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    Getting a Passport (Job, Solo)


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    Private Getting a Passport (Job, Solo)

    Post by Seenter 30th January 2017, 6:39 pm

    Chris walked into Rose Garden with a slight spring in his step. The opening of borders with other countries was enough to make anyone excited, and looking around he could believe it. Families ran all over the place trying to get into one of the lines leading to the booths that were handing out passports. He didn’t know why they were there, probably so they had a vacation spot all picked out, but he was here for job purposes.

    Looking around he tried to find if there was a booth for mages specifically. Usually when it came to events like this they set a booth off to the side specifically for those in mages guilds. Those not in a guild usually have to go in the normal lines, which was one of the benefits of being in a guild. Special considerations.

    A frown came to his lips as he scanned the area. There wasn’t a booth specifically for mages. His eyes focused on a few lines nearby. On a few people he noticed guild marks mixed with families and others standing in line. His heart sunk when he realized that there was no fast way to get approved. Maybe they just have too many applicants to set one off to the side.

    With a sigh on his lips he picked a line at random and stepped into it. And immediately regretted it. While the couple in front of him were making out as if newly lovers, the family that appeared behind him had two screaming brats. One was a baby, so that one he gave allowances for. But their daughter looked almost 10, and she was screaming almost a loudly as the infant. Not out of pain or hunger, as normal babies do, but because she was bored. And then she was excited, and back to bored. And how someone in another line was ugly, and how she was bored a third time.

    She kept it up as a constant tirade, and the parents didn’t seem to notice. In fact they seemed to block out her complaints while they fussed with their baby. However that only made the girl complain louder. The couple in front were taking notice, shooting glares at Chris as if he was part of the group. He merely raised his hands and shook his head in what he hoped was a sign of ‘absolutely not mine’. They didn’t seem convinced, but they stopped their excessive public affection.

    It felt like days before the couple in front reached the table, but in reality he couldn’t have been in the line for more than an hour. The entire time he was tempted to summon the blade from the ring on his finger and threaten the little girl with it, but discarded the thought quickly. That would have banned him from getting the passport for sure.

    After a few more minutes and some paperwork the couple moved on with a smile on their faces, probably to find a secluded place to pick up where they left off. Chris reached the front of the line letting out a sigh of relief. The young woman behind the counter glanced at Chris’s arm and gave him a quizzical look. ”You do know there’s a line for mages right?” He followed the path of her finger and saw a much smaller line in front of a booth at the northeast corner of the plaza.

    A small groan escaped Chris’s lips, and the woman sympathized. ”Well I can help you here too.” With a thankful smile he filled out the paperwork and handed it back. The woman gave him a card, and he hurried out of there. He could still hear the screaming girl as he ran from the plaza.

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