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    The Waiting Game [Job]


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    The Waiting Game [Job] Empty The Waiting Game [Job]

    Post by Lothric 8th November 2021, 5:34 pm

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    She would never claim to be a patient girl... But it was better than she used to be.

    Three years ago, Lothric might have cut the line. Hell, three years ago she wouldn't have gotten one at all. Such a little... Brat, she was. It was incredible what three years could do to her. By the first of reflection she'd already acknowledged her rampant unpleasantness. How had anyone suffered to be around her?
    Oh. Right. Nobody had.
    ...She wondered what Johann was doing. Rather, she wondered how he was doing.

    Lothric parted her lips and took a painfully slow breath. She didn't much like being out in the sun like that. She seemed, now, irreversibly tied to the moon.
    The people behind her didn't enjoy her self-reflection.
    Lothric stumbled forward a little at the light shove, giving a dismissive, perhaps apologetic wave and taking a few steps forward. She huffed, amusedly; she'd not even thought about it. She'd just... Done it. T'was not in vain that she took that journey and she was, for once, proud of herself. Three years ago she might have struck the pushy man. No—she would have. Now, she simply obliged. Recognized the fault she had made, and obliged his request no matter how it was delivered. She was more fixated on a bug she now saw in the corner, crawling out from a little crevice.

    She wasn't thrilled to spend hours waiting, no. She was much less than thrilled to spend so much time standing right here, in this line. She could cut it if she didn't care about making a scene... And honestly, she didn't. Rather, she felt like there was no need to. The last thing she needed was to put herself on some people's shit lists because she felt like saving a few hours. No, she would wait. Step forward. Wait. Step forward. Wait.
    Then, it hit her.
    They wouldn't ask for a surname, would they? She didn't remember it. A brief bout of panic before she heard a woman a few meters in front of her not give one; and subsequent relief. She had no clue what her...
    Oh, gods. She had no clue.
    Lothric couldn't remember her surname anymore. She'd known that for a long time, but the realization hit her hard anyway. The small Slayer had, truly, no idea what her name was. Lothric was all that occupied her head. Lothric was only one half of the puzzle. The girl took a few steps forward, watching a beetle weave between her footfalls. A funny little thing.
    She felt like a bug sometimes. Small, insignificant. What greater whole did she belong to?

    A deep breath as she stepped up to the counter, the arm what rested on her sheath dropping to her side so as to not actively threaten the man behind the counter. Her bloody orb fixed him with its gaze, and she sighed. He looked more tired than he felt.
    For once, she empathized with a stranger.

    For what can we do but leave our mark?

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