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    Aurora's Shroud

    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    Aurora's Shroud Empty Aurora's Shroud

    Post by Diana Winchester 23rd February 2022, 2:17 am

       Aurora's Shroud

       Artifact (+)


       Proof of Acquisition:
       Curious Oddities (Request: Page 8, Post Number 199), Approval (Page 8, Post Number 200)

       Aurora's Shroud is as much a mystery as it is a legend among many of the finest weavers on Earthland, who tell of the garment in awe despite its origins being more of a tall tale. Stories tell of Aurora, a princess from a land long since perished, who called upon all the best weavers within the realm to craft her a stole worthy of her beauty. Many weavers showed their creations to the princess, each crafted more beautifully than the next, until one day, a craftswoman from Iceberg arrived with a cloth so thin and intricate that it was almost see-through but stronger than steel. The woman claimed to have sewn the stole from the very never melting ice resting upon Iceberg's mountains, with such craftiness that it could withstand any heat and cold, to keep the princess protected at all times. Aurora was so smitten with the stole that she thanked the woman for her work with a dozen times the promised reward; the weaver denied her reward, and instead blessed the princess and her stole, granting her boons as long as she truly loved her creation. The story goes that Aurora donned the stole at every given occasion, never taking the garment off again. Even upon her deathbed, she would still wear the stole, only for it to disappear without a trace the very moment of her passing, which granted the stole its rather unusual name as Aurora's Shroud. Although its true appearance has been lost to the words of myth, many believe that one day the stole will appear again before a person whose adoration equals that of the princess, so it may adorn its blessings once more.

       Aurora's Shroud BRowir8


       Name: Blessing of the Ice Weaver
       Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
       Category: Auxiliary
       Type: Passive
       Description: The bearer feels the history of the shroud course through their veins, and with it, the power of every bearer before them, as if it had always been their own. As such the bearer receives a passive fixed 50% increase in MP or SP, as well as a passive user rank increase in Spell Durability, even when this shroud isn't actively being worn.

       Name: Borealis Vigilis
       Rank: User Rank (Up to A+)
       Category: Defensive
       Type: Burst - Buff, Mobility
       Durability: User Rank Advanced Burst Durability
       Range: User Rank Advanced Burst Range - 50%
       Speed: User Rank Advanced Burst Speed + 50%
       Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
       Downside: Exchanges 50% range for 50% additional speed
       Description: The shroud changes its appearance upon activating this ability, cladding its wielder in the royal garments of old. Despite the lightness of the clothes, they prove excessively sturdy, protecting the user from the cold, and granting them a user rank advanced active buff to Spell Speed as well as a protective layer of shielding. Once per turn, the user can utilize this armor's power to move to any given point within the ability's range at the ability's speed in a flurry of ice and snow.



    Aurora's Shroud Empty Re: Aurora's Shroud

    Post by Guest 23rd February 2022, 4:10 am


    Aurora's Shroud QlhAT3Z

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