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    Note: Credit for the special bbcode included within this posting template goes to the user named Janneline Ariel.

    Job Link: Becoming an Influencer (D-RANK NEUTRAL)

    Job Signup Approval Link: Becoming an Influencer Job Signup Approval

    It had been some time since Arthur’s latest adventure, the one wherein he had ventured into Hargeon Town to pick up an “International Passport” at the suggestion of his head personal maid, “Jeanne”. It had taken him a while to do so due to the sheer amount of people who had been in line for one themselves, but eventually, he did acquire an “International Passport” for himself and by extension, for all his subordinates as well. Since then, he had gotten back to the daily grind of his everyday life part of which involved his ongoing psychic detective mage work, assisting his ultrawealthy and highly influential family and clan in the running of the multinational business conglomerate that they owned and ran due to his position as the sole heir to his family and clan as well as the next in line CEO of the associated multinational business conglomerate, as well as various other such tasks and obligations.

    The other part involved furthering his prowess as a mage slowly but surely and he had been making great strides in this regard as of late. In this manner, time had marched on for him until the present day, wherein once again, he was relaxing in his exquisitely designed personal manor located in the heart of Crocus, the capital city of Fiore, which happened to be his current main base of operations. Naturally, as was his routine and that of his diverse group of 6 personal monstergirl maids whenever he was at home alone and relaxing, they were keeping him company and had arranged themselves at various points around him. For instance, 2 were seated on the armrests of the large, rather comfy, and ornately designed couch while 4 were sitting on the ground at his feet, and the remaining 2 were resting their heads on his lap currently.

    Just then, his leisure time with his beloved maids was interrupted by the distinctive notification tone from his new iLac that he had set for any incoming job request notification from the standard job-bearing smart bulletin board in the heart of Crocus, that tone being the “Voices of War”, which was the exclusive and special DLC soundtrack given only to frequent players of one of his now most favorite iLac mobile game apps, namely “Oda Nobuna’s Ambition”.

    Curses…foiled yet again…what is it this time? Let me see…sister company for the one producing the iLac...beta testing of a new magitek smartdrone for consumer usage…

    Arthur grumbled thus silently, but then refocused his attention with a visible frown on his face which made his hollow coal-black eyes with the dark circles beneath them look even more dead than they did normally. Upon noticing that, “Jeanne”, the head of his personal care maid squad and one of the two maids who was currently resting her head on his lap currently, spoke up with concern evident in her voice from her position on his lap

    Master Edogawa? Is something the matter, sir? You look troubled…

    Arthur’s reverie was thus interrupted by said maid and so, he broke his silence and then turned his attention to her, answering her

    Indeed, I have just gotten a job request from the sister company of the one that I had received an iLac from…and they have apparently selected me to be one of the beta testers for their new consumer-grade magitek smartdrone…and to make and upload a promo video for it to the LacNet using my new iLac.

    He explained the situation, and afterwards, let out a sigh of exasperation, lamenting this interruption. Upon seeing this childish side of his, his head personal maid, “Jeanne” chuckled lightly with a bemused smile on her face and remarked, reprimanding him

    Now now…Master Edogawa…it does not behoove you to shirk your responsibilities in this manner for you are to be the next head of household for both the Edogawa and the Holmes business families and the next-in-line CEO to the business conglomerates ran by them as well, of course. Besides, my sister maids and I shall all be right there by your side, assisting you in the creation of this video, after all. So please do not despair thusly, sir.

    To emphasize this point, the rest of the six maids in his company nodded in the affirmative and echoed her sentiment which convinced Arthur to accept this task at last. This time, however, he did not need to instruct them to raise the security level of the manor to “Red” since he was going to be broadcasting from his manor itself. With that done, he readied himself in his usual job attire and then headed off to the Magitek Research and Development maid squad’s department and the testing facility therein. Once there, he began by connecting the mini LacDrive he had gotten in the package with the drone with all the software needed to run it to his iLac and to the video recording equipment so the advanced A.I. in charge of running said equipment and the rest of his magitek devices could install the requisite software. Once that was over, Arthur and his maids spent the next several days till the one just before the deadline for the upload testing out the various features of the drone and the associated software.

    Thus, the time marched on till the destined day arrived at last and on said day, Arthur and his maids had begun their project early. First, Arthur instructed “Rose” to set up the video recording lacrima and to connect it to the mana charger dock and platform so it would not shut down unexpectedly. Then, he instructed “Lily” to begin rolling and cue him which she did perfectly. Once she did, he began the video

    Greetings to all viewers in my audience for today. You may know me as ‘Herlock Solmes’, either because you have visited my manor in Crocus to hire me for a job or because you possibly met me during those occasions wherein, I was undertaking your job request.

