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    Mashyuu in: Line waiting.




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    Mashyuu in: Line waiting. Empty Mashyuu in: Line waiting.

    Post by redheadedstepchild 26th January 2017, 10:59 pm


    A heavy booted foot tapped rapidly on the ground as a large huff came out of Mashyuu's mouth. How on earth was this still a problem? A little more than a year ago he was in this line getting a damned passport and he wouldn't even have been here if his appearance hadn't changed since his revival. Once again there was a massive line in front of him all waiting to go on vacation. Luckily he wasn't too far from the desk where they were being given out. Already his mind had been attacked by memories of the place and the line even. The crying child behind him had pulled his thoughts back to the task at hand however as he stepped forward once again. The Wizard frowned, his eyes darting to the side as he looked over his shoulder at the young baby crying. "He's hungry, feed him." Mashyuu told the mother of the child and pointed to the bottle in her purse. His attention when ahead in the line again when a man up front started to yell at a clerk who told the man he didn't have the proper paper work needed. Mashyuu rolled his blue eyes and flicked his hand forward, letting a spell rocket from the ground next to the man and send him flying far off and out of the way. "Oops." Mashyuu mused.

    Again he stepped forward in line and started to wonder about Frey and how she was doing. He honestly was worried that spending time in a dark guild would end bad for her. She was an innocent soul and didn't know what she was getting into with that group, not that Mashyuu could really sway her at the moment. He sighed and let his mind wander to the guild, apparently from what Ryo had told him, Mashyuu was once the Paragon of Protection. An ace who was known for his defensive styled magic. Some of his spells had remained basically the same but with more destructive twists to them. Mashyuu wondered how he was killed so easily if his defensive magic was so strong. Maybe he relied on being in constant touch with the ground in a past life. He would make sure he could generate earth as a god slayer and get rid of that great weakness. By the time his attention returned to the line he was just a few feet away from getting his passport.

    Mashyuu stepped forward and handed the clerk his paper work and a small photo of him to prove that he was who he claimed to be. The clerk looked over everything and gave Mashyuu a strange look. "Didn't you die?" He asked. Mashyuu reached his hand out as if demanding the passport. The clerk flushed red and handed the small amount of paperwork over then dismissed Mashyuu swiftly from fear of getting attacked. Mashyuu looked at the passport and made sure everything was in order, then looked back out to sea. He was one step closer to regaining his memories and making some new ones in the process. The next time he face the Cult of the ever leaving demons he would kill them all.

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