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    Vincent's Story Empty Vincent's Story

    Post by King Zenshin 1st May 2012, 3:29 pm


    Zenshin's Story:

    Chapter I: Training in the Iceland

    Zenshin grew up with his father as a mentor, his mother who worked in a different village, and his brother who lived with his mother. His father wanted him to learn everything he could about magic as he himself was a mage before. He asked Zenshin, when he was fourteen, as to what he preferred more, fire, ice, or earth. He replied "ice".  His father was excited when he heard that answer, as he was previously an ice mage before having a child, and led his son across a plain and to a train station that dropped them off in a snow covered area. "This, this will be our new home and training ground" he said pointing to a small little cottage to the south. Zenshin was shivering from the freezing weather, all he was wearing were a pair of jeans and a short sleeved shirt.

    "You must build up a resistance to the cold  if you ever wish to use it" he said. Zenshin followed his father over to the wooden cottage, trying to accustom himself to the dramatic change of scene. It was cozier than he imagined with a spacious living room including a kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Looking at the many books on magic and casting on the bookshelf in the main room of the cottage, Zenshin grabbed one labeled "Ice casting basics, Animate and In-animate". "We'll begin training tomorrow, just get some rest" his father said, shutting the door to his bedroom. The door closed as Zenshin entered holding on to the book, planning on reading some of it to prepare him.
    One day, while training, a giant pack of vicious wolves appeared. Xen Hitsumo, Zenshin and Shaku's father, had run out of power by this time from the intense training that they had just completed not even ten minutes prior, and their were just too many wolves. One of them pounced Xen and Zen felt helpless. He tried pelting them with small little hail pellets, but it only served to make them angrier. Another wold pounced Zenshin, biting one of his legs, almost biting into his nerve. Everything went dark for him at that time, him screaming for help and suddenly going quiet. Zenshin heard something in his mind go off at this time, "Benumb, Dark-Ice" and his entire body was covered in blackish purple tinted ice that ignored any form of illumination around it.

    When it wore off, Zenshin found that all the wolves, were dead, quite grizzly as well, as they were just red paste on the snow, did he do that? How did he do it? Whatever the case was, Zenshin knew that it couldn't be good and that he needed to get out of this storm. From this point forward, all of Zenshin's ice became that dark, sinister looking in color. After searching around the are of where they were attacked, Zenshin dragged his father slowly, very slowly, back to the cottage, it was not easy dragging a grown man.

    After getting back to the cottage, Zenshin fell, knocking over a small table, luckily with nothing on it, as he held his leg tightly. He hadn't felt it until now, because adrenaline was pumping through his veins, but he did now, oh yes he did, and it was the most painful feeling he had ever felt. His leg burned at the warm air of the heater inside the cottage collided with the cold air of the snow covered wasteland outside, and he just sat there, tears in his eyes, crawling towards the kitchen. Zen knew what he had to do, and it wasn't going to be pleasant, but he would bleed to death if he didn't do it. slowly balancing himself on one leg, he got some paper towels in his mouth and a large metal pipe from under the sink, then, he turned on the oven.

    It wasn't as painful as getting his leg bitten all the way to the core, but it was excruciating nonetheless, but at least the bleeding stopped. After this had ended, his father in the living room, he just passed out on the couch in the same room, as he really, really needed. When he woke, everything was blurry, there was a blood streak to the kitchen and his father's dead body in the living room. He couldn't waste time crying about it, so the first thing Zen did was get a shovel from the storage room, dragged his deceased pops out the back door, and dug a grave. It took a few hours in the cold, that didn't really bother him at this point, and pushed his father in. Saying a few words and filling the hole up was all he needed to feel satisfied, but his training didn't stop there.

    Zenshin would go on learning how to control this, 'spell', so to say, and learn the ways of silence and elusiveness, as he had to, in order to get by the wolves and wild animals that were in his way to get any sort of food from the tundra's forest a mile out.
    Eight Years Later...

    Zenshin walked out of the cottage eating a bowl of noodles that was left on the kitchen counter. He walked to the area behind the cottage to his father's gravestone who had died six months earlier. In the three years he had not only learned ice magic, he also developed a strong sense of morality and to only use his magic to protect. There was one last thing he had to do before going out on his own. Walking over to the train station in the northern part of the snowfield he wondered what his mother would say when she finally saw him after three years. He finally arrived in Oak town he visited his mothers home, and was invited in.

