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    Passport Application [Job / Solo]


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    Completed Passport Application [Job / Solo]

    Post by Adeptus 28th January 2023, 6:17 am

    “You’ve got to be kidding me...” Adeptus says to himself in disappointment as he approaches a ridiculously long line outside of Magnolia’s Passport Office. Now that the young wizard had joined a guild, he figured it would be a good idea to go get himself a passport so that he could travel to various locations and complete job requests. He had heard that with the recent opening of boarders, the line at the passport office was generally quite long so he made a conscious effort in getting up earlier than usual in hopes to bypass the long wait. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to help at all. Adeptus woke up at about 5:30am at the Fairy Tail Guild Dorms, skipping showering and breakfast altogether and immediately headed into town. Now, looking at the line, he could tell it was going to be a long wait and hated to wonder what it would have been like if he had actually come later during the day.

    The masked wizard approached the end of the line and stood there for a moment, observing the various people in front of him and further down the line. From what he could tell there was roughly twenty or so people in front of him, the doors weren’t open yet and from the corner of his eye, there were more and more people coming to line up behind him. While standing there, although they tried to not make it so apparent, various members of the line gave Adeptus a few side glances and unusual looks, obviously a reaction to the mysterious mask he always wore upon his face. “I wonder why he is wearing a mask?” One woman whispered to her husband who were three spaces ahead of him in the line. “I bet he wears a mask because he’s really ugly.” Another woman whispered to her female friend two spaces behind him. The young wizard did not care however, he didn’t really care what other people thought of him and showed no reaction to their comments what so ever. It was at this moment that the doors to the passport office began to open and one by one, the people in the line began to shuffle in.

    As the line progressed further, Adeptus maintained his position in the cue and progressed forward himself. Although it was moving forward at a somewhat steady pace, the young wizard was in the line for almost a full hour before he finally made it inside the office itself. “Next!” A woman from behind the counter called, indicating for Adeptus to step forward. “Hello, I wish to apply for a passport.” He says softly when he reaches the woman’s desk. “Name?” She responds with a somewhat irritated tone, indicating that she obviously didn’t want to work today. “Adeptus.” He responds to her. She proceeded to ask various other questions in line with the passport application and Adeptus responded diligently, making sure to answer everything truthfully as possible. After a few signatures, the young mage was handed a small booklet with a picture of his mask appearance on the first page. He stepped outside of the office and had a second glance at the image, thinking that he probably should have taken his mask off for the photo but because the woman never asked him to, he didn’t. Now that was out of the way, Adeptus began to head back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall so that he could look at the request board in hopes to take on a few requests.

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