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    Sharir Tayaran

    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    Sharir Tayaran Empty Sharir Tayaran

    Post by Diana Winchester 24th April 2022, 8:05 pm

       Sharir Tayaran

       Ethereal (+)

       Combat Pet

       Proof of Acquisition:
       [Insert link to purchase post] Request: Page 2, Post Number 37, Approval: Page 3, Post Number 62
       Sharir Tayaran, "dark wing", is a mythical creature from the sands of Desierto. Essentially, this creature is a black and blue phoenix. The people of Desierto consider the sight of this creature as a bad omen as, within days of a sighting, sometimes within mere hours, someone in the village or city dies, if not more than one individual. They die in a variety of ways: Disease, poison, fire, violence, suicide, or old age. It is therefore considered bad luck for not only the person who sees the creature but also for the community as a whole. Various attempts to stop the impending dread have been futile, as are the charms and spells to prevent the Sharir Tayaran from visiting the settlements.

       In truth, this rare creature does not cause bad luck nor the deaths. It happens to herald the deaths to come simply because they are used as a pawn in a game of shadows. Sharir Tayaran’s are sought after by assassin sects from the desert sands, for a bond with these creatures allows them to look through the eyes of the phoenix. A valuable skill that allows an assassin to plot the death of their target without being caught. The Sharir Tayaran can also change their size between that of a hawk and that of a full-sized phoenix. In its full size, it can be ridden. They also have magical abilities.

       Sharir Tayaran 0N9w66L


    Plot Ability:

       Name: Shadow Strike
       Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to A+)
       Category: Offensive
       Type: AoE - Debuff, Immobilization, HP Regen, MP Regen
       Damage: User Rank Advanced AoE Damage
       Range: User Rank Advanced AoE Range
       Speed: User Rank Advanced AoE Speed
       Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
       Description: The Sharir Tayaran spreads its wings and from it spawn thousands of phantom blades of shadow in the form of feathers. They bombard the area around the creature within the ability's range, dealing user-rank advanced AoE damage to all caught in the attack. Each post of the ability's duration another bombard occurs. During the attack, the AoE will be covered in a thick shadow and those afflicted will be unable to move for one post for the initial post. Targets can be immobilized once every other post max if struck again. The Sharir Tayaran and the user are not affected by the shadow, instead, they gain a 5% regeneration to their max MP and HP every post for the ability's duration while targets afflicted by this ability suffer from a user rank advanced active debuff to their Movement Speed.

       Name: Azure Breath
       Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
       Category: Offensive
       Type: Burst - MP Drain, HP Drain
       Damage: User Rank Burst Damage
       Range: User Rank Burst Range
       Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
       Duration: User Rank Max
       Description: Once per post for the ability's duration, the Sharir Tayaran can breathe fire, it’s azure coloured flames burn everything that stands in its way in an expanding cone up to the range of the ability. The flames deal user-rank Burst damage. Those hit by its flames are also inflicted with, besides the damage, a drain that destroys 5% of a target's max HP and MP once per post for the duration of the ability.


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    Sharir Tayaran Empty Re: Sharir Tayaran

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 24th April 2022, 11:21 pm

    Sharir Tayaran HNhUsGf



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