    She had made quite a name for herself as an owner of a big company that specialized in the selling of magic vehicles and told Zenshin that whatever path he took she'd be proud. She apologized for not spending more time with him during his childhood and, that his brother was away training in water magic. He told her that it was fine and he learned many things while training in the barren, ice covered land. He then headed back towards the train station and to Magnolia town. He went on to buy a cottage to exact specifications to the one he had back when he was training with money his mother gave him to "start up" his new life, as a wizard.

    Chapter II: The Next Recreator

    One Year Later...

    Much time has passed since he first joined Eclipse Soul, what is probably the most controversial guild in all of Fiore. An entire year has passed since he started his journey as a mage. He's made friends, foes, and everything in between, such as guild mates such as Alye, Paresse, and Maerko. Though, this was all after he decided to take on a one hundred year job with the guild master, and also wizard saint of Lamia Scale. It took him forever to actually get to the area in which he needed to start the job with, not only that, but the guy didn't even show up. Zenshin made his way back to the guild only to find it changed, as they thought he was dead.

    He couldn't really blame them, though, as he had narrowly avoided death at the hands of one of Savage Skull's most powerful members, the man that Fredrick, now the current guild master of Savage Skull, led them to. That battle left him very drained and very hurt, and so, he needed much time to recover and become stronger, as he wasn't dead. Where he recovered wasn't very far from the Corrupt Tower, as Zen could only get so far from where he was hurt. Using his skills of survival learned while he was 'stranded' in the ice covered wasteland where he learned to use his ice-make, he was able to nurse himself back to health while the battle of Magnolia went on. There were few times where he was this close to death, but back when he was first trying to get to Eclipse Soul at the start of his journey was one of them.                

    Alye and his team had been disbanded, she had joined Reiki and Aian, members had either died or just, disappeared from the guild, nothing was the same as it was when he had first left. Feeling pretty solitary at this point, Zen decided to work on his own, "projects", so to speak. That was just a fancy way of saying that he would follow up on particularly interesting leads he got from anyone really, the MOST particular of them being another creation mage like him. Thinking he could befriend said mage, he dug a bit deeper, finding out that not only was he a creation mage, he was the guild master of the legal guild, Saber Tooth. Before that, he hadn't given much thought to the guild, so it was that night when Zenshin sent a letter to Aegis Bright, the master of the guild, asking him to come meet Zenshin in the forest so he could see his magic first hand.

    After seeing this particular magic, Zenshin was even more curious about what it was, and after a brief description of what it basically was, he faced himself with a choice, a choice that would change his path for the rest of his life, for better or worse. Deciding to ask master Aegis to teach him the magic of recreation, the master swordsman accepted and and told him to meet him at the Phoenix Mountains for the start of their training. During this span of a single week in between when they met at the Spooky Forest and when they were supposed to meet at the mountain range, he did something drastic. It took him a while, but he made his choice, Zenshin was finally leaving his first family, Eclipse Soul, since it had become something short of a ghost guild. Besides, they thought he was dead, so what good was he to the guild who thought he wasn't even alive in the first place?

    Much had happened in that week, as he said goodbye to the one he loved as well as helped defend Era, albeit it unsuccessfully, against the attack of the king of the dragons, Acnologia. Though, he finally made it to that mountain and the ritual, as if it was destined to happen, was performed. Zenshin awoke on the Serene Cliff side, where he was informed that he'd spend an entire half year training with Aegis with staggering chances of dying or worse... He knew the kind of risks he was taking when he asked Aegis to go through with the ritual, so Zenshin happily accepted this 'challenge' as he saw it and the training commenced. Magic-less and beaten, he continued, day by day, eventually the only thought that kept him going was his promise to himself, and to Iana. The day of the final trial came, a trial of faith among everything else, and he passed.

    He was now able to control his new found power that Aegis had granted him. Aegis, in reality, only granted him a very slim chance of being able to do what he did, and that small chance was utilized. It was a statistical anomaly that shouldn't have happened, but it did, and Zenshin returned. Zenshin also took over the guild, as his master and friend had left it to him as he disappeared at the end of the training. It was a thought that this training was not just to make him into a much, much stronger individual, but if it was also a test to see if he was strong enough to take over the guild. Unfortunately for Zenshin, this question was going to be unanswered for quite a while as he dedicated much of his free time to trying to find Aegis.

