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    Dwarf Basher


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    Dwarf Basher Empty Dwarf Basher

    Post by Fraag 25th March 2022, 3:14 pm

    Dwarf Basher

    Artifact (+) Weapon


    Proof of purchase:

    Was this made by dwarves to bash things? Was it made to bash dwarves? No one knows, but the craftsmanship is exquisite even if it is a little brutish to wield. The wood used is unlike any common tree. It has no rings, but instead has a subtle vine and leaf pattern and its thin grain is capable of being polished marble-smooth without the use of lacquer. The blade is carved out of some sort of mineral that is dark blue in color and harder than diamonds. Despite that, it is carved and sharpened smoothly with minimal chipping.

    Dwarf Basher MIqOB4k

    Plot Ability:


    Name: Blacksmith Brawn
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to A+)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: It takes a lot of strength to lift and swing Dwarf Basher, but there is something more than that to account for the user’s increase in strength. It’s as if the rough hands of thousands of blacksmiths channel all their strength and experience into the user, bestowing a user ranked advanced passive buff to spell damage up to A+ Rank.

    Name: Misty Mountains Cold
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to S+)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst, Buff, Immobilization, Teleport
    Damage: User Rank Advanced Burst Damage
    Range: User Rank Advanced Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Advanced Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Description: Wherever the mineral of the blade is from must be as cold as a frozen tundra. It has a natural affinity for cold and wind and is always cold as ice to the touch, but this is capable of dropping further. When slashing motions are made, gale force winds filled with sharp, icy shards whip out at enemies in a wide wave once per post for the ability's duration. A freezing mist blows from the blade as it is swung, lingering around the user, increasing their spell damage by a user ranked advanced active buff (Up to S+ Rank). The mist settles on the user’s body like a shimmering film, allowing them to disappear into the mist and instantly reappear somewhere within the ability's burst range once per post. Due to the absolutely frigid temperatures of this attack, those hit by this attack will find themselves flash-frozen solid for one post, though only once every other post max and they must be hit again to become frozen again.



    Dwarf Basher Empty Re: Dwarf Basher

    Post by Guest 26th March 2022, 4:32 am


    Dwarf Basher QlhAT3Z

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