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    Passports [Job]


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    Passports [Job] Empty Passports [Job]

    Post by Fin 27th December 2021, 11:16 pm

    A jet black vehicle rolled to a stop, its windows were tinted black like the exterior of the the car. On the license plate there was single letter V. In side the care a woman with crimson red hair tied into a braid looked out the tinted window of the car. Her golden iris' scanned the area, watching the people pass by intently. The sound of a light clattering of ice in a cup was audible in the back of the car as she absentmindedly swished the liquor in her half empty cup.

    "Lady Vanhellsing we arrived." Reported the driver. The woman, was none other than Natalia Vanhellsing, the official head of the Vanhellsing clan. The Vanhellsing countess shifted her gaze down to her cup before lifting it to her lips and drinking the remaining contents in the glass cup. Natalia's chauffeur along with her butler waited patiently for her to finish her beverage. She eventually set the cup down in an empty cup holder. "Thank you Charon..." Natalia smiled at her chauffeur, her employee nodded and gave his master an equally happy smile. Her butler, V got out of the car and opened the door for his mistress. Natalia happily obliged and stepped out of the car as V held the door open for her.

    Natalia wore her normal attire, a black long coat. White dress shirt with matching black, tie, slacks, socks and shoes. While her butler on the other hadn't wore a crimson red trench coat over his black suit. He wore a matching blood red hat with matching red tinted circular sunglasses. His white gloves had notable magical circles written in some unknown language. This butler that stood at least 6 feet tall was none other than Natalia's trusted companion V.

    "I have the documents ready Lady Vanhellsing." V reported in a chipper and excited manner. Natalia simply began walking ahead without turning to her butler. She spoke as her eyes remained forward in the same direction of her steps. "Wonderful... thank you V" Natalia replied. V matched the pace of his master. Natalia walked in a deliberate and slow manner, it wasn't slow in a sense she was being lazy. But it was the stride of a person in power, like a lioness walking amongst a herd of herbivores by thew watering hole.

    "Are you sure you don't want to apply using an alias of sorts?" V inquired curiously as he walked beside his master. Once again Natalia kept her gaze at her surroundings. She let the question linger for a few seconds before answering at her own leisure.

    "It's fine... let them know we are alive... I want them to know they failed... that we are not afraid..." Natalia's manner of speaking did not match the gravity of her words, the sentences left her mouth in a nonchalant manner. Her cadence that of a devil may care attitude. V simple chuckled at the sheer tenacity and gall of his master.

    "Very well master..." V chuckled as they entered a building. In a matter of minutes the two eventually received updated versions of their passports.

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