    Quickly realizing that there were virtually no leads for him to go on, it seemed hopeless, so he decided to give less and less time to this wild goose chase, and eventually, he stopped searching altogether, as there was someone else who needed his full attention...

    Chapter III: The Dark Girl and Demon Fox

    Pre-The Next Recreator: It all began with a point trying to be proven to a fellow mage of Zenshin's skills in disguise and ended up with something he never expected. Something that confused him. Zen really liked her and he went as far as taking a job with this dark mage in order to just see her again after showing her his skills in dressing up like a woman. At first, he didn't think much of it. Hell, he though that the guildmaster of Divine Torment was a beautiful woman at the time as well, but he would soon learn that Iana was different from her, and every other woman he ever thought was truly stunning. During the job in which they helped a prideful diplomat's wife keep their husband alive for a brief period of time. The pay was surprisingly poor despite the nature of the job, but the reward was far greater than any compensation of jewels could ever be.  

    Over the course of the job, Zen kept prying for information from the fox girl, especially considering the fact that she got caught talking to what appeared to be herself, causing Zenshin to think that he was on a job with a schizophrenic. Of course, he would eventually learn that it wasn't herself she was talking to, but rather a spirit that resided inside of her that was older than most things in the world. As one of the original beings, it hopped from host to host over the years until eventually hopping into the poor, desperate, depressed woman known as Adele Iana Heidis. It was what gave her the magic she used, Blazing Shadow, and what was her only aspect that made her stand out among the regular "humans" who were incapable of using magic. Those kinds of people weren't as common in Fiore as they were in, say, Bosco, but they still existed.

    Following the job well done, Zenshin asked her on a date which ended up being in a place that he really shouldn't have been surprised, her favorite bar. It was in her home town of Oak Town, a place with a rich history and ancient monuments, but a bit of a criminal infestation. That was fine though, by this point Zen was a strong enough mage to deal with several hordes of petty criminals and quick thieves. No one attempted to rob him like he expected, and he opened his date with the woman in a compliment, and from there, the day continued. The conversation eventually led up to Zen telling her that he wouldn't leave her despite Iana desperately trying to convince him that she was truly a terrible person. He never believed a person was ever as bad as they made themselves out to be, or else they wouldn't be confessing to whoever they were talking to about all of it.

    She tried to sabotage a relationship before it started, and he wasn't having any of it. By the end of their first date, he was positive that he would be seeing a lot more of Iana in the days to come, and he couldn't have been any more right than he was right then. The next time they met, Zen took her to a lake in which he showed her one of his favorite activities, and to this day, he'll never forget it. Although they'd recently begun seeing each other and to most, this would seem rushed, he knew that he loved this girl and was already willing to do a lot more than he would do for most, for her. Iana was new to this activity of ice skating and was a bit piss poor at it, but he didn't expect her to be as good as he was on her first time at it. For a beginner, she was a little above average, but then she had one of the best teachers for it.

    By the end of it, he proclaimed his love for the girl with the demon fox within her, and she returned his sentiments. Zenshin couldn't be happier. Though there was one thing he asked of her, and it was to wait until he returned from his training to become the next recreator with Aegis Bright, the current guildmaster of Sabertooth at the time and the man who agreed to teach him, and she accepted.

    Post-The Next Recreator: Although Iana slept with another man in the six months that Zenshin was away, training with Aegis, Zen was able to forgive her as she told him that it didn't mean anything, and he truly believed her. They had been living together for a while now, as Iana moved into his home in Era that was given to him by Sparrow as a gift for his actions in the attack of the city. Although she felt guilty, he constantly told her that it was no bother to him that she lived there. Eventually they realized that they had a child on the way as well as the small fact that Meoru was leeching off of their unborn baby's life energy. If they didn't do something post-haste, their child would die before she even got the chance to see the light of day, and Zen wouldn't let that happen no matter the cost.

