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    Gesshoku Empty Gesshoku

    Post by Mura Kensho 25th April 2022, 7:45 am

    Gesshoku [Blood Moon; literally Lunar Eclipse]

    Artifact (+)


    Proof of Acquisition:
    Oddities Shop Purchase (by Nero)

    The story goes that, long ago, a samurai lost everything and everyone he loved in a brutal battle, which twisted him into a state of deranged insanity in which he killed everything he met on the battlefield with no care who or what he was killing. It is said that he stood at last alone on the bloody field, responsible for over half of the number of corpses that lay around him. Finally, he turned the weapon on himself, cursing it with his blood, as well as the blood of every life it had taken. Somehow, this cursed sword has survived through the ages, and has shown up in the present day. Gesshoku is a beautiful sword of Midian design, a true samurai katana if ever there was one. Its handle is black, with red silk wrapping, and its guard is an elegant gold. The weapon's sheath is bare and of the same black wood that makes up the handle, with a few gold highlights, and a blood-red sash which may be used to fasten the sheath to one's belt, in the traditional Midijin fashion.

    The most noteworthy thing about Gesshoku is that its blade, unlike a normal katana, is made of a strange, glinting red metal, but many do not know this, as the blade is not often seen, because it cannot be unsheathed unless a certain condition is met, which will be explained under its abilities. There is a rather ominous aura about this weapon, and people with lesser will have been known to be unable to pick it up, much less use it. Note that Gesshoku can never be unsheathed without a sacrifice of its wielder's blood, and may thus only be used as a bludgeoning weapon; before the sacrifice, despite its rank, its additional melee damage is only 8 HP, half of what it should normally be.

    Gesshoku HVDpHCT


    Name: Sakki [Killer Intent]
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to A+)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The dark energies infused within this cursed sword give its wielder an unholy desire to shed blood viciously. This results in a user rank advanced passive buff to Strength.

    Name: Nadegiri [Clean Sweep Cut]
    Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
    SP Cost: User Rank
    HP Cost: Variable
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst
    Damage: Variable
    Range: User Rank Technique Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Technique Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank
    Description: The wielder of Gesshoku unleashes its true potential to take lives by offering some of their blood to the cursed sword. When this happens, they are allowed to draw the blade and perform a single slash in one direction. A spectral slash of the blade will travel as far as the technique's range, cutting everything in its path like an actual sword. What is most fearsome about this technique is that the amount of blood sacrificed to the sword will determine how much damage will be done with Nadegiri; Nadegiri is, despite its additional SP cost, a weapon attack, except that the additional weapon damage of Gesshoku when using Nadegiri is equal to half the amount of HP sacrificed for the first blow, up to a maximum of 500 HP. Also, for the duration of the spell, Gesshoku will deal additional weapon damage of 20 HP, replacing the expected maximum of 16 HP damage for Artifact (+) weapons. The HP sacrificed to perform Nadegiri cannot be restored in anyway for the duration of the thread. Also, since the attack counts as a weapon attack rather than a spell, increases to Strength will affect its damage favorably. Nadegiri can be used as often as its wielder wants, but only fools or those desirous for death will use it so.



    Gesshoku Empty Re: Gesshoku

    Post by Guest 25th April 2022, 8:30 am


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