not enough. The bandits were beat back, back not after they had stolen a few children. Ardere was only 5 years old, and his memories of his parents were vague. One thing he did remember, was the town was set ablaze before he left.

    The Streets: Growing up on the streets was tough, considering most of the bandits were killed off by the time Ardere was 10. Even through all of the years with them, learning to steal and kill, he refused to let the darkness they had imposed on him control him. It didn't take the young boy long to figure out he was more intelligent than the average fighter, even reading in secret. By the time he was 14, he had already amassed enough knowledge to know about the inner workings of magic, being naturally inclined to physical combat, he beat up all of the men in the gang he was in, proclaiming their ways as cowardly and weak. Unfortunately, his best friend, Claude, who was also in the gang, and a kinder than even he, was killed in retribution for this. The death of Claude destroyed Ardere, and caused the beginning of a long and trying journey, to become a mage.

    The Journey: Fiore, that was the goal, traveling through Ishval was not easy though. The first country he traveled to was Minstrel, one of the largest countries in the continent. They spoke a strange tongue, but he learned how to be proper in this country, he learned some sword fighting and a lot about ships. They held nobility in a high regard, which was not necessarily something he agreed with, but that was how it was. Then traveling through different areas like Joya, the cat nation and Bosco where Take Over was from. He did not visit every country in the continent, but he had visited many. The salmon haired teenager met several mages, and trained in several dojos in the ways of martial arts, until he finally mastered some of them. But just being a hand to hand combatant wasn't enough, he had to become a mage. His oldest memory of magic; flames. He decided to combine his martial arts affinity with flames, and learn one of the oldest fire magics, if not the first; Promethean Flame. And this is when the mage found Fiore, the grandest country in Ishval. Colorful, and full of knowledge, perfect. It was a grand contry, with many libraries which he enjoyed. Not all of the countries had things such as the Rune Knights, but he was interested in them. He was actually interested in many things in this country, but he found their tongue common and easy to understand, which was a plus for sure.

    The Calling: After many years of avoiding the police, it became ironic that the fire mage found a calling in them. The Rune Knights, had a great ring to it, he thought. Ardere signed up to become a rune knight after seeing one stop an assault and prevent a possible murder. Perhaps this was a place he could amass the knowledge and power he was seeking, and never return to the streets again. He attempted to be a Rune Knight for some time, going through their training exercises, even hunting down a serial killer for them. Unfortunately though, he had not made any friends in the knights. He did not enjoy exactly how the law was, and even though he respected them, he came to want other goals. This is what led the mage to join Sabertooth, a guild of power and ambition. He was not one that only wanted power, but he was a mage and to protect others he would have to get as strong as he possibly could. After much contemplation, the mage decided to join this guild. He found that they were a bit odd and brash, but they were his family. He made friends, and even eventually got a girlfriends, Sayrn. The most gorgeous woman he had ever met in his entire life, and certainly the smartest. She could match him in almost every way, which he liked.

    RP Sample:
    Ardere snapped his fingers, sending a white spark, the turned into a thing white stream of flames, to the tip of his cigarette. Exhaling smoke deeply as his cigarette was lit, the fire mage was sitting in between two large crystals within the catacombs. He had been here training earlier, but now he was blaring music with his lacrima headphones, In Fear and Faith was playing. He had himself positioned two meters into the air, with his back to one large crystal, and his feet angled to another. As the music blared, he would roll up the black sleeves of his jacket, revealing his intricate devil slayer tattoo. The black symbols seemed to go up his forearm, and to his elbow. He would run his pale white fingers through his fluffy red hair, exhaling smoke yet again.

    The Fire King then looked over into the catacombs to see a young man, probably a mage meditating, or perhaps a martial artist. Whoever he was, he was freaking out over something. It wasnt until he saw the roach stomped that Ardere realized why he had been freaking out. With a smirk on his face, he slid down the crystal, making almost no noise surprisingly. He observed the man who seemed to have come here to meditate, but was surprised by a roach. Hey! What did that roach ever do to you? He stood there with his hands in his jacket pockets, with his tattoo still revealed. The Sabertooth Ace was wearing just a white tank top and jeans under his jacket, a casual and fancy outfit all at once. With his yellow piercing eyes, he continued to observe the man. Normally he didn't like to bug strangers, unless they were training. In which case, would allow him to satisfy his seemingly insatiable need for combat. Training, sparring, fighting, you name it and he liked to do it. Other than playing the piano and drinking, fighting was his favorite thing to do. As the high energy person he was, it was easy to get people to fight with you. So guy, what's your name?

    The crystal catacombs almost had a green tint to it, which the fire mage enjoyed. The two men would stand there among the various shades of green that would shine throughout this entire place, unless someone else were to enter as well.
    Face Claim: Sanada Yukimura-Sengoku Basara

    Story Arcs: 

    Intro Arc:
    Ardere has been in Fiore for a few years now, but he is still searching for his calling as a mage. Trying out as a Rune Knight, he quickly realizes this is not the justice he seeks for what happened to his village. Traveling around the country in search of his place, he runs across several enemies and takes them out. Building up a bit of a record, he starts looking into guilds rather than organizations or normal jobs. Being a guildless mage does not suit his needs or wants, especially for a family.

    Sabertooth Arc:
    Finding Sabertooth, Ardere becomes a part of a family. Being his first guild, he does his best to serve them and grow in their ranks. He makes such friends as Tane, Chel, and Hikari while developing a relationship with his guild master Raven. He goes through his exam and takes on dark guilds as well as beasts with this guild. But the guild master of ST leaves, and Hikari takes over. Participating in both a ball and event, he realizes he has bigger goals than he previously had imagined.

    Sayrn Arc:
    Crossing over the Sabertooth Arc, Ardere meets the love of his life. Rushing into her lab with no appointment, she helps him save a man's life. The two talk and become attached, making love for the first time. They develop a relationship, and stay together even as the fire mage prepares to leave Sabertooth. They go on missions together, and take on demons along with learning about themselves.

    Infinity Hydra Arc:
    The beginning of Ardere's true journey. The moment he realized he needed to walk his own path, he left Sabertooth and formed his own guild. His needs for Justice and Vengeance culminate in this guild as he acquires members. Basing the guild off his homeland of Midi, it quickly gains popularity. Gaining Aces and allies, it becomes quite powerful in such a short time. During this time Ardere and Sayrn have their first child, named Malva. She becomes his world, and he builds the guild as a family, place of justice, and home for her.

    Midi Arc:
    Branching off of the IH arc, the guild quickly becomes entangled in a war with some of the clans of Midi. Making enemies and gaining allies, they defeat the Thunder Clan of the Narukami first, on their home turf. Then they take the fight to Midi, engaging the Mizu clan in their homeland. Winning both battle, they quickly turn the tides in their favor. Gaining support from the Emperor and the other Great Clans, they regain their support from the entirety of Midi. This marks the beginning of Ardere's widespread missions and solo ventures.

    Spirit Arc:

    Council of Gods Arc:

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