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    Deliver My Letter (job)


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    Private Deliver My Letter (job)

    Post by Triatath 4th July 2015, 4:17 pm

    Muscle, this was the only way to describe the man towering over Triatath. The tower of meat grunted and handed Triatath a salmon colored letter with hearts drawn all over it and a crude depiction of the muscle man riding on a unicorn with some other indistinguishable figure resembling some sort of yeti. Triatath shrugged as he took the note. The towering figure simply pointed in a direction, picked Triatath up and threw him like a dart through the air. Triatath was not entirely sure what was happening, it seemed as though he needed deliver this "love letter" to the person resembling a yeti, this seemed easy enough. Triatath was thinking so hard that he neglected to remember that he was indeed flying through the air at great speed. Triatath opened his eyes only for his face to be introduced to the church wall. His face peeled off the stone like a month old band aid. Triatath landed on the ground and managed to stick the landing, he limped in the direction the man had pointed. Triatath spotted a rather large stage with lights blinking everywhere, hundreds of fans jumping with excitement and a rather large gentleman on stage covered in white hair, only to be concealed by a full magical girl's outfit. This was a comical site to say the least, a massive, muscled yeti-like man cross dressing in a little girls outfit. Triatath simply stared at what was simply the most curious and yet the most terrifying thing of his entire life. Triatath walked towards the east side of the stage where a group of men in black suits were guarding the entrance to the back. Triatath had to find some other way of getting into the backstage area. Triatath thought up a brilliant plan! He would sneak in by walking into the exit! This brilliant plan could only be thought up by the amazing mind of a fourteen year old.

    Triatath walked around the barricade of guards at the entrance, walked up to the fire entrance and pushed, the door made a loud thump but did not budge. The loud noise alerted the guards of his whereabouts so they immediately ran towards him. Triatath hid inside of a music case which would normally hold an amplifier. Triatath was carried inside of the building, the staff thinking he was critical to the show. Triatath was not an amplifier however and sprung out of the case like a jack in the box, the two men carrying the box collapsed on the floor unconscious. Triatath crept into the backstage area. The large man who had just finished performing waltzed around giddily due to the show being a massive hit! Triatath walked up to the man and handed him the letter. The man stopped dead, His lip quivering. He opened the note and read the chicken scratch on the inside. The large man simply walked towards Triatath, handed him a bag full of 600 jewels and hugged the original muscleman who gave Triatath the job. It truly was a heartwarming site to see these two partners be reunited.

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