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    Waiting the line [Job]

    Neah Wolphrax
    Neah Wolphrax

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    Waiting the line [Job] Empty Waiting the line [Job]

    Post by Neah Wolphrax 3rd August 2018, 9:28 am


    By golly, people were surely chasing after these passports with a ravenous hunger of sorts. It almost made Balthazar roll his eyes at the situation, albeit, he could understand the excitement of being allowed to go to foreign lands to an extent. Travelling had its upsides, there was no denying that. Which was why he found himself waiting in the same line as numerous other people were, to get a shiny new official document for himself too. While he was not certain as to how much he’d end up needing it, there was absolutely no reason to pass the opportunity up. Yeah, it was a hassle and a pretty boring one, considering the amount of people forming these lines, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

    With that in mind, the bat-like man lounged around waiting, trying to pass his time by solving a Rubic cube, the frustration of it keeping him decently occupied for the most part. Not like there was much else to be doing while being stuck with a bunch of hyped up people. Could have struck up a conversation sure, but to be honest the few people closest to him in the line did not look very inviting at the moment. Cue in the fatty guy behind him bumping into him in his excitement for the queue to move forward already. Probably was in a rush to get an extra lunch after this or something along those lines. No offense of course. “Oi, mind your space. This isn’t a zoo, dude.” “Yeah yeah, whatever champ…” Balthazar would just sigh under his breath, hoping for this boring people madness to be over. For real, he was all fine and dandy with company most of the time, but this kind of setting in particularly was hardly what he’d consider as very favorable. Waiting lines never truly were, and even less when it was for some highly sought after product or document issuing. Could be downright insufferable, frankly, because you can’t choose the kinds of people you want to hang around. Getting forced to be sandwiched between some idiots is the worst thing, and he generally wanted to have none of that.

    Having failed to solve the puzzle in his hands for now after getting too annoyed with it, Balthazar would shove it into the messenger back he had slung over his shoulder, somewhat reassured when he noted there was only one more person in front of him now. Soon, he’d be free of this people salami imitation, and gladly for he could see out of the corner of his eye that the round guy behind him was almost way too close to him again. God forbid people having a sense of personal space, apparently. He didn’t need to be flattened today, or ever.

    Shoving the disturbing thoughts away from his mind for now as the last person ahead of him proceeded to walk away, he would finally get down to business, filling out all the necessary papers he was handed, eventually earning his freedom from the line, alongside a brand new passport.
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