    The cost was a sealing spell which sealed Meoru into their child forcefully, unlike the host hopping that he had been doing up until this point. Zenshin wasn't one to get angry or yell, but when Iana kept putting off the ritual because of the large chance that Meoru could "die", as it were, he felt as though he had to in order to get the severity of the situation across. Eventually, he did convince her to partake in this ritual in which he learned a lot about her as well as her reliance on the old fox demon's spirit, that was, before he came along and replaced him. This ritual forced him to go into her soul to bind Meoru to his daughter, the problem being that in Iana's soul, anything could be a representation of that. Zen ended up finding the flower that did in fact represent his unborn daughter and Meoru was finally sealed up at the top of the Phoenix Mountains and they lied there for some time, keeping warm in each other's embrace before he finally concluded that it was time. After the entire ordeal, Zen looked at Iana and asked her the most important question he's ever asked. "Will you marry me?" And she said yes. She really did.

    Chapter IV: The Return of the Fallen King

    His wife was gone, his child was gone, and his power was gone. Zenshin awoke with but a single clue and a small fraction of his power remaining. He didn't know where these three things went, but he did gain something. A tome with a purple, ornate cover with a strange, alien texture. Upon tracking down this book in order to add it to his personal library and picking it up from the attic of the abandoned house it called home, he felt his energy leave him. He awoke and stumbled home only to find it empty. With no idea where his family disappeared to and an ominous feeling that this strange tome had something to do with it, Zenshin knew that if he was to uncover what mysteries lie surrounding this book and find his family, he would need to regain his strength. He would need to return to his old guild, Sabertooth.

    Rp Sample

    The lone man sat there, on the pier with his two legs dangling over the wet wood, feet splashing around in the water below as the sun peeked its head over the horizon. There wasn't much to be said, as he was still thinking about his decision of leaving his previous guild, his family, his home for an entire year. Though, he didn't leave without good reason, as this was his chance to start over. Zenshin from Eclipse Soul, as far as he was concerned, died at the castle when faced against a powerful dark mage with his former guild master and friend, Zeno Sombrass, one of the only people he really trusts. Back at that castle, when the dust settled, Zen had escaped and decided it would be best if he returned to the guild for a day or two before leaving and finding his own path, his own road, different from what his father had wanted for him.

    Zenshin still needed to know what kind of mysteries his ancestors left for a future generation to solve, and of course, this is what he really wanted to do, but not as an ice maker. He had met up with his new guild master before even joining the guild, Sabertooth, and his name was Aegis Bright. After hearing rumors and stories of a 'maker mage' like himself that had a very unique magic in itself, dubbed, 'recreation magic'. There weren't make maker mages to begin with, and to say that Aegis had a unique type of creation was very much as an understatement as you could get. This drove Zen to seek out the master swordsman and ask to learn under him, the secrets and ways of using recreation magic, even after learning he would lose the ability to cast any other type of magic, and that there was a chance he wouldn't be able to use it.

    He didn't care, Zenshin was an adamant believer in the saying, 'nothing good comes without a sacrifice'. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his right shoulder and he ceased his journey through the memories to see a man behind him, asking if he was alright. "Sorry about that, I was just thinking..." he said, his voice trailing off. "And I apologize too, kiddo, but the dock is opening soon and we need the pier to bring in whatever the boats decide to bring in today" replied the old man, prompting Zen to walk up and travel back along the pier. Hands in his pockets, he decided it would be best if he walked to the Hargeon Town lighthouse, to relax and to just kick back until he felt ready to do something more productive.

    Slowly, he walked to the towering structure that overlooked the bay that he was just at, looking around at some people, who wanted to shake his hand for saving them from the trouble makers at the restaurant a while back. Even to this day they remember what I did back then, I'm glad they appreciated it. That was a pretty fun day and I get free food every time I go there, not much more a man can ask for he thought while opening the huge steel door and walking inside. Much to his surprise, the door shut behind him by some mysterious force, but when he turned around to see what it was, he was met to a blade tip to the back of his neck. "This is your only warning, get out of this lighthouse right now or I will be forced to do something you might find, uncomfortable" he said, giving his warning to the thief who had tried to get inside Zen's pockets. Though, it wasn't a thief who was behind him, it was an assassin who wanted to make a few extra jewels.

