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    Technical Take-Over Magic


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    Technical Take-Over Magic Empty Technical Take-Over Magic

    Post by Imai-chi 17th January 2023, 12:32 pm

    Technical Take-Over Magic Ts5BkA2
    Magic Name: Technical Take-Over Magic
    Magic Type:
    Solitary Take-Over (+30% to HP and MP)

    Proof of Possession: x1 Magic Slot Used
    Description: Take-Over Magic mainly revolves around transforming parts or the entirety of one’s body into that of another entity in order to gain an edge in combat or labor. The numerous possibilities for templates to fashion one’s Take-Over Magic are countless, so it was only a matter of time before more ‘inorganic’ entities could be embodied through human flesh.

    Imai’s Take-Over Magic lets him transform himself into machinery. All the components needed – metals, electric currents, fuel, glass, steam, plasma et cetera – can be manifested only through modelling parts or his entire body into that of a ‘machine’ or mechanical construct. However, it’s not nearly as limiting as one may think – with enough creativity, he can transform limbs into chainsaws, wheels, propellers or plasma cannons. He can shoot out bolts of lightning from a railgun arm, propel himself up in the air with rocket legs, grow the wings of a jet on his back, or manifest an entire vehicle around his own body. The technological level of such transformations appear to correlate with his own mechanical experience.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Turbine: It feels as if, when casting this Take-Over Magic, Imai's belly becomes a spinning wheel. Spell Range is increased by +120%.

    • Generator: A generator-like heart isn't too shabby, but it grants his spells some extra horsepower. Spell Damage is increased by +120%.

    • Cellular Machinery: His cells are independent units working as a complete machinery. If a cell falls, the others will fill its stead quickly. HP and MP regenerate passively by +5% each.

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

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