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    Spirituum Reddite


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    Spirituum Reddite Empty Spirituum Reddite

    Post by Danny 30th September 2021, 10:25 pm

    Spirituum Reddite Iu9JBrW
    Magic Name: Spirituum Reddite
    Magic Type: God Slayer
    Proof of Acquisition: Page 6, Post n°142 - Oddities Shop
    Description: This magic is gained after Danny ingests a pill on accident that gives Arminius the ability to be physical and use his own magic. He controls spirits, the light, the darkness, and is even able to give plaguelike abilities onto others. He will use whatever it takes to be able to protect his nephew (and his twin even though he won’t admit it) from dangers.
    Render of Spirits God Slayer:
    Slayer Benefits:

    Unique Abilities:
    Spirituum Vires: Armi’s strength is increased to help him throw punches and kicks better
    Celeritas: Armi’s speed is increased in full during battles.
    Divinitas: Armi is able to let himself physically glow like a god as he amps up his abilities



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