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    Note: Credit for the special bbcode included within this posting template goes to the user named Janneline Ariel.

    Job Link: Wedding Officiate (D-RANK NEUTRAL)

    Job Signup Approval Link:Wedding Officiate Job Signup Approval

    It had been some time since Arthur’s latest adventure, the one wherein he had been requested to take down a rather bloodthirsty miner who had been terrorizing the lower docks area of Hargeon Town and upon getting into this battle with whom, Arthur had been thoroughly surprised at the resourcefulness and the sheer brute strength possessed by said enemy. Fortunately for Arthur, however, this miner had apparently not prepared for encountering a psychic techniques user like Arthur, and that was what ultimately proved to be the miner’s downfall and subsequent demise as well. Since then, he had gotten back to the daily grind of his everyday life part of which involved his ongoing psychic detective mage work, assisting his ultrawealthy and highly influential family and clan in the running of the multinational business conglomerate that they owned and ran due to his position as the sole heir to his family and clan as well as the next in line CEO of the associated multinational business conglomerate, as well as various other such tasks and obligations.

    The other part involved furthering his prowess as a mage slowly but surely and he had been making great strides in this regard as of late. In this manner, time had marched on for him until the present day, wherein once again, he was relaxing in his exquisitely designed personal manor located in the heart of Crocus, the capital city of Fiore, which happened to be his current main base of operations. Naturally, as was his routine and that of his diverse group of 6 personal monstergirl maids whenever he was at home alone and relaxing, they were keeping him company and had arranged themselves at various points around him. For instance, 2 were seated on the armrests of the large, rather comfy, and ornately designed couch while 4 were sitting on the ground at his feet, and the remaining 2 were resting their heads on his lap currently.

    Just then, his leisure time with his beloved maids was interrupted by the distinctive notification tone from his new iLac that he had set for any incoming job request notification and more recently, also for any other equally important notifications, that tone being the “Voices of War”, which was the exclusive and special DLC soundtrack given only to frequent players of one of his now most favorite iLac mobile game apps, namely “Oda Nobuna’s Ambition”.

    Curses…foiled yet again…what is it this time? Someone needs a wedding officiate and so the local clerk’s office is looking for people to acquire the license to ease the burden on the priests? What sort of farcical nonsense is this? Oh well, at least the pay is good despite the trivial nature of this job…

    As he mused thus silently, his face contorted into that of a person resigned to endure pure tedium. This made his hollow coal-black eyes with the dark circles beneath them look far less alive than they did normally. Upon noticing that, “Jeanne”, the head of his personal care maid squad and one of the two maids who was currently resting her head on his lap currently, spoke up with concern evident in her voice from her position on his lap

    Master Edogawa? Is something the matter, sir? You look exasperated…

    Arthur’s reverie was thus interrupted by said maid and so, he broke his silence and then turned his attention to her, answering her

    Indeed, I have just gotten a notice alerting me that there is a shortage of wedding officiates…and so a request has been sent out to the mages to take up this cause…how troublesome this is...

    To that, “Jeanne” and the other maids looked at him bemusedly and replied, again in perfect chorus as always

    Poor Master Edogawa…you never seem to be able to rest on your laurels, eh? Very well then, we shall do the needful here in your absence, so please go forth and remedy this shortage as you have been requested to do in that notice.

    With that, they fell silent and then Arthur nodded after which he gently disengaged himself from them and after instructing them to raise the manor’s security level to “Red”, he set off with all due haste to his bedchambers, got ready with all his usual attire elements and gear equipped to his person, and then set off driving to the local clerk’s office located in Crocus, aka his home base, in his magitek smartmobile. It did not take him long to reach there since he had upgraded his vehicle recently, and soon, he was at the local clerk’s in said city.

    Fortunately for Arthur, after the long wait, the officer manager assigned him one of the senior clerks in the role of mentor. He watched on while said clerk was beaming widely as she came up to him and then greeted him

    Well now, you are a rather young one to be applying for such a license! It is always heartening to see the young take the initiative to assist their communities in such a manner! I am Ms. Artemis, and I will be your instructor for today, so let’s get started without any further ado, eh Monsieur…

    She trailed off, looking expectantly at him in the usual way that people wanting to know the other party’s name would, and so Arthur obliged her

    The name is Herlock Solmes. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mademoiselle Artemis…though I must say, I cannot help but notice the irony of this situation…

    Said female clerk let out a tinkling laugh the bell-like tone of which echoes briefly through the air before fading away and flashed him an amused smirk

    Ah…I see you know your mythology, Monsieur Solmes…few ever notice said irony…I can tell this will certainly be entertaining for me…so please follow me if you would…

    With that, she trailed off and then led him to one of the classroom-like chambers located down the hall from the lobby where they were at present. Once there, Arthur saw himself put to work immediately by Ms. Artemis and under her expert and yet lenient tutelage, he acquired all the necessary knowledge for passing the big exam which would be held later for the purpose of determining his readiness for the official acquisition of a wedding officiate license which would allow him to, as the name suggested, officiate the marriage between any two willing and able parties. Thankfully, Arthur was one of those rare few people who were born with a photographic memory and so, he had managed to memorize what Ms. Artemis had taught him word for word and down to the last and most infinitesimal detail.

    That said, due to the sheer and overwhelming volume of material that was there for Arthur to wade his way through, it took the better part of the day for him to finish his lesson. However, the experience had been a rather smooth and painless one given that Ms. Artemis seemed to be one of the rare few clerks who enjoyed her tedious job at the clerk’s office. So, with all that behind him, Arthur was finally ready to take the exam at the end of the day. Naturally, due to the excellent teaching methods used by Ms. Artemis to instruct him in the art of being a wedding officiate, Arthur managed to pass said exam with flying colors and after it was over, the proctor collected the papers and let the examinees, including Arthur of course, head over to the licensure office.

    Once there, Arthur watched as the examinees were called up one after another by last name and since Arthur had given his alias, he was called last, but it was worth the long wait since he managed to successfully acquire the wedding officiate license when his number came up to the chopping block. After that, Arthur took the license, thanked the proctor, and then headed off to show Ms. Artemis that he was able to acquire said license successfully after which he thanked her and excused himself. Then, he drove back to his manor in Crocus where his maids and the rest of his subordinates were awaiting his return faithfully and then whilst enjoying their company once more, he regaled them about the tale of this latest one of his adventures.



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    POST WC: 1385, TOTAL WC: 1385 / 500 (for Arthur/AE007 only)


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