    He paused briefly to collect his thoughts and to let his prospective audience ensure they were following along so far. Then he continued after silently nodding to “Jasmine” who was handling the lighting for the video

    You may be wondering about the reason why I am making this video. Well, it’s quite simple, recently I have come upon a rather intriguing product, namely, a consumer-grade, magitek smartdrone that has been produced and release for use by Fiore’s citizens by the sister company of the one that has produced the now famous and ubiquitous iLac. Since I have thoroughly enjoyed using its many multifarious and highly utilitarian feature, I surmised that others should hear about it as well so that they too may come to enjoy it if they so desire. So, here it is, my friends…the drone, and the software app on the iLac with which you can control it with great ease. Please, take a good long look and engrave the sights and sounds here into your memory banks.

    With that, he briefly fell silent to show off the LacDrive which had the official logo of the company that was sponsoring him. Along with it, he also displayed the instruction manual which had been included with the LacDrive in the drone’s setup package that had been sent to him by its parent company. After that, he nodded to “Lily” who began rolling the video recorder lacrima again in response. Once that was done, he resumed his narrative

    This drone has been affectionately nicknamed as ‘Huginn’ and this version of it, v 0.0.8b, has been developed by a recently founded, but VERY promising company known as ‘Valhalla Inc.’ They are even planning to release a satellite piece for this drone which they will be calling, ‘Munnin’ later after the alpha release v 1.0a has been finetuned to the developer’s satisfaction. Therefore, ensure that you keep all your senses on high alert once the time for this, specifically December 25th, comes closer.

    He paused once more to ensure his prospective audience was still following along and then resumed his narrative while displaying his usage of the various features of the smartdrone and then, he finished this segment of the video, remarking dramatically

    Now then, it is time for the main event which all of you are waiting to hear most of all…namely, the all-important review…so stay tuned, because we shall be returning to this after this brief commercial break for the finishing stretch of this promo video.

    With that said, he nodded to “Lily” who cut the video feed for the break to follow and then put on a commercial stream at which point, “Jeanne”, “Cliantha” and “Diantha”, the maids he had put in charge of refreshment preparation, went around offering refreshments to everyone working on the promo video development. That took about 10 minutes at the end of which, Arthur nodded to everyone there to resume their tasks and got ready for the next part of the video and resumed his narrative

    Welcome back, dear viewers, to this promo video of mine…and without further ado, let us begin the review of this product. As you have seen from my demonstration earlier, ‘Huginn’ is a magitek smartdrone which will be available to all consumers who wish to purchase it. It is quite affordable too at the price of 50,000 jewels.

    He paused again to collect his thoughts and compile the second part of his review after which he resumed his narrative

    It is capable of a variety of maneuvers such as vertical takeoff and landing, coming to a dead stop in midair after cruising to from point A to point B at top speed which for this is 100 MPH, and has a maximum operational altitude of 3000 m! It has rapid-charge technology built in which allows it to only take a maximum of 3 hours to achieve full battery capacity and once that is done, you do not have to worry about charging it again for the next week!! There are a variety of other features besides these that make this piece of technology truly incredible to use as and when we see fit.

    Here, he paused to collect his thoughts and breath and then resumed his narrative afterwards

    Then, there is the UI of the control software for this smartdrone which is highly intuitive and user-friendly, meaning that whether the user is an utter n00b or an experienced veteran, they will be able to master the controls with great ease. There is also a decent degree of unit customization for those who prefer to imbue their smartdrone with a unique style which is entirely their own...and this can be done easily with the drone customization kit that comes with the unit. As you have seen, I have customized mine to look like a raven!!

    He paused there and once again displayed the instruction manual for the drone and the software controlling it to the video recording lacrima to remind the audience of these after which he made the closing comments

    In closing, I would rate this game to be a 5 out of 5-star category overall and hope that those of you who will perhaps be inspired to purchase the official release of this drone and its associated software  after having watched this video will enjoy it as much as I have done in my own usage of this amazing piece of technology. Au revoir and a good rest of the day to you all, my friends.

    He gave a pistol salute and then nodded to “Lily” who turned off the video recording lacrima since his few minutes of fame were finally over. Afterwards, he edited the video with his custom built LacComp, a magitek desktop computer powered by a lacrima and in so doing, made it more accessible and memorable to the prospective audience thanks to the expert help of “Ivy”, the last of his personal care squad maids. Once that was done, he loaded the LacDrive with the finished and fine-tuned version of this promotional video he made and sent it off to ‘Valhalla Inc.’ HQ so that they could view it and make any adjustments before airing it to their target audience. Then, he uploaded the promo video to LacNet via his iLac to finish the task at last. Several days later, he received a thank you letter and his payment for services rendered from said company and thus completed this contract in full.



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    POST WC: 2079, TOTAL WC: 2079 / 500 (for Arthur/AE007 only)


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