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    Pig Outbreak! (Decayuss)


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    Pig Outbreak! (Decayuss) Empty Pig Outbreak! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss 3rd March 2015, 7:13 pm

    [Job Information:]Job: Pig Outbreak!
    Player Requirements: 5 mages maximum per team. 10 post minimum with at least 150 words.
    Job Requirements: Must have at least 2 C-Rank mages. Find all the pigs and return them to their pens.
    Job Location: Magnolia Town
    Job Description: One night, A farmer accidentally forgot to lock the fence for the pig pen. That very night, all the pigs ran off and are now hiding within the area. Your job is to locate all the pigs and lock them back up in the pig pen.
    Jewel Reward: 750 jewels[/spoiler]

    Deniel whistled as he walked back in his room from yet another D rank job. The last one he did marked number ten, over the course of less than three days. The first couple of jobs he did was when Deniel was completely insane, addicted to the feeling of what happened whenever he got his "Thrill". It took him a while, but he eventually got over that addiction and realzied just how stupid he was being. After that, deniel realized that the reson why he had this weird addiction was because it had been a while since he had a true challenge. Oddly enough, he took D rank jobs. It wasn't really to get a challenge, it was to give him time to think. After thinking enough, Nidhogg managed to give Deniel the perfect solution to his problem: If his current jobs weren't challenging enough, why not rank up to S rank and be able to take the ultimate challenges in all of Fiore--no, in all of the world. Deniel knew that Nidhogg's idea was the perfect one, but an S rank exam would also prove to be quite the challenge. And in Deniel's insane trip and addiction, he fasted and vigiled his body unintentionally. Because of that, he needed to make sure that none of his skills had diminished too much. So to do that, he took a few jobs that would make sure that he was still in his best shape. One that tested his sword skill and accuracy, and one that tested his strength. All while he was doing this, he was also testing his ability to use and retain his Full Body Take Overs. The results of all three cases were perfect; he hadn't gotten any weaker, less accurate, or magically weaker. He was still in near-perfect condition. In addition, what little color and meat that was on him was coming back. His skin was pale, but it was deathly pale when he was in his insane condition. And his already-scrawny figure was made even scrawnier when he fasted so much...and that wasn't in a healthy way. Now he was getting a bit of his skin color back, and his figure.

    As Deniel walked inside of his room, he thought about and observed each of these things about himself. He found the results satisfying, but still didn't think it was time for him to take the S rank exam just yet. There was still more he needed to do. More he needed to test. Deniel didn't know what he needed to test just yet. As he looked through D rank job sheets, he found one that might test a bit more of his strength, and his commanding ability. He read through the job, a little bit out loud. "One night, A farmer accidentally forgot to lock the fence for the pig pen. That very night, all the pigs ran off and are now hiding within the area. Your job is to locate all the pigs and lock them back up in the pig pen....." Deniel was silent for a while. He put the job sheet down back on his bed, and then started to chuckle a bit. It was a very high-pitched chuckle, and very quiet, too. Soon his chuckle turned into full-blown laughter. It was almost uncontrollable. It lasted quite a while before he finally died down his own laughter, but even then he still chuckled and sniffed his nose. "Ooooh...man. Is this farmer for real? Forgot to lock his fence? That's irresponsible." Deniel shrugged and stood up with the job sheet. He supposed it could pass the time for him, and do another small test until he figured out what else he could check out. Deniel was still wondering just how in the world a farmer managed to forget something like that. It seemed to Deniel that people who gave out D rank jobs were just plain lazy...except for a select few. "I know that these are meant for lower rank mages, but ANYONE can do these. Hell, in the amount of time it takes for them to make the job sheet, get someone to do it, wait for that person to do it, and then pay them...they could have done it themself!" Deniel never thought about it before, and it was a pretty aggrivating thought. Why did D rank jobs even exist? And even based on the difficulty of C rank jobs, Deniel thought that a D rank could even solo them. He managed to solo his way from D ro A, with a single exception. Even with that exception, Deniel thought he could have done it by himself anyway.

    "Jeez...I hope 10Y or 100Y's prove to be challenging. I might even solo a few of them just to make sure that they are." Deniel was talking a bit too much, and by the point that he finally realized where he was going, he was already outside of his room. In fact, he was several feet away from the second entrance/exit of it. "Oh, shit." Deniel activated his White Angel Take Over once again. He didn't know how many times he had done it today, but he didn't care. He just knew that it was a lot. After getting in his Take Over, Deniel crouched down, and then launched himself high in the sky. He thought back to the job description that he read as he soard in the skies. The location was apparently...Magnolia Town. Now that was odd. Deniel didn't even realize there were any farms in Magnolia. It seemed like a huge industrialized city. He recalled seeing a couple of trees there, but not a whole lot. Deniel had no idea where in the world a farm could be in Magnolia. Then he started to think that the farm wasn't in Magnolia, but perhaps around the town, very near it. Deniel went all the way over to Magnolia from Eclipse Soul in a few minutes, and he was able to confirm his suspicions. There wasn't a farm IN Magnolia Town, it was on the outside part of it. At least Deniel now knew where he was going to lead the stupid pigs back..."Oh jeez...I might as well just pick them all up. I doubt pigs are going to cooperate."

    When Deniel landed in Magnolia Town, he found out that he was exactly right. When he tracked down the first pig, he tried to push it in the direction of the farm, he tried to direct it, he tried to command it, and he even tried to bait it. Nothing happened at all. So Deniel went with his last resort: He grabbed the pig, and despite it's striggling, squealing, and whining, he lifted it up over his head, and carried it back. Once he brought it all the way back, he almost threw it back inside of its pen, and locked it up. Deniel went back to Magnolia Town to find the second pig, which he lifted over his head instead of doing anything else once more. He thought it was logical to think that all of these pigs thought and behaved the same way. Deniel brought the second pig all the way back to the pen, and set it down inside. He made sure it was locked before he left, so that nothing bad would happen while he was gone. He went back to Magnolia, and found the third one. Just like with the first and second, over his head, squealing, lack of caring, and back to the pen.

    Deniel alos noticed a trend that had happened with a previous job. It was the one where he had to kill a bunch of mice. The more he did it, the harder they became to find. It was obvious why, but it seemed like a pig in an entire city was just as hard to find as a single mouse inside of a house. Regardless, Deniel eventually found all ten pigs and returned them to the pen. The fourth one was quite easy, the fifth one a bit tricky, the sixth one is where it started to get difficult. Numbers even through eight were very difficult...and nine and ten...he was about ready to give up. Surprisingly enough, it had been almost four hours since Deniel started the job once he finished it, he couldn't be more relieved. He sat down in near exhaustion, much more on a mental level than a physical level, and gave a sigh. "Wow....that was tedious. I'm actually starting to hate these D rank jobs. Still, I need to make sure I'm in my best condition for S rank." After taking a rest for about ten minutes, Deniel went to the farmer, who thanked him for his little...mistake. Deniel collected his reward, and then he was off on his way back to Eclipse Soul. Deniel thought about just how many more D rank jobs he would do before he decided to take on the S rank exam. "Hmmmm...I'll see if I can do a job that tests my speed, and then I might do one last one, and then I'll take it. MISSION COMPLETE!" He never felt more relieved to say those words. He was done with this stupid job.


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