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    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    Darkling Empty Darkling

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 25th April 2022, 1:46 am

    Name: Darkling
    Grade: Weak
    Type: Non-Combat Pet
    Proof of Acquisition: November Items of the Month: Request (Page 1, Post Number 17), Approval (Page 1, Post Number 18)
    Darkings are tiny sentient creatures of pure darkness. Their bodies are a near jelly-like consistency, able to twist and flatten and shift themselves into nearly any shape, though their natural state consists of a large, bulbous head that tapers off into a thin tail. In general, they are very curious and friendly creatures, but each Darking has their own distinctive personality as much as any human being. While Darkings all look exactly the same as other Darkings, they took it upon themselves to find some small way to help people tell them apart by things as simple as, for example, wearing a leaf for a hat, ensuring that each one truly displays a unique sense of individuality. Generally, they communicate with non-Darkings via silent body language, but it is not unheard of for some of them to learn how to speak out loud, if in simple words and small, broken sentences.

    That being said, all Darkings are connected to one another through their bond in the dark magic that created them. Centuries ago, Emperor Marcellus Cyprias commissioned the creation of darkings from one of his most powerful mages, for the intention of using them to spy on the enemy nations that he was plotting war against. The small creatures made easy spies as they effortlessly blended into the shadows and made virtually no noise as they moved, and through them Marcellus was able to observe his enemies for quite some time in order to stay ahead of them.

    However, Marcellus was not kind to the Darkings, who were gentle in nature despite being creatures of pure darkness, and eventually they rebelled against him and aided the other nations instead, causing the Emperor to lose his campaign of conquest. Since the Darkings share a hive mind, despite their individual personalities, it was quite easy for them to instantly communicate with one another and come to a unanimous decision to free themselves of tyranny practically overnight. Now, they simply like to wander the world and take in its wonders, often pairing up with people that they feel a special connection to along the way.

    Darkling Ct3raTG


    Name: Darkness Mirror
    Description: All Darkings are able to communicate with other Darkings telepathically, no matter how far apart they are from one another. Not only that, but through their magical connection with each other, they are able to use their bodies to allow people to communicate through them, sometimes directly. They can do this by shifting their somewhat amorphous bodies into plate-like mirrors of darkness that reflect the surroundings of other Darkings they are actively connected to, allowing the user to see and hear the world from the perspective of the Darking on the other side of the connection, and even communicate easily with any other person that also is in possession of a Darking companion.



    Darkling Empty Re: Darkling

    Post by Guest 25th April 2022, 3:34 am


    Darkling QlhAT3Z

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