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    Crescent Moon

    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    Crescent Moon Empty Crescent Moon

    Post by Diana Winchester 25th April 2022, 12:30 am

    Name: Crescent Moon
       Grade: Legendary (+)
       Type: Combat Pet
       Proof of Acquisition: Request: Page 18, Post Number 439, Approval: Page 18, Post Number 440
       Description: A small and sentient crescent moon with red eyes, Crescent Moon has no idea of its past life or its previous name, so "Crescent Moon" is what Diana calls it for the sake of giving it a name. Crescent Moon came into Diana's possession after a chance encounter in Silent Cemetery where she rescued it from zombies who had trapped it on top of a mausoleum. It chose to travel with Diana and now aids her both in and out of combat. It gets around by levitation and can go virtually anywhere a human can with little difficulty.

    Crescent Moon speaks in the manner of a stereotypical butler or university professor and is willing to chat amiably with virtually anyone. It is mostly calm... except when it spots zombies or zombies are discussed within earshot of it. It absolutely detests zombies and will make its dislike of them known in no uncertain terms. It also makes dry observations and sarcastic remarks from time to time.

    Crescent Moon:



       Name: Blood Moon
       Rank: A
       MP Cost: 50 MP
       Category: Offensive
       Type: Multiple Target
       Damage: 75 HP
       Range: 225 Meters
       Speed: 165 Meters per Second
       Duration: 7 Posts
       Downside: N/A
       Description: When this Ability is used Crescent Moon's entire body starts to turn red and its eyes glow white. When the Ability is ready its entire body glows red for several moments before it fires a burst of blood red beams that home in on its targets. The beams can home in on targets within their range... if they travel any further they disappear on the spot without doing damage. If the target(s) are hit they take 75 HP in damage on the first post and suffer a 5% Drain to HP for the next six posts afterwards.

    Blood Moon can fire upon up to seven targets in a single casting.

       Name: Blue Moon
       Rank: B+
       MP Cost: 60 MP
       Category: Supportive
       Type: Single Target
       Healing: 180 HP
       Range: 150 Meters
       Speed: 150 Meters per Second
       Duration: 1 Post
       Downside: Range and Speed are halved in exchange for 50% more Healing.
       Description: When this Ability is used Crescent Moon's entire body starts to turn blue and its eyes glow silver. When the Ability is ready it glows blue for several moments before firing a blue beam of magic at its target. If Blue Moon hits the target it is instantly healed for 180 HP.

    Diana can use this Ability to either heal herself or an ally. Blue Moon may be used to heal only one person once per post.



    Crescent Moon Empty Re: Crescent Moon

    Post by Guest 25th April 2022, 3:32 am


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