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    Passport(Solo/Job) Empty Passport(Solo/Job)

    Post by Mammon 20th January 2017, 1:27 pm

    Mammon made his way all the way to Rose Garden on a Job. It was exciting he packed himself extra clam Chowder just so he can have an amazing taste for food. Mammon was happy to finally do a job just by himself. Himself, myself, and I~ No one to bother him or tell him to not eat chowder on the Job because it got in the way of his performance. last time he was on a Job his bowl of clam Chowder was knocked off his hands. And Well, Mammon went nuts. he destroyed the inorganically objects with his claws. And boy was that honestly fun. But at the same time depressing quite honestly he shouldn't have done it. But then again no one should come in between a Man and his soup. As he arrived at the seen. He noticed a massive line. And Mammon Pouted to himself very slowly.

    Oh boy this meant he was gonna wait forever. There were elderly people moving slowly in line, women and men flirting, parents scalding their children because they were being to long, families and babies in parents hands. All for this big event to get a passport. There were wizards performing in the street fire booming from Fire Wizards, magic tricks, card tricks. Somewhere in this Scenario. Loki would be very proud of some people for conning them. Mammon simply stood there eating his chowder like a mad man. "NOM NOM NOM NOM!" Was all that was uttered from Mammon's mouth as he chowed down the Chowder.

    The line reduced itself overtime and it still was a very long line. He wanted to see if this would be worth it. Was this Job was even worth taken. In exchange he was getting something for free. Which was a passport. So It was nice? Right, free stuff was always nice to experience. He moved down the line and it was finally his moment to shine and obtain the source of his things. And that was the passport. The man begun to speak. Mammon put his hand out silencing him. He chowed down the chowder and finished.

    "That was requisite." Mammon said. The man looked at Mammon slowly. "I apologize. May I get the Passport?" he asked curiously. Though the tone Mammon took was of excitement rather an apologetic tone. The man nodded his head and spoke. "You may just next time. Please don't be so rude next time? Okay? here you go here's your passport. Enjoy." With that being said from the guy. Mammon took the passport placed it in his pocket and simply went off his way towards the Guild of Black Rose. However just before he went home he brought himself a hefy load of Clam Chowder so he can chow down on his way there. Give him something to do in the meantime. So he would be wasting his time doing nothing at all. Once he left the city he headed back to Black Rose Guild to tell his Cousin Izzie of the news of the glorious passport that he got.

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