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    Awel Empty Awel

    Post by Takumi Yoko 1st February 2023, 5:15 pm

    Awel Tumblr_noo5aaoqY91r1dqpyo1_500
    Name: Awel
    Grade: Ethereal +
    Type: Combat Pet
    Proof of Acquisition: here
    Description: Awel is fully grown Griffon with the features of Cheetah and Peregrine Falcon to create one of the fastest creature in both land and sky. Standing at 5'11 at size, it is still intimidating but compared to other similar Griffons it is considered quite small and it's lean body enforces the idea that this creature focuses more on speed than raw power. As a creature sporting similar aspects to a Cheetah, the fur that covers it's body is a light tan in colour with various spot of black littered throughout the fur. Underneath the creature, it's fur slowly brightens into a dirty white colour while the top of the creature turns darker as it nears the front shoulders where the wings of the Peregrine Falcon rest until the fur meets the dark gray feathers that carries the mighty beast. These feathers reach up and around the head to create an helmet of feathers on the Griffin that exposes the sharp long beak that houses equally sharp teeth within and reaches down to where the talons of the Peregrine Falcon rest in place of the Cheetah's paws which can only be found on the hind legs.

    Abilities: Combat Pets can hold 1 Item, 1 Weapon, and 1 Armor. Pet abilities can be passive or active and can either be "Caster" type spells or "Techniques". 1 User Rank Ability (Up to S rank) and 1 User Rank Ability (Up to A rank)

    Breathtaking Pose:

    Sonic Boom Attack:


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    Awel Empty Re: Awel

    Post by Mura Kensho 2nd February 2023, 12:32 pm

    Awel 4z3Ub5Y



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