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    Job Link: To Earthland and Beyond! (D-RANK NEUTRAL)

    Job Signup Approval Link:To Earthland and Beyond! Job Signup Approval

    It had been some time since Arthur’s latest adventure, the one wherein he had ventured into the Neutral Grounds territory within Fiore to acquire for himself an iLac which was a ingenious new magitek communications device that had been developed and released for use by Fiore’s populace by one of the companies which had its HQ in said territory. Naturally, due to the area’s strange anti-magical properties, Arthur had quite the tough time traveling to said event venue and acquiring an iLac, but he had persevered and gotten himself one by that day’s end after which he had returned to Crocus and handed the device over to his Magitek Research and Development maid squad working at his manor in Crocus and thus, this eventually led to the development of their own version of the iLac exclusively for the use of Arthur and his manorial staff and other subordinates.

    Since then, he had gotten back to the daily grind of his everyday life part of which involved his ongoing psychic detective mage work, assisting his ultrawealthy and highly influential family and clan in the running of the multinational business conglomerate that they owned and ran due to his position as the sole heir to his family and clan as well as the next in line CEO of the associated multinational business conglomerate, as well as various other such tasks and obligations. The other part involved furthering his prowess as a mage slowly but surely and he had been making great strides in this regard as of late. In this manner, time had marched on for him until the present day, wherein once again, he was relaxing in his exquisitely designed personal manor located in the heart of Crocus, the capital city of Fiore, which happened to be his current main base of operations. Naturally, as was his routine and that of his diverse group of 6 personal monstergirl maids whenever he was at home alone and relaxing, they were keeping him company and had arranged themselves at various points around him. For instance, 2 were seated on the armrests of the large, rather comfy, and ornately designed couch while 4 were sitting on the ground at his feet, and the remaining 2 were resting their heads on his lap currently.

    Just then, his leisure time with his beloved maids was interrupted by the distinctive notification tone from his new iLac that he had set for any incoming job request notification from the standard job-bearing smart bulletin board in the heart of Crocus, that tone being the “Voices of War”, which was the exclusive and special DLC soundtrack given only to frequent players of one of his now most favorite iLac mobile game apps, namely “Oda Nobuna’s Ambition”.

    Curses…foiled yet again…what is it this time? Let me see…a job from Desierto…a request by the client for this job to eliminate a certain slave trader ring and rescue the captives therein...

    Arthur grumbled thus silently, but then refocused his attention with a visible frown on his face which made his hollow coal-black eyes with the dark circles beneath them look even more dead than they did normally. Upon noticing that, “Jeanne”, the head of his personal care maid squad and one of the two maids who was currently resting her head on his lap currently, spoke up with concern evident in her voice from her position on his lap

    Master Edogawa? Is something the matter, sir? You look troubled…

    Arthur’s reverie was thus interrupted by said maid and so, he broke his silence and then turned his attention to her, answering her

    Indeed, I have just gotten a job request from a client in Desierto asking me to head over there and eliminate a certain slave trader ring and rescue the captives therein…but it occurs to me that I do not yet possess an ‘International Passport’ that will let me handle jobs in other nations…

    To that, “Jeanne” replied, chuckling, and gave a simple solution to the problem at hand

    Is that all, Master Edogawa? Then you are in luck, for I have heard news of the government of Fiore giving out passports as of late since more and more mages in this country are looking to take on jobs outside it in other nations…well with certain exceptions, but still…since the current round is taking place in Hargeon Town which is not too far from here, you can get yourself one and by extension, it will also apply to all of us, your subordinates since we are magically connected to you at all times.

    Arthur chuckled in response to this while shaking his head at his own ignorance of this obvious fact and remarked

    Ah, dear Jeanne and the rest of my subordinates, truly, I would be lost without all of you to support me in my life…

    In response to that, “Jeanne” replied, chuckling as well, with a brief bow of her head

    Methinks I can speak for all of us under your command, Master Edogawa, in saying that we live to serve and obey you, forever and always, for you are our only lord and master.

    Arthur nodded and then gently disengaged himself from his maids’ clutches, a fact that caused them great chagrin and then gave them his usual pre-departure instructions

    As is our usual routine, please ensure to raise the manor’s security level to ‘Red’ whilst I am away from here and keep it as such till my return here.

    In response, the maids of his personal care squad, namely “Rose”, “Lily”, “Jasmine”, “Cliantha”, “Diantha”, and “Ivy” along with “Jeanne” who was their leader, bowed to Arthur with identical smiles on their faces and then replied in perfectly synchronized chorus

    As your command, Master Edogawa. So, let it be written, and so let it be done.

