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    A Day of chores (pt 1) the desire to travel

    Kino talkin
    Kino talkin

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    A Day of chores (pt 1) the desire to travel Empty A Day of chores (pt 1) the desire to travel

    Post by Kino talkin 8th February 2023, 12:05 pm

    Kallin enters the big city looking around he see many buildings of all different kinds he first walks up to a hotel and pays for 3 day in the city that way he can get all his errands done he then asks the location of the main government building where he would obtain a passport to be able to travel without getting into trouble. It did not take him long to locate the final district where the government offices were located. Kallin enters the government building and sees the extremely long line,"wow looks like a lot of people are trying to get there passport today, looks like I'm in for a long day" Kallin signed before looking for the line he needed, after finding his line he grabbed a ticket and took a seat looking at his number it read 335,"welp I guess I'll be here a while wonder why everyone else is here" Kallin pondered listing in he began to get a idea of who was in the office. Looking to his left he saw several couples"huh must be here for wedding licenses or perhaps travel permits" Kallin mused looking back to the number counter it read 300" well almost there then" kallin sighed stretching out and looking around he saw several more people leaving,"won't be long now",just then he heard a ding and saw the number 335 come up on the board welp here is my time. Kallin walked up to the counter and stated his purpose of getting a passport to tour around the world after getting the form he began to fill it out,"name Kallin guildless no affiliation to any factions purpose of passport to travel for jobs. Passing the form back he waited for either the approval or the denial." I see no reason to deny you I will get you the approval so you can go get your picture for your passport. Kallin bowed and thanked the man walking over to the next line with his forms to get his picture taken. "Well this has gone rather quickly I did not expect it to go this quickly,maybe I can get my other chores done before the day is up" Kallin chuckled walking up to the second counter Kallin walked over to the green screen and got his picture taken. " Here you are sir your passport thank you for using our services,"kallin bowed thank you for your kindness," kallin smiled as he walked outside of the building and looked up at the setting sun " ah well looks like I'm not going to be able to make my other chores today ah well not a problem I've got nothing but time before I need to test and this will give me more time to study so that I will be able to pass with flying marks". Kallin smiles as he begins to walk back to the hotel that he has a room in since he had a few errands to run he decided he'd stay here for a few days to get everything done so he could move on to other things and meet new people and have new adventures.

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