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    To travel freely


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    Completed To travel freely

    Post by Hania 5th May 2017, 11:17 pm

    As usual Advent had followed his feet to somewhere new but this time there seemed to be a lot of commotion in the vicinity, the white haired youth was confused and somewhat scared that there where so many people near by so walked back a little only to knock into someone who pushed him forward almost making him fall to his hands and knees. "I.. I don't like this place..." his voice shook as he tried to stop himself from crying. He wasn't use to so many people in one location and even when there was he never had them push the way they had been.

    "Why is everyone like this?" he asked himself knowing that in all the noise that it was unlikely that he would be even heard by anyone but to his surprise a young woman helped him stand up, she had long blonde hair tied in a green candy bow, emerald eyes, wore a pale green dress that came just above her knees white stockings and lace sandals "The borders have been opened, everyone is excited and wanting to go on vacation not to mention mages want to go looking for new experiences and the likes" her voice was bouncy which confused Advent as he had never met a person so peppy since he came to Fiore so it was a nice change of pace.

    "So they come here to do what? Get on a boat?" he was still trying to get his head around the fact that everyone was pushing their way through to get somewhere "No silly, people are just here to try get their passports so they can travel as the like" she said with a sorrow filled sigh which made him just as confused "Why are you sad?" he asked his voice showing he was concerned for her though he had no idea why, it might have just been that she was there when he was scared or was helping him understand whatever the reason he felt obliged to help her in return. "This has been going on for days and I'm no closer to getting my passport as people keep pushing past me if anything I'm further away" He could see that this was important to her and he guessed that he would need one himself in case he wanted to go back home more so since he didn't exactly know how he got here in the first place.

    "I tell you what, I need to get mine so I'll help you get yours too" his voice smiling a little, "Oh my name is Advent" he said realising he hadn't introduced himself to the girl who had saved him. "I'm called Amy, it's a pleasure to meet you Advent" she said with a small giggle "Likewise" he said as he placed her hands over her ears so he could make sure she wouldn't get affected by what he was about to do. Closing his eyes he made his hands go into the lotus blossom position slowly he started moving forward his fingers moving as if the blossom was opening the hustle and bustle around him slowly quieting as a song could be heard his hand moving above him and twisting like a fluttering leaf or blossom falling from a tree his other hand following suit.

    The people around them started to fall down as if falling asleep which confused the girl but she wasn't about to complain to someone helping her after everyone continuously pushing in front of her. Soon they would find themselves at the start of the line and he removed her hands from her ears "You should go first" he offered, it was for a dual reason she was there first but also so he knew what to expect. Once she had her own passport she hugged advent briefly "Thank you so much! If there's anything I can ever do for you let me know Advent!" she almost squealed she was so happy but advent shook his head he never needed anything he soon felt the vibrations leave as she ran off.

    It was now advent's turn, he stood in front of the people who decided wither or not you would gain your password "Name" they said bluntly "Advent" he replied only for the eldest in the centre shake his head "Oh you want my birth name" he asked looking up from the form "I'm sorry but I can't give that I'm not a bad person it's just that some things I'm not comfortable sharing" his tone was honest and they picked up on that "What guild are you in?" they said noticing that he had pretty much put people to sleep "Guild what's that?" he asked his tone and face mirroring true confusion "I mean if I don't know what they are I guess I'm not in one" he said with a bit of a shrug knowing it to be true "What would you be doing if we did give you this passport?" they asked him keeping their eyes on his body language "I guess the same as here, learning and helping people" he said honestly as he was checked for a guild mark but found none.

    Though he was kind of shifty on his name they had no reason no real reason not to issue him his passport as he had no affiliation to a dark guild and the truth magic that had unknowingly in affect never went off to show that he was lying and so issued his passport with his assumed name allowing Advent to walk off not truly understanding why a bunch of paper would be needed to allow him to travel around, but to be honest he was just glad to get away from such a large group of people.

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