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    Deliver My Letter [Mission/Kaito]


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    Deliver My Letter [Mission/Kaito] Empty Deliver My Letter [Mission/Kaito]

    Post by Kona 18th July 2015, 7:57 am

    Job Description:

    Holding a cup of warm chocolate coffee, a girl with a loose white tee and a pair of purple shorts stared at the bustling city beneath her. The girl was sitting on a branch of oak tree, her legs dangling down while sipping her cup of drink. It was a breezy day, her long colorful hair whips back and forth. Today could be considered her favorite kind of day if only there was something interesting going on, she thought. Maybe some kind of event, anything at all, as long as it kept from her thinking of the keys. The girl still has not received her keys since her aunt had decided to keep them in safety until she thought the girl was ready. I am ready. What should I do for her to believe me? she thought irritatingly.

    Shaking her head, she decided to forget it. If the girl had gone from irritating to berserk, she might just knock someone down and the weather was so pleasing for her to waste her time. Just then, a wave of breeze swept a sheet of vintage paper, the girl snatched it from floating further. MISSION, it was written in bold. The girl's eyes twinkled at the single word.

    "It seems the day might turn out fun than I thought," the girl whispers to herself as she finished her drink.  
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