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    To Earthland and Beyond!

    Takumi Yoshino
    Takumi Yoshino

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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Takumi Yoshino 16th November 2019, 12:43 pm

    People. Everywhere he looked there were excited people going crazy over these passports, pushing and shoving in line, everybody trying their best to get their passports registered first. It was chaotic, but certainly not the type of chaos he liked. But, it was a passport he was here for. The ability to travel would be extremely useful later, even if he fully intended to stay in Fiore for now. It would certainly offer him a means of taking on new jobs and earning enough jewels for his ideal home. And beyond that... a vacation every once and a while didn’t sound too bad, did it? Even if he’d have to deal with a few people along the way it did sound nice... which was why he was here.

    Jay wasn’t in the mood to wait for hours, so he pushed and shoved his way into a spot near the middle of the line. One woman opened her mouth to protest, but letting his eyes flash red was enough to convince her that maybe arguing wasn’t something that would end well for her. Quite proud of himself, the man smugly continued his journey to the front of the line by casually shoving everybody out of the way. Look lady, he didn’t care that you had three kids. He wanted that damn passport, and he was going to get it. He felt a bit of guilt pushing a few of the more elderly line goers out of the way, but he reassured himself it would all be worth it in the end. Just had to make it to the front and get his passport so he could get out of this crowd... he was starting to feel a little nervous.

    Eventually, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel when there were only about 20 people left in front of him. He was more subtle about moving forwards now, knowing there was a good chance he’d be sent to the back of the line if he was caught cutting the line. Just a few people left in front of him... and then he was finally there, flashing a charming grin that spoke nothing of just how uncomfortable all these people made him, or just how many people he’d shoved aside to get his passport. There was some back-and-forth as his information was filled out onto the passport, with him giving polite but clipped responses, as if he was holding himself back. (Which He was, really.) But finally, with his picture on the passport and all his info filled out, he’d obtained the thing he came here for. Finally! Shoving his way out of the crowds, and out of the docks area, he held it up victoriously before slipping in into a pocket. Now that he had his passport he could travel whenever he wanted/needed to!

    Glad to be rid of the crowd, the young male walked as far away from the docks as he could with the newly-obtained passport. It was worth the effort, even with all those damnable people.


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