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    Spirituum Reddite Formation (danny exam)


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    Spirituum Reddite Formation (danny exam) Empty Spirituum Reddite Formation (danny exam)

    Post by Danny 29th January 2022, 7:46 pm

    Spirituum Reddite Formation (danny exam) 3B61TaQ
    Are you CRAZY when all your friends are GHOSTS?

    Parties were all the rage from time to time to the pinket. He giggled merrily as this was the first party since the midsummer rave a year or so ago. He was with Dagda then, enjoying himself as he had his fun. Lots of fun… special drinks, and special little candies. This party had similar drinks, but they were more mind altering than he had before.

    “Happy New Years~!” Some feminine voice squealed out before he felt himself being knocked into a bit, causing his footing to be off a bit. Something was placed in his hand before feet scurried off. More of the fun candies. He snickered as he brought them to his mouth to ingest them once again. No one could stop him from having his fun. This was the time he could be free of his ghosts for just a little while on his own terms.

    He was giggling as he leaned himself into a wall and closed his eyes, enjoying the music echoing through the hall from the main room where the DJ played the songs people could dance wildly to while on the special candies and drinks. Sammy was back in Minstrel once again with his parents, even though he didn't want him to be, he just knew they could teach Sammy a little better than him for some things. Homeschooling a young child on the go was kind of hard. He should settle down eventually so he could give the child a better chance of education, even though traveling like he did was just as good education as staying in school.

    The bass dropped and reverbed through the hall, and felt like through his body as well. His purple eyes opened slowly as he looked down the hall where the various colored lights flashed about down the hall to him. He closed his eyes again before he found himself in a coughing fit, hard enough to get him to lean forward and knock him onto his hands and knees while he coughed. Was this from something he took?! Was the candies he ate not candies?! Lords he hoped they were and that he wasn’t poisoned. This would absolutely be the worst way to die! At a rave in a warehouse in Motor City filled with illicit candies.

    He had a hand up to his throat and was trying to get the candies to come back up. Maybe he didn’t eat them enough and whatever was on them can get out and be neutralized! Tears welled in the pink haired mans eyes as he continued to cough while on his hand and knees. He couldn’t pass on! Not yet! Not with Sammy to care for still! Sammy needed his father to watch him and lead him and help him grow into a person they both were proud of!

    He felt so stupid to take the drugs someone handed him in this damn shady corridor without even looking at them! He knew the risks of these raves, but this was a rare occurrence! His eyes that were opened wide were starting to have a black haze on the edges as he felt his vision fading. His eyes were also stinging from the tears that were falling down his face. His throat felt like it was closing in on itself. This couldn’t be the end. It really can’t be for him. Not yet.

    “Danny! Get a hold of yourself! You’re choking yourself! Remove your hand!” A firm hand slapped across the back of his head and shoved it into the ground, forehead first.

    He realized with the pain in his head that it was his own doing that his hand was on his throat. Silence as he loosened the grip and let the vision come back to himself again. There was no more coughing. As soon as that realization hit him, Danny shot his head up, smashing it into the head of another.

    “Putain d'idiot!” The persons hands went up to their face and held their face. Danny’s pink eyes looked wide eyed at the figure before him. Usually he could only see him and pass through him, but here he was, face to face with a familiar face to his, just different colored hair and eyes and usual expressions. “Yeah! I’m physical, idiot. Why the hell am I physical? And why is your head so goddamn hard? Bon sang…” He rubbed his nose as he held it up, a trickle of blood started to fall down as he squatted there before his brother who had slunk onto the ground and was starring in utter shock at the blond before him.


    “Ouais, pas de merde Sherlock!”

    Before anything else could be said, Danny launched himself forward and attacked Armi in a tight hug before he pulled him forward, tilting his head down in front of him. The pink haired man kissed the back of his head. Happy tears streaming down his cheeks as he did so, blubbering nonsense it seemed like. “I’m not dead…”

    “No! You’re not! Now let go of me while I’m bleeding from my nose!”