    Arthur nodded in response, satisfied, and then let the maids head off to carry out his instructions after which he headed off on his own to his bedchambers wherein, he readied himself for the day’s agenda and drove out from Crocus in his usual vintage magitek smartmobile which he had nicknamed as “Sleipnir MK1” just recently.  It took him a while to arrive at Hargeon Town due to the sheer amount of traffic that he had to wade his way through en route to said destination, but eventually he reached the event venue, parked his vintage magitek smartmobile in a safe location nearby, and then headed inside.

    O Norns Verðandi and Skuld, ye goddesses who control the present and future of all creation, I beseech thee most humbly, let not any misfortune on this day befall me.

    Arthur thought as he approached and swept his hollow coal-black eyes with the prominent sleep-deprivation-induced dark circles under them across the area to take in the situation. To his chagrin, however, a huge line of bustling people was already gathered and all of them were acting in quite the insane, disorderly fashion in front of the docks of the quaint little port town, aka Hargeon.

    Alas, thou hast abandoned me yet again, ye Norns above…

    Lamenting thus silently in his mind, Arthur stood away from them and observed to make a mental note of any important details. As he did, he could see that there were several families, children, and old folks who were all attempting to go on vacation or other such international tours.

    It seems everyone's clamoring for an International Passport. How quaint, indeed.

    Then a thought struck him, and he smirked in amusement as he mused further in this same silent manner

    All of these people are mages? Great Scott, it never ceases to amaze me how Fiore has such a large mage population and even more so that, overall, this is but a mere fraction of the total number of citizens in all of Fiore.

    After that, he stopped one of the people who had exited the line after acquiring a passport and asked him about the procedure and the other details regarding the situation. The man looked at him quizzically, as though he should know the reason for the situation, but eventually obliged him anyway

    Well sir, the Magic Council has long since reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders to Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace. Therefore, every mage with a wanderlust has apparently shown up here to get one of these International Passports.

    To that, Arthur had responded while nodding and releasing the man from his hold while remarking

    I see, good to know. You may go on your way now. You have my gratitude for enlightening me upon this situation, sir.

    Then, Arthur waved him off after which he headed over to the line and inserted himself into it at the very end since the rest was too crowded. It took several hours, but eventually his turn came at long last. So, he stepped up to the agent from the Magic Council who was sitting there and handing out the International Passports.

    Good evening, mate, here for a passport like all the rest of these blokes, are ye? Alright then, present your details so that I can note them down and create your International Passport, please.

    Arthur nodded and began reciting his details slowly so that the agent could register them

    Name: Arthur Edogawa. Age: 19 years old. Nationality: Fiore…Gender: Male…Residence: Crocus…

    Since there were so many details in his file, it took a long while but finally after several hours, he finished giving all the salient details to the Magic Council agent. The agent then nodded to confirm he had understood all the information and started to create Arthur’s passport. It did not take too long, but there came a small hiccup at the very end. The agent apparently also needed to know Arthur’s guild if any.

    Okay, we’re nearly done here, Mr. Edogawa. Last detail, state your guild affiliation if any, please.

    Arthur nodded and gave the man the relevant detail in question which was all thanks to him having applied to and successfully managed to join the Silver Wolf guild a while back

    The details are as follows. Guild Alignment: Independent, Guild Name: Silver Wolf.

    The man looked at Arthur keenly for a few moments as if trying to discern if there was any falsehood to his claim, but once those moments passed, it seemed that he could not detect any such deception and thus proceeded onwards. On the next step, he asked Arthur to show his guild emblem and in response, Arthur showed him the Silver Wolf guild tattoo on his body. The man inspected it, and then nodded with  the usual governmental polite porcelain smile, indicating that he was satisfied at last. Then, he handed over Arthurs’s passport to him and then instructed him about the great number of rules concerning international travel, taking on international jobs, about international etiquette, and the like. Naturally, Arthur’s brain registered all this information and filed it away for future reference in perfect detail thanks to his photographic memory. Then, he was waved away by the agent but not before he gave Arthur one last instruction

    Remember all that we have talked about Mr. Edogawa and please ensure to do your utmost to never besmirch the great and honorable name of Fiore whilst you are abroad.

    Arthur nodded in the affirmative to this instruction, received and pocketed his new International Passport and then walked away to his vintage magitek smartmobile after which, he drove back to his manor in Crocus, intending to make good use of his new International Passport henceforth.



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    POST WC: 1933, TOTAL WC: 1933 / 500 (for Arthur/AE007 only)


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