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    A Fateful Coffee Run (Medeia)


    A Fateful Coffee Run (Medeia) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Fateful Coffee Run (Medeia)

    Post by Guest 29th March 2024, 6:59 am

    The Warlord was rather pleased to feel the tension seem to leave her guest and the doubts that Medeia had over her own methods subsided a bit. There had been moments where she had thought that Diana might have been harmed beyond recovery, a situation that the witch had never intended to happen. Her goal had simply been to allow the blonde to feel again, so to speak and while her method had been brutal, what she was feeling now from Diana was a sign that perhaps she had been successful, just about anyway. Medeia knew that had she gone any further than she would no doubt have regretted it. Whether her guests believed or not was not for her to say but her intention was that they always left her with something to think about or with more confidence in themselves than they had when they had come.

    When she finally spoke, she sounded almost remorseful. “I owe you an apology for what happened in there, Diana, I had no idea of just what you have been through. I was so arrogant in believing that I would make you whole again by making you see such things, without even considering the fact of how much pain you would have to suffer. Never have I come across a woman who has suffered quite so much…other than myself and seeing all of that truly made me feel regret for putting you through it all.” It was not something she normally said but in this case, she was being perfectly honest. Having experienced all that Diana had, Medeia felt a closeness to the blonde in arms, that she did not always feel with her guests.

    Her hold would be as gentle as ever and she would do her best to emit warmth through her body in order to chase the memories that had been unleashed away from Diana. “I know how bad it was for you and I will do whatever I can to make up for the pain that you went through. I do not want us to part on bad terms and after finally understanding both what you and Lucia went through, I wish you both nothing but the best. You have suffered enough.”

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    A Fateful Coffee Run (Medeia) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Fateful Coffee Run (Medeia)

    Post by Diana Winchester 29th March 2024, 11:02 am

    Diana was not entirely certain if the apology was sincere or just an empty gesture meant to placate her and perhaps dissuade her from seeking revenge at a later date, but she kept her skepticism to herself. She also kept any cynical remarks to herself because while Diana resented being forced to relive her past against her will there was not a whole lot she could do about it unless she wanted to end up being punished in another way. Medeia had the upper hand and would probably not be shy about taking advantage of it if she wanted to avenge a slight from someone she perceived as an ungrateful guest.

    Diana also resented the illusion of choice she was given when it came to going with Medeia. When faced with either going with the Warlord or being indirectly responsible for property damage and loss of life if Medeia decided to get violent there was only one sensible choice to make. Diana resented being put in that position to begin with because submitting meant that she had reduced to being a toy for someone else just like the abusive members of her family had done to her.

    The blonde also kept quiet when Medeia hinted that she too had a past that was not all sunshine and rainbows. Diana felt that the other mage was dropping that hint so she could try to claim having common ground with her guest, but once again she kept her mouth shut because she was not entirely buying it. Medeia probably took advantage of her hidden past by lying about parts of it in an effort to connect with her guests. For example, Diana suspected that if she had revealed that she hailed from Bellum Medeia would probably claim she came from there too.

    "It is all right, Medeia." Diana said calmly because she was facing a fait accompli and nothing could be done about it. Medeia might not believe what the blonde had said due to her tone of voice, which was the same calm one she had used before being taken to the room with the chair, but right now that was how she was going to speak. The blonde had experienced emotional overload and was not able to put on a cheerful tone for her hostess to assuage their guilt. If Medeia really did feel bad she would not take offense to the tone of voice Diana was using.

    The next statement sounded like Medeia might have realized the depth of her mistake and was trying to avoid trouble by buying off her victim. The blonde had reason to doubt that she would have gotten that offer if she were weaker than her hostess. Putting that cynical belief aside, Diana spoke to Medeia.

    "I am not worried about compensation, Medeia." Diana calmly replied. She could not help but to resent what the Warlord had done to her in the name of satisfying curiosity and asserting dominance, but there was currently no danger of that resentment growing to the point that she would actively oppose the other mage out of spite. Right now Diana would not go after Medeia unless the latter hurt innocent people, Lucia, or Aliarey.

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