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    Deliver My Letter! [Meister Mission]


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    Deliver My Letter! [Meister Mission] Empty Deliver My Letter! [Meister Mission]

    Post by Meister Wed 10 Dec 2014 - 9:20

    Elric had accepted the mission with such ease it was really nothing to it at all! Alfred, a young man of Magnolia Town had requested a mage to deliver a letter to a rather well known model by the name of Juliet; "Sure thing, I'll get the letter there no problem!" His threw a thumbs up with a cheeky grin before charging out towards the parade area where the fans and town guard were laying down the red carpet readying her arrival.

    The Fairy Tail mage knew getting caught was not going to make anything easy and saying he's a member of Fairy Tail is more likely to cause more of an issue than get him special privaleges in such a situation. "Looks like we will have to find an alternate route into the arena?" Luna was speaking up from within her blade as Elric continued his running; "Sure it's not going to be easy! We need to figure out how to get in there... Rooftops!" He grinned to himself as the crowds became more and more populated whilst the areas themselves became filled with human traffic! Elric saw the impending crowds and pulled Luna from her sheathe spinning the small blade in the palm of his hand as he heard a small giggle come from her, slamming his palms together the magic circle appeared in front of him as his chain scythe materialised into his hands.

    The crowds became more aggitated as the Requip mage launched one of the blades onto an adjacent drain pipe, using his momentum he launched himself up onto the rooftop with a thud as Luna giggled more to herself. "You really get a kick outta being a weapon don't ya?!" Elric sniggered as Luna blushed. He could tell from the projection from within the blade and it made him happy, happy that she was at least content in this form for the time being.

    He saw the small arena up ahead as he skipped from building to building he eventaully came up on the small arena and of course Juliet's changing room. Elric surveyed the area investigating the potential access point when he realised that she had a sky light built into the small roof. He heard the sounds of screams as the carriage pulled up and the blonde bombshell stepped out. She was indeed beautiful as she strode gracefully down the red carpet and into the suite that was to be her quarters for the show.

    Elric narrowed his eyes as he spotted a small opening in the security... A small tear in the metal fence! He grinned as he launched himself from the rooftop swinging from beams, signs and anything else he could grab ahold of till he reached the ground with only a small dispertion of dust from the ground as he landed. He sliced the fence as he watched it spilt he heard a sigh from Luna which he passed off and quietly climbed the small building, seeing the sky light open he slipped in and placed the letter on the dressing table. His job was done and he was quiet as a mouse! He grinned to himself as he heard the door begin to open before launching himself back from the skylight and back towards his employer.


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