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    LR-1014 "Larry"

    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    LR-1014 "Larry" Empty LR-1014 "Larry"

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 20th December 2021, 11:23 pm

    Name: LR-1014 (AKA "Larry")
       Grade: Legendary (+)
       Type: Combat Pet
       Proof of Acquisition: The Pet Shop: Page 17, Post Number 418 (Request), Page 17, Post Number 419 (Approval)
       Description: A small but powerful robot created by Dr. Loretta Reid of Motor City, LR-1014 is also known as "Larry." Larry is derived from a robot design cast aside by Dr. Reid's mentor Dr. DuGalle and discovered by Dr. Reid and Victoria in a Motor City junkyard. While Larry lacks the raw power of the full-sized model, it retains the same features as the original, albeit scaled down to account for its smaller power generator and other compromises necessary to make Larry work.

    Built as a frontline combat robot, Larry possesses both an anti-vehicle beam cannon to fight vehicles and armored opponents and a shield defense system to protect itself from enemy attacks. Its anti-vehicle beam cannon allows it to take on almost any enemy it faces and its shield defense system allows it to weather return fire until the right time to retaliate. Providing a good balance of offense and defense, Larry is proof that big surprises come in small packages.



       Name: Anti-Armor Beam
       Rank: A
       MP Cost: 50 MP
       Category: Offensive
       Type: Single Target
       Damage: 150 HP
       Range: 150 Meters
       Speed: 150 Meters per Second
       Duration: 1 Post
       Downside: Range and Speed are halved in exchange for 50% more damage.
       Description: When preparing to fire, Larry's camera eye focuses on the target and glows red. Larry then raises and fires the beam cannon in its right hand, firing a blast of concentrated energy at the target. The beam has a range of up to 150 Meters and moves at a speed of 150 Meters per second. If the Anti-Armor Beam hits an armored target, the target takes 75 HP in damage. If the Anti-Armor Beam hits an unarmored target, the target takes 150 HP in damage.

    Anti-Armor Beam can punch through armor and magical shields, but it gives up half of its damage potential to do so.

       Name: Shield Defense System
       Rank: B+
       MP Cost: 60 HP
       Category: Defensive
       Type: Single Target
       Durability: 120 HP
       Range: Melee
       Speed: Melee
       Duration: 1 Post
       Downside: Durability is reduced to 1x Ranked Damage in exchange for the Anti-Piercing Effect.
       Description: When the Shield Defense System is deployed, three discs deploy in a triangular formation and project a strong energy field between them that protects Larry from attacks. The Shield Defense System can absorb 1 ranked spell before the discs expend their energy and have to return to Larry's shoulder for a quick recharge.



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    Post by Guest 21st December 2021, 6:46 am


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