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    Murderous Miner [Job / Solo]


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    Completed Murderous Miner [Job / Solo]

    Post by Adeptus 28th January 2023, 6:30 am

    Yesterday was a rather eventful day for Adeptus. He got a passport so that he could travel outside of Fiore, round up a couple of pigs and returned them to their farm and then protected a young woman from a bunch of shady men on her walk home. After the authorities had taken the shady characters into custody, the young mage returned to the Fairy Tail guild dorms and got some shut eye. The next morning, the masked man showered, had some breakfast and got changed into a grey singlet, black sweatpants and white sneakers before having a look at the job request board. He over looked the variety of different requests and took three off the board. Two of them took place in Hargeon while another in Era. Setting out, the young mage made his way to Magnolia’s train station and took the next train to Hargeon.  

    Upon arrival, Adeptus immediately made his way to Hargeon’s Guard to discuss with them in more detail about the requests. The one he was focusing on first was about a string of murders that were taking place. They know who it is, a miner, but they don’t have the forces to take him down which surprised the young mage a little. After going over the details, they described the murderer in as much detail as possible and then directed him in where he’d likely find his opponent. The young wizard set out in search of his target but it didn’t take him long to find him. The man stood out, standing over six feet tall, with incredibly large muscles and various butcher tools strapped to his belt. “You’re next.” The miner announced when his eyes locked with Adeptus’ “Doubtful.” The young mage responded softly, pushing from the tips of his toes to propel himself forward.

    On the approach, Adeptus knew he wouldn’t be able to take this guy down with physical strength and knew he’d have to rely on his magic for this one. The miner took hold of the meat cleaver on his belt and wielded it in his right arm. With his left, he took hold of the chain attached to the meat hook and began to twirl it in preparation for attack. Darting right, Adeptus leaped to the wall, planting his feet against it momentarily to push off again, using the momentum to send him rocketing towards the large brute with a clenched right fist. “You’re not taking anymore lives!” The young mage declared, throwing his right fist forward and connecting with the miner’s jaw. It was a strong hit but Adeptus was right, physical combat was not a good match against this large brute. Flipping forward, the masked mage narrowly avoided a swing from the miner’s meat cleaver and as soon as he planted his feet on the ground, Adeptus twisted around and released a black and red fireball from his left hand. “Demon Fireball!” He called out as the dark flaming ball collided with the brute’s chest, forcing him to take a step back due to the blast. It wasn’t quite enough though, so the Fairy Tail mage jumped back to make some difference between then before thrusting his right arm forward, fingertips extended and releasing a red and black bolt of lightning. “Dark Lightning!” The bolt of lightning flash across the scene and connected with the brute’s chest again. The crack of lightning that echoed throughout the area forced the miner to be launched through the nearby wall, instantly knocking him out.  
    With the brute taken down, Adeptus contact the local authorities and awaited the arrival to put the miner into custody. Seeing the scene, many of the guards were quite surprised but pleased that he was taken down so quickly before he would take another life. The guard handed Adeptus a bag of jewels and a job well done.  

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