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    To Earthland and Beyond

    Kaito Shiratori
    Kaito Shiratori

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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Kaito Shiratori 23rd December 2022, 11:23 am

    Job Info:

    If Kaito was going to travel for conservation work, he needed a passport. Sure, he could travel within Fiore without one, but what of creatures in other countries? They would need help too, he was sure. There were always people greedy enough to exploit animals, magical or otherwise. And thus, he had planned to get his passport, right here in the capital. However, he had encountered a problem from the moment he arrived at the building that issued passports… a massive line, stretching across the entire registry. This was going to take absolute ages, and he had no patience to simply sit and wait this out. Shamelessly, the man skipped several places in the line when people had their backs turned, the expression on his face practically daring anybody who might have seen to call him out. He didn’t care why all these other people were here, or why they needed passports. All he really cared about was getting his so he could leave. There was still work to be done, after all.

    One man looked as though he might say something, but the horrific glare the sent at the man was enough to have him flinching away, like Kaito might attack at any moment. Had the man said anything, he might’ve, if only with words. Either way, that didn’t matter, because he was one of the next few in the line. Nobody else had noticed his blatant skipping, so he was in the clear to continue.

    Even being as close to the front as he was, it still took an agonizingly long time for the people ahead of him to register for their passports. Only three people, but it seemed to take nearly an hour! Just how much work was it to register a single passport? Either the employees were incompetent, or whoever came up with the passport system wanted to frustrate everyone who registered for one to death. There was no way that there was actually this much work needed for a single passport, right?

    Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the case. As the last person in front of him claimed their shiny new passport, Kaito stepped up to the desk with very little patience remaining. Identification was asked for first, along with his guild, proof of being in that guild, and a dozen other things that didn’t make sense or really shouldn’t have been relevant. He wanted a passport, not an autobiography! At least the pictures in the passport made sense. He had to take several for the person at the desk to finally be satisfied, for some reason. He didn’t say anything of it, determined to leave this place.

    And finally, after all that waiting, he held a new passport in his hands. So much waiting and information given for a simple booklet? If he didn’t need the thing, he might’ve torn it to shreds. Making his exit as speedily as he could, the mage tucked the new passport into one of the inner pockets of his coat. It wouldn’t do to damage the stupid thing now.

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