    As soon as he felt the knife tip push down on the back of his neck, he sprung into him primal instinct mode, fight or flight as some called it, but he had no intention of running. Leaning as forward as he could while bending his knees at the same time, he used both his hands to grab the one holding the knife and stepped to the side while twisting it upside down. The cloaked figured wrist was locked and with a flicking of both his wrists simultaneously, had his wrist broken which caused a scream. It wasn't the scream of a man, however, it was the scream of a women, a women whose hood had fallen down in the struggle. Pushing her against the steel wall on the inside of the lighthouse, he asked a single question while holding her neck with his left hand, and the knife she tried to kill him with in his right, the tip pointing right to her eye.

    "I gave you fair warning, yet you still tried to kill me. Who sent you?" he said while inching the knife slowly towards her eye socket, mostly for the fear factor of imagining a knife plunged into her eye. "If I talk, they'll kill me. P- Please, if I didn't get this job done, they said they would hurt m- my family" she said, stuttering every so often, she's lying. "If you don't talk, you'll lose an eye" he said seriously, as he had no sympathy for assassins, he actually had a passionate dislike for them, for anyone who would kill for money. Though, she lied to him about her family and being forced to do this, it was clear she wasn't going to talk or come after him again, not after having her wrist broken.

    With a sigh, he threw the knife to the ground. He wasn't going to kill her, he had turned over a new leaf. Back when Zenshin was in Eclipse Soul, he probably would've killed her as she tried to kill him, and there weren't many people who got away with that. Hitting her over the head with his hand, he knocked her out. Even though she was threatened to do this by some strange group of people who wanted him dead for some reason, this couldn't be excused. After making his main dynamic creation of travel, the peregrine falcon, he climbed on top and traveled to the headquarters of the Rune Knights, they would know what to do with her. At least... I hope they do

    = Log =

    The Law Game - First partner met ; Team Frozen Thorns is made after -

    The Desert - Team Frozen Thorns is official and doing a job. Zenshin receives his signature straw hat -

    The Watch - First job with a dark guilder. Zenshin's first disguise -

    = Giant Mountain Squid ambush Team Frozen Thorns on their way to the Eclipse Soul guildhall. Zenshin almost dies, but the team narrowly makes it to their destination. Team Frozen Thorns is disbanded soon after and Team Glacial Storm becomes Zenshin's new team, consisting of him and Alye Reyolds, his second partner, one who he had gone on a "date" with in Hargeon Town to celebrate their new partnership =

    The Squid - Team Glacial Storm is official and doing their first job. Zenshin gets his revenge on the squid that almost killed him -

    The Noodles - Hargeon Town trouble makers stopped by Zen. Renown and free food given to him in this town and restaurant -

    The Desert Again - Back to the desert with his new partner and team, Alye Reyolds and Glacial Storm. His remorseless-ness is revealed when he brutally kills slavers for trying to enslave them -

    The Farm - Meets Marros Graven, a new member to the guild, and takes him on an easy job to introduce himself -

    = Zenshin is once again, nearly killed by a Savage Skull member after interrogating the current guildmaster, Lord Fredrick, with Eclipse Soul's guild master, Zeno Sombrass. During a struggle, he was believed to be killed and because of this, Team Glacial Storm was disbanded. It took him the entirety of the Battle of Magnolia for him to completely nurse himself back to health =

    The Town - Zenshin investigates a mysterious village that ends up tickling his curiosity and confusing him -

    The Package - A mysterious force drags Zenshin into a strange world. He almost loses his sanity, but pulls through -

    The Thief - First job with a guild member from his new guild, Sabertooth. Third partner met. -

    The Model - Job with a women who catches Zen's interest. Done by him to prove a point that he is 'that' good when it comes to disguises. - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Interest - Zenshin actually goes on a proper job with the previous mage and inquires further about her, and how has been one of the only, if not the only mage to get him to act differently than how he normally does. - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Cat - A rouge mage attacks Sabertooth with all his might, though, he was no match for Zenshin, the ice maker. Although he didn't land the killing blow, something strange happened before it died -

    The Girl - Zenshin meets with the girl from the past two jobs and realizes that he feels strange about her. After identifying exactly what it was he was feeling, and discovering the secret that had been hidden from him, he still decides to go on and keep their relationship, lest he never find someone like her again - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Confession - Zenshin comes to the conclusion of what he feels for this particular dark mage isn't what he'd normally feel for any regular girl. She was different, in a very, very good way, and whether or not she realized it, she was special to him. On the final day before Zenshin meets with Aegis for their six month training quest, he confesses his love for Iana and makes a selfish request that she reluctantly agrees to - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Passport - Sparrow opened the border up and Zenshin has to wait in line to get himself a passport. How exciting! -

