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    Post by RF007 13th April 2024, 3:25 pm

    Job Description Link: ROGUE ROBOTS (B-RANK NEUTRAL)


    Job Sign-up Approval Link: JOB SIGNUP APPROVAL

    It had been a while since Rotwang's latest adventures and this latest one had come in the form of a job that he had undertaken with one other collaborator, with the objective being to seek out and eliminate a group of demon lord worshippers who had been hiding within a remote village located in the area of Earthland known as the "Unknown Lands". During this adventure, Rotwang encountered and became acquainted with a female mage called "Serena von Edelweiss".

    Since then, Rotwang had returned to the grind of his daily life which meant involving himself either voluntarily or involuntarily in various activities. These various activities included things such as attending to his formal studies, accompanying his parents with all the routine inspections that they did of their mafia family's many business assets, going to mingle with the heirs as well as the heiresses of other families which were also ultra-rich and highly influential similar to his own, and naturally also immersing himself in the pursuit of his various interests.

    The chief among these was none other than his two true loves. More specifically, these two were his ongoing and ever-burgeoning mad science research studies and his similarly long-standing and ever-increasing fascination with pop culture, history, and mythology. Of course, these relatively peaceful days that he had been enjoying to some degree came to an end in a manner that was as surreal as it was abrupt. This interruption came in the form of his iLac which was brought to him by one of his maids from its recharging station present on his smart table

    Hmm...what is this memo about? Another one of those summons that are often sent to me by my parents? Is it another invite to some gala? Is it some project that my instructors have assigned to me? Whatever the case may end up being, may the Norns see fit to ensure that it will not become too tedious...as that would be...truly troublesome...

    Rotwang thought thus silently as he stirred awake from beneath the veritable mountain of research notes, medical and surgical textbooks, piles upon piles of failed model designs for gadgets of various kinds, experimental chemical concoction recipes, etc. He had immersed himself deeply as always in furthering his mad science research studies since this was one of his rare days away from the usual hustle and bustle of his daily life and academic work and at some point, fallen asleep without realizing it due to his penchant for willfully ignoring his bodily needs, especially that for sleep, and that was why he now found himself amidst the rather chaotic environment which was his private lab.

    After he managed to finally drag himself out from underneath this heap that he had been lying under within the confines of said private lab which he had set up to be located on the grounds of his estate which was located in the residential district of "Crocus", aka the capital city of Fiore along with all the others that were also present there. Then, as Rotwang perused the memo's contents after receiving them from one of the maids in his entourage who had come to deliver it to him, he realized that it was a memo that had been sent to him by his specific superiors at his guild, "Silver Wolf", with instructions to undertake the job mentioned therein

    Hmm...Let us see here...This job entails...going to "Motor City" here in Fiore...and neutralizing an army of robots which have been constructed by the client, but which have now gone rogue and started to attack the locals there...Oh well, this sort of activity cannot be helped since my research consumes a vast quantity of resources, both in materials...and in terms of funding...and that means this job will be important in replenishing my quickly dwindling stock of said resources and funding...Therefore...it would be wise to just keep an open mind to allow myself the ability to adapt to whatever challenges this new situation may end up having for me...Now then, it is about time to get ready to begin heading out to the site of this job, the "Motor City"...

    Rotwang thought thus silently as he spent a few minutes contemplating the job that he had been assigned to undertake by his specific superiors at his guild, "Silver Wolf". After doing so and snapping out of his silent reverie, he proceeded with his daily morning rituals which he normally did before readying himself to handle his work for the day. Afterward, he finished his preparations by donning his physician-scientist outfit since it was his default attire ensemble of choice in most if not all situations regardless of their nature. Once that was done, he informed his retinue about his intended whereabouts for the day and headed out after making sure to equip himself properly with his various equipment pieces which were stored in the pockets of his outfit in strategically chosen and easily accessible places.

    Fortunately, it did not take Rotwang quite a long time to reach the "Motor City" where this most recent job would be taking place despite the slew of most recent, fully custom-designed, fully custom-built upgrades that he had chosen to install in his custom vehicle, namely the vintage limo that he had purchased a long time ago and refitting according to his aesthetic. Once there, he wasted no further time in heading over to meet with his client for this specific job which had been assigned to him by his guild's top brass.

    "Greetings and salutations, my name is "Rotwang Frankenstein" and my allegiance lies with the "Silver Wolf" guild. The successful resolution of this job as well as all of its associated challenges has been assigned to me by my direct superiors in my guild. Now then, who else has been assigned to collaborate with me for the successful completion of this job?"

    Rotwang spoke thus in his naturally rich, baritone, and melodious voice which was laced heavily as always with his distinctively foreign accent. After announcing himself to his client, he gave a theatrical bow to them and fell silent to wait for whatever was going to happen next.


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