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    Job Link: Pig Breakout! (D-RANK NEUTRAL)

    Job Signup Approval Link: Pig Breakout! Job Signup Approval

    It had been some time since Arthur’s latest adventure, the one wherein he had taken on a request from an archaeologist to join the team of mages he had hired to assist him in the excavation of some rare, ancient fossil specimen. In this one, Arthur had gotten to playtest one of the new psychokinetic techniques he had been working on for a while and that was the main reason, besides the money, for why he accepted the job request. Since then, he had gotten back to the daily grind of his everyday life part of which involved his ongoing psychic detective mage work, assisting his ultrawealthy and highly influential family and clan in the running of the multinational business conglomerate that they owned and ran due to his position as the sole heir to his family and clan as well as the next in line CEO of the associated multinational business conglomerate, as well as various other such tasks and obligations.

    The other part involved furthering his prowess as a mage slowly but surely and he had been making great strides in this regard as of late. In this manner, time had marched on for him until the present day, wherein once again, he was relaxing in his exquisitely designed personal manor located in the heart of Crocus, the capital city of Fiore, which happened to be his current main base of operations. Naturally, as was his routine and that of his diverse group of 6 personal monstergirl maids whenever he was at home alone and relaxing, they were keeping him company and had arranged themselves at various points around him. For instance, 2 were seated on the armrests of the large, rather comfy, and ornately designed couch while 4 were sitting on the ground at his feet, and the remaining 2 were resting their heads on his lap currently.

    Just then, his leisure time with his beloved maids was interrupted by the distinctive notification tone from his new iLac that he had set for any incoming job request notification from the standard job-bearing smart bulletin board in the heart of Crocus, that tone being the “Voices of War”, which was the exclusive and special DLC soundtrack given only to frequent players of one of his now most favorite iLac mobile game apps, namely “Oda Nobuna’s Ambition”.

    Curses…foiled yet again…what is it this time? Let me see…farmer who raises pigs…pigs broke out…farmer needs help rounding them up…hmm, looks simple enough, I suppose…

    Arthur grumbled thus silently, but then refocused his attention with a visible frown on his face which made his hollow coal-black eyes with the dark circles beneath them look even more dead than they did normally. Upon noticing that, “Jeanne”, the head of his personal care maid squad and one of the two maids who was currently resting her head on his lap currently, spoke up with concern evident in her voice from her position on his lap

    Master Edogawa? Is something the matter, sir? You look troubled…

    Arthur’s reverie was thus interrupted by said maid and so, he broke his silence and then turned his attention to her, answering her

    Indeed, I have just gotten a job request from a certain pig-raising farmer who has called for help with rounding up his livestock of pigs which have gotten loose all over Magnolia Town.

    To that, his head personal maid, “Jeanne”, chuckled and remarked with a smirk, struggling to look calm

    No rest for the weary, eh? Ah, my poor master…woe is you, indeed.

    Arthur sighed dramatically at this display of feigned calmness from “Jeanne” and chided her light-heartedly

    Come now, please do not make light of my discomfiture, dear Jeanne…oh how much more preferrable it would be to keep spending time with you and your sisters than having to do these sorts of menial chores…

    He grumbled thus and sighed again before refocusing his mind on the task at hand and instructed his personal care squad maids on what to do in his absence

    All of you know what to do by now, yes? If someone missed the memo, please allow me to reiterate for you…please raise the security status of the manor to ‘Red’ till such a time that I have returned here, in every sense of the word.

    To that, the maids withdrew from the couch where they had all been laying, stood in their usual linear fashion, bowed to him, and then with “Jeanne” at their head, they replied in perfect chorus as always

    As you command, Master Edogawa.

    Arthur nodded in response and then headed off to his bedchambers to ready himself and his gear for the task at hand. In short order, he finished his preparations and then headed out in his magitek smartmobile to Magnolia Town wherein he met with the client in question, aka the pig farmer.

    Greetings, sir. I am ‘Herlock Solmes’, the mage who has taken on your request. May we sit down to discuss the task at hand and the salient details therein?

    Arthur greeted him thus and inquired of the pig farmer and in response, the farmer invited him inside where he was offered refreshments in the way of common hospitality. After a few minutes, he began the conversation

    So, would you mind telling me how this came to transpire, Mr. MacDonald?

    To that, the farmer nodded and started to explain the story behind his troubles to Arthur

    Of course, Mr. Solmes. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to lock the fence barring the way to his pigpen, you see. Then, when I came back to check this morning, my precious piggies were all gone!! Oh, what am I to do?!

    Arthur simply watched calmly as the pig farmer broke down into tears and made a spectacle of himself despite being a grown man and once the farmer calmed down, he spoke up

    There is no need to worry, Mr. MacDonald. It will be quite easy to find and retrieve them now that I am on the case.

    With that said, Arthur asked one last query of the pig farmer to get a little more information about why this incident had happened in the first place

    Is it possible that someone has stolen your pigs, perhaps? Or did they simply run outside at the first promise of freedom?

    Arthur asked of the farmer and in response, the farmer indicated that he had heard his pigs running off in the middle of the night. There ended the conversation and then, Arthur received some special pig feed from the farmer which said farmer assured was enough to coax the pigs out of hiding wherever they were and come back. So, Arthur pocketed the bag and then set off into the main part of Magnolia Town in search of the pigs.

    Perhaps, it would be wise to scan for them using my clairvoyance…that way, I would not have to scour the whole town for them…and then perhaps I can use a combination of this feed and my psychokinesis to capture them and take them back to the client.

    Since he did not want to expend unnecessary effort, he decided to scan for them using his clairvoyance, and after several minutes, he found them at last. His scan told him that some were hiding out in East Forest, others were hiding out in South Gate Park, and the rest were scattered about in the heart of the town, though luckily all of them were outside and had not entered any buildings. So, he set off to track them down and headed first to East Forest. Once there, he began by setting up traps with the pig feed inside and then waited patiently for them to come out of hiding. His strategy worked quite well in that he was able to capture all the farmer’s pigs in East Forest successfully, albeit in a very slow and steady way and the pigs slowly learning to avoid his traps towards the end.

    Once that was done, he suspended them in midair using his psychokinesis and then headed off with them in tow to South Gate Park in Magnolia Town. Then, he repeated the process he had used to capture the pigs in East Forest here in the park as well. However, he had a much harder time doing this successfully since the pigs here were far heavier and far cleverer than the ones he had captured in East Forest, but in the end, they too fell for his traps due to his persistence in hunting them down. Then, he collected these and then suspended them in midair with his psychokinesis, albeit with much more effort needed due to their weight and rambunctiousness. Finally, he went about through the rest of the main part of Magnolia Town and collected all the pigs hiding thereabouts after which time, he returned to the pig farmer’s farm.

    Naturally, the farmer was surprised to see his precious pigs coming towards him as the sun went down at sunset while floating in midair, but he did not question how or why Arthur had done it. Instead, he simply thanked Arthur profusely and after taking his pigs and locking them in their pigpen securely, he handed Arthur his reward and bade him a nice rest of the day. After that, Arthur pocketed his fee and then drove back to Crocus and to his manor, intending to have a nice long rest due to the physical and mental toll his efforts had taken on him over the course of this job.



    Job Rewards:





    POST WC: 1590 , TOTAL WC: 1590 / 500 (for Arthur/AE007 only)


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