    The Next Recreator? - Zenshin's first meet with Aegis Bright, who takes him under his wing and agrees to teach him Recreation magic. Because of this, he decides to join Sabertooth - [The Next Recreator Arc]

    The Anomaly - Zenshin finally meets up with Aegis Bright, the recreator in the Phoenix Mountains to begin a rite that hasn't been performed in a million years. The first step in becoming a recreationist. Once done, he loses his magic forever and gains the potential to learn and unlock the powers of the oldest magic - [The Next Recreator Arc]

    The Trial - Zenshin awakes to find him and Aegis on the Serene Cliff side where he learns that he has not yet unlocked the power of recreation, but has lost any ability to use magic. Finally past the point of turning back, his conviction, loyalty, and faith will be tested over the course of the next six months as he either learns to master recreation, or dies trying. - [The Next Recreator Arc]

    The Finale - It has been six months since he first awoke on the Serene Cliff side. He's learned many things, gone through many rigorous physical and mental disciplines, and even questioned the "rules" of the world he thought he knew. But now was the final trial. The test to put everything he'd learned and unlearned to the test. Will he be able to finally master the art of recreation? Or will he stay magic-less, or worse, die. His fate now rests within his own hands. - [The Next Recreator Arc]

    The Relative - Zenshin has taken over Sabertooth and word has spread of how he is no longer an ice mage, but a mage who uses the same magic as the previous Sabertooth guildmaster. Kyll, an old friend of his from his fledgling days as a mage, took particular interest in these powers and decided to put them to the test. What resulted was a revelation that would shock him followed by a request that he hoped he'd never have to fulfill -

    The Conman - Zenshin receives a request from a guildless mage to go on a bit of a difficult job. Instead of learning what he wanted, though, Zenshin invited him to the guild and the man known as Marick, after consideration, accepted the impromptu offer and even got a new friend in the process -

    The Decision - Iana and Zenshin have been living together for a while now. And for a while now, they have known that the very source of Iana's magical power has been killing the culmination of both of their hopes. Zen gets tired of her always brushing off the topic every time she brings it up and decides to yell back this one time - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Epilogue - Finally, Zenshin recieves a mysterious letter than he soon finds out was written by Aegis and was meant for him, it was a riddle that, when deciphered, were instructions to go back to the top of the Phoenix Mountains, and once there, he learned everything, getting the closure he needed to continue with his life as well as making another regretful decision that led him to discover the ugly secrets of Aegis' past, and what his destiny really was - [The Next Recreator Arc: Finale]

    The Savage? - Demanding to meet this 'guildmaster' that one of her best friends decided to join under, Marick sets up a meeting between the Savage Skull mage and Zenshin. It goes much better than he had expected and probably left her confused. -

    The Thugs - Zenshin and Marick take on the thugs that have come to Hargeon town. They were part of a gang Marick once rolled with, and hilarity ensues -

    The Selfless - After extensive jobs and experience with one of the first members of the new and changed Sabertooth, Zenshin made an exam that would test him in power of the body, and mind. In the end, Marick was defeated and killed in battle, but reborn as a true knight of Sabertooth, a Paragon -

    The Wish - Marick brings troubling news to Zenshin's attention after he wakes up from a rather startling and vivid dream, causing him to rethink Marick's status as well as his ability to protect others. Although this came into question, Zen made no hesitation to inform Zeno of this news as soon as he possibly could, it was off to Eclispe Soul - [The Wish Queen Arc]

    The Queen - Zeno, Zenshin, Akryn, and Marick all storm the Spooky Forest and find Frederik. Zenshin's vision was right, unfortunately, as they were too late to stop the monster from awakening the Wish Queen inside of Kyll so that Lord Frederik could revive his beloved wife from the grave - [The Wish Queen Arc]

    The Judge - Zenshin finally tracked down Frederik after his plan to bring back his wife through Kyll had been foiled. Following the trail of bodies, Zenshin struck down the darkest mage he knew and inflicted the final blow. In a change of heart brought on by being mentored by Aegis, he decided to attempt to give Frederik one final chance by using the good in him, if any, to bring him back. Surprisingly, Frederik *did* come back and was granted haven in Sabertooth while he repents and makes up for his sins - [The Wish Queen Arc: Finale]

