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    To Get a Passport | Job | Solo


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    To Get a Passport | Job | Solo Empty To Get a Passport | Job | Solo

    Post by Iesha 20th December 2015, 4:21 am

    Job Description:

    It's like I'm screaming ,
    and no one can hear.

    The cringe worthy sounds of the bustling individuals echoed through the air as numerous footsteps and loud voices of parents either yelling at their child or searching for them, entered the ears of the towering blonde figure who was clearly not impressed with the scene before him; rather, he seemed quite ticked off. His glaring red eyes twitched at the sight and sound of crying young children, noisy adults yelling at one another while standing in what was to be a 'queue'. To the wizard, it simply seemed like a bunch of uncivilized mortals desperate to gt away from this place.

    He let a sigh escape his thin light pink lips as he strode forward along the sides, avoiding any and every contact with these beings. His towering frame earned him ogling stares from young girls a few years apart from his own age. "What was the magic council thinking sending us wizards between these wild humans just to obtain a passport?" He muttered to himself. With his hands dug into the pocket of his blue jeans, he continued walking until a figure stopped before him. Her height was short compared to his and her revealing clothes did not at all impress him.

    She stood there with a smile; one the man had seen too many times to count. It was then that the small light bulb inside his head lit up. A smirk crawled onto his face as he proceeded to shamelessly make an informal conversation with her, which she, just as comfortably, joined. After an exchange of few sentences, he looked at her, "Oh, I completely forgot. I have to get myself a passport." He let out a dramatic sigh as the red headed female watched him. "I have to get through all these people. It's gonna be a pain." His naturally good acting, as he had planned, earned him some sympathy from the female, "Oh, don't worry, I can get it for you if you like."

    Mentally smirking, her put up a facade of surprise, "You don't have to." She remained persistent and he finally let her. He bent down to her height and caressed her cheek, "Leo Allderedge", he whispered, earning a baffled look from her, "-My name." He completed to rid her of confusion. She made a knowing face before flashing a smile and walking away towards the crowd.

    He stood from afar and observed her as she flirted with the man who was giving out passports and managed to lure him with her charms and make him give her a passport with Leo's name printed on it. She returned to him as he smiled at her, "You're so kind." He spoke as he took the passport from her hand, "But I'm afraid I'll have to leave now. I hope to see you around." Not. With that, he walked away. After a few steps, he could hear her calling out his name, probably to get his number or some way to contact him, but he ignored it, He left her in the crowd and slipped on some headphones to drown her high pitched voice in music.
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