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    Earthland and Beyond! [JOB]


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    Earthland and Beyond! [JOB] Empty Earthland and Beyond! [JOB]

    Post by Samsara 6th December 2022, 9:51 am

    Anyone who knows anything about Sam would know that she’s definitely not your “waiting in line patiently” kind of gal. What kind of gal is she exactly? That’s still up in the air, but this one was squarely in the no column.

    Being a person who wants to go anywhere at any time without having to deal with any extra hassle, it makes sense that Deva would want to acquire herself a passport. Not only that, but if she wanted to go back to her homeland she would need one still. Weird how that works, but whatever.  However, that all changed when Deva arrived at the government building. The line was long. It went from the desk to...around the block. Oh boy.

    Sam had an internal scream of frustration at the world. The observant few in line could see the struggles on her face, earning the mage a few sideways glances from them. Part of her wanted to just say fuck it and waltz right to the front of the line, grab her passport, then peace out. However, not only was this the wrong thing to do, that would most likely spawn a fight from the more irritated fellows in line, most likely the ones in the middle. It was going to be an unnecessary hassle at best and she didn’t want to burden herself with anything more to deal with. But also, she was a mage. Who was going to realistically stop her?

    Her moral compass, that’s who. Which is why Sam could not be found at the back of the line around the bend of the corner. From the start, she already hated it. In front of her were a mother and her small child, while behind her was a large man who seemed like he played games for a living as he smelt awful. Like he has refused to shower since he was born and decided to play around in sewage prior to getting in line. It took everything she had to not throw up on the spot.

    “Willpower Sam…it's all about willpower. Only the weak quit and give-'' She reached peak vomit but was barely able to keep it in. In hopes of making the situation bearable, the collar of her shirt found its way to the ridge of her nose. Its results were mixed. The putrid smell was still invading her nose, but at least so was the perfume she put on. It was like a mix of vanilla and feces, better than smelling just feces but not better than just vanilla.

    4 Hours Later

    Finally, FINALLY, she has made it into the building. Through four hours of horrendous torment of her ears and nostrils, through the combined torture of a baby crying nonstop and a man who has never heard of the words personal hygiene, Deva has almost made it to her final destination. Honestly, around hour two she was starting to succumb to her desires and was itching to just book it. But alas, she waited like everybody else and was greeted with a nice receptionist at the desk.

    “How can I help ya hun?” The woman didn't even look up to meet Deva's eyes, rather they were too engrossed in a pile of papers on their desk. Shame too, really, because if they did look at her they would notice the clear tattoo on her tongue. Perhaps it was for the best, though, as Deva didn't want to go through the trouble of explaining and lying at the moment.

    “I’m here for a passport.” The receptionist nodded and reached underneath a table before sliding a passport across the table. To Deva, it just looked like a small notebook and she couldn’t really tell why she needed something like this, but she accepted with a shrug and left the building hoping to never return.


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