    The Scorpion - Upon completing yet another job, Zenshin encounters a strange mage who challenges him to a fight. Being the prideful yet wise man that he is, Zenshin accepts the challenge and ends up defeating the Scorpion Tail mage. This raised questions though, a new dark mage threat? This triggered a strong sense of curiosity within Zenshin as he accepted the new challenge and began his research on this new enemy - [Scorpion Tail Arc]

    The Child - Zenshin finally performs the ritual to seal Meoru inside of his unborn child by manually entering Iana's soul and doing it himself. He ends up learning a lot more than he thought he would before Meoru willingly gets inside of a cage and the fate of the child is secured - [The Dark Girl and Demon Fox Arc]

    The Dragonslayers - Zenshin goes on a job with a man who once saved his life and ultimately helped him greatly in capturing and defeating the notorious fire make mage, Yugi, brother to Count Sparrow. Although Zenshin loses his right arm in the battle with the Golden Dragon of the Skies Beyond Knowledge, he gains something far greater... -

    The "Arm" Dealer - Due to recently losing his arm in the bloody battle between the Golden Dragon of the Skies Beyond Knowledge and him as well as the Speed Demon, Zen tracks down a less than legal, master arms dealer to make him an arm using the scales of that very dragon. He ended up having to hide himself since if he saw a Saint walking up he would bolt and he also needed to supply the man with several fire lacrima to create a whole new material for his custom arm. Although it would function and have the shape of an arm, it would also be oriented for combat, and the madman got full creative direction with it -

    The Saints - Zenshin, with his new arm, go on a job with a guild member to recover the treasure of the old Wizard Saints for god knows what reason. They are rewarded with an item from their stash as well as a power up for his member -

    The Squires - Two strong members of the guild, brother and sister slayers with opposite magical elements approach Zenshin wanting to become Knights of Sabertooth. Impressed with the initiative, the guildmaster takes their request to heart and tests to see if they were at the physical level to do so. Once they've proved themselves physically, he agrees to train them but only once they have reached their A-Rank examination -

    Faceclaim: Zero / Vampire Knight

    Chapter I: An Unfortunate Birth

    Vincent was born to two proud Pergradian Paladins who, from a young age, taught him in the ways of the sword. He was taught that magic was for the weak and that the strong could win battles based on their own skill alone. Unfortunately, in his young age, Vincent's magical power made itself manifest while training with his mother. She immediately knew what he had been born with and the danger with which the power came. Torn between her principles and the love for her child, Vincent's mother did what she considered to be her only real option: she called upon a known wizard. In her time serving the Pergrandian monarchy, she had come into contact with many different people and monsters. One such person was a wizard part of an underground organization of wizards hiding out in an undisclosed location within the large country. He had been her previous partner and they worked together in slaughtering thousands of monsters in the wall until he, one day, disappeared. She tracked him down and he revealed that he abandoned his duty because he realized that he had magical power within him.

    Because of their history, Vincent's mother didn't report her previous companion to other authorities nor did she ever reveal his location. Out of a shared history, he entrusted her with a small white piece of paper which she could use at any time to summon him in case his assistance was ever needed on the battlefield or otherwise. She never thought she'd use it, but on one bright Pergrandian night she did and informed him of her son's curse. She believed her son would be safer with him and the mage agreed to take him to where he had been hiding: a magically hidden academy for those gifted with magical power. Despite his resistance, Vincent was eventually taken by the man who would become his de-facto father and mentor.

    His studies of the sword were replaced with studies of magical arts and his raw magical power was eventually honed through years of training into what they are today. Vincent, too young to remember the events of his childhood, was told this story by his father figure Logan upon graduating from the magical academy. This story only further cemented his hatred for Pergrande and sowed the seeds of sadness that he'd never really known who his biological parents were. Not once did either of them ever visit, obviously, and chances were that he would never get to meet them. Vincent quickly decided to focus on the future, on making a name for himself using his newfound magical power and knowledge in a place that was welcoming of his kind: Fiore. Here he would make discoveries that would be taught in his old academy for generations to come and, one day, he would be powerful enough to find and meet his biological parents - even if he should face resistance.



    Elvira Arcade [Crystal Swan]: She and I compose the registered team by the name "Rapier Wit." Elvira Arcade is a brash and abrasive woman who uses the Cards of the Uncrowned Saint1. Her current place of residence is Rin Mayou's house. One might wonder why such a 'proper scholar' such as myself would decide to team up with what might appear as what appears to be my polar opposite, though they would be mistaken. She has a genuine and deep interest in understanding the world around her and is one of the most competent mages I know. She's unafraid of getting her "hands dirty," so to speak, and is unyielding whenever others have to do the same. She seems to be the loyal and dependable sort which are two invaluable traits in a business partnership. Elvira has in her possession the Golden Zodiac key of Virgo. Her swordsmanship is impeccable and I still have much to learn from her.

    Jiyu Kazehime [Black Rose | Ace]: My interactions this ace of Black Rose are quite limited. Miss Kazehime has a beastly form that resembles my sketches of how Naomi described Inugami2. Her ability to shapeshift, her terrifying magical power, and what she shapeshifted into lead me to suspect her of being some kind of Yōkai. More information is required. She treated me with quite a bit of hostility for simply wanting to slay a typical beast which was unexpected from a legal mage. I would like to avoid her in the future, if I could help it.

    Lilium Santiais [Black Rose | Ace | Saint of Sacrifice]: Lilium Santaiais is yet another ace of Black Rose coincidentally. She is what I would describe to be the polar opposite of Miss Kazehime, for she is sweet, polite, and quite literally radiant. She uses a magic by the name of "Relics of Arcadia3" which is a kind of holy light magic bestowed upon a select few chosen by the goddess Athena. A Heroic Spirit [see footnote 3] by the name of Arthur accompanies her. Arthur is none other than the King of Knights in those stories I grew up hearing! He's the positive embodiment of what truly makes up a knight and, I daresay, the legends don't do him justice. The destructive capability of the Relics of Arcadia is one of the highest I've ever seen. I will go into further detail on the section dedicated to it.

    Sybil [Crystal Swan]: Truthfully I don't know much about this orange haired girl other than the fact that she's an expert navigator and that she's quite clumsy. Sybil is a rather casual girl and we met by chance when I got lost in the Sevenwood looking for the rumored basin at its heart. She assisted me in finding it, so I helped her gain passage into Fiore and invited her to Crystal Swan as thanks. I'm not too sure what has become of her since then, though.

    Desirée Blooms [Crystal Swan | Guildmaster]: Ironically enough I don't know much about my own guild master. She's an idol, though I myself have never been a fan of such flamboyant displays of talent. She's also a shapeshifter - it feels like she changes her appearance weekly! I know nothing about her magic. Other than that she's genuinely an upbeat and positive person to be around - I should remember to ask her if she would like to accompany me on a job sometime soon.


    [1]: The Cards of the Uncrowned Saint is an unofficial name used to describe a set of cards which are quite rare and are thus highly sought after. The magic used to actually activate the cards is considered a "lost" magic and the only user I'm aware of is Elvira Arcade. The cards all have wildly different effects because, according to the stories, they were created using power taken from over one hundred different mages. This power that was taken was taken permanently. As far as I know these cards as indestructible and not for lack of trying, either. Tracking them down is an ongoing side project of mine which is proving to be a lot harder than expected. Further research is required.

    [2]: The Inugami are a type of Yōkai which resemble werewolves. They're fiercely loyal to their own kind which would probably explain why Miss Kazehime was so friendly towards that beast, but are generally easy to negotiate with. They are proficient in the ways of black magic.

    [3]: The Relics of Arcadia is the magic used by the Saint of Sacrifice "Lilium Santiais" who is the only current user. This magic is, for all intents and purposes, lost due to the fact that there can only be one user every few millennia or so. The former user of this magic was the legendary King of Knights known as Arthur who currently instructs its current user as a Heroic Spirit. According to Arthur, the souls of fallen soldiers and renowned tacticians are sent to Arcadia after death and all empower the current user of this magic. Arthur was selected to mentor Lilium by the one who granted them this magic, the goddess Athena, due to his unmatched proficiency when he was its user. As an aside, Heroic Spirits like Arthur are the souls of warriors whose name carries a legend. His story is fantastical, but what reason would he have to lie? I'm going to tentatively believe what he told me at face value moving forward.

    Faceclaim: Robin / Rufure (Male) - Fire Emblem: Awakening

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