    “For nosebleeds, you lean forward, or you’ll drown in your blood from leaning back…” He was shaking as he was rubbing his hands on both the back and the back of his head. “Let's get to the bathroom and take care of your nose, feel free to pinch it…”

    There was silence as neither of them moved. Just the sounds of them two breathing as they stood there. Arminius slowly reached his hand up to pinch his nose to keep the blood from dripping onto the floor between his brother's legs. A muffled sniffle came from him as he nodded slowly. Arminius was first to back off, keeping his head forward as he slowly got to his feet. Danny slowly followed suit before he grabbed his brother’s opposite shoulder from him, and his elbow to lead him towards the bathrooms.

    The sounds of their feet on the concrete ground of the hallway echoed over the distancing sound of the music of the rave. As much as the pink haired man was excited for this new development, he noticed that his brother was struggling a bit with walking, so he kept his pace slow. “It’s up ahead. We’re almost there.” He smiled at him as he looked to his hand actually touching his brother's elbow. He was legit physical, not a physical looking ghost. Flesh and blood. Especially the blood from the nose right then. “How the hell did this happen…?” He mutters.

    Arminius’ red eyes glared towards his brother as he thought about shaking his head. Of course the nosebleed had him debate otherwise. “How the hell should I know? You were the one who ate substances like candies.”

    “They were candies… except for whatever I took just then I suppose.” He chuckles as he turns towards a swinging door with a sign that said in all caps ‘MENS’ across the top of it. He removed his hand from his brother's elbow and held the door open as he led his brother in, making sure he didn’t hit the doorframe since he seemed to be ready to walk right through it, despite not being a ghost right then. In the bathroom was someone dancing like there was no one there, and if there was music. A snort came from the pink haired man's face as he looked at the blond.

    The blond glared at the man as he continued to hold his nose closed before being led to the disabled stall. “I’m surprised you’re not like that.” Danny didn’t answer as he grabbed some toilet paper and rolled them up to make a makeshift cork for Arminius’ nose. He turned back to his brother and waved his hand out of the way before he stuffed the two tissue papers up his nose enough to make sure it stayed a while. He looked at the man who was the same height as him. It wasn’t real, was it? He brought a hand up and quickly slapped his own cheek rather hard. “It’s not a dream! Idiot!” Arminius shouted before grabbing his brother's shoulders and shaking him some. “You’re still on the stuff, aren’t you?”

    “Y-yeah… I have more of their special drinks and water in me though… might be helping some. I do it in moderation. Heh… though I’m hearing unicorns neighing right now…” The pink haired man swayed backwards in his brother's arms before forward again. “Did you hear the mushroom men earlier in the hallway? They said the ghosts are coming alive.”

    Arminius’ jaw dropped as he looked at the pink haired man. “Bon sang. You’re going to make me watch over you. You’re done with the drinking. Give me your belt. It’s now your leash.” He tried to reach for the belt, but Danny stepped back enough that Arminius missed grabbing his pants and stumbled forward. He nearly smacked his head into the stall wall, but looked towards Danny who was unlocking the door and doing a dance that made it seem like he was surfing without being at the beach. Of course he was still shuffling. “Danny…” He groans as he starts to follow after him to make sure he didn’t do anything that could kill him. Though, Danny never did get himself into trouble when he drugged himself up. Arminius always watched over him, even as a ghost.

    The ghost magnet had left the bathroom now and was making his way towards the exit of the warehouse surprisingly, not going towards the music. Where the hell was he going? Arminius raised a blond eyebrow as he continued after him and stayed as close as he possibly could to his brother without being knocked out by him. Anyone he saw in the corridors, he gave the most evilest of glares he could muster, which looked scary enough with how he usually had his face.

    Soon, Danny made his way outside towards the back of the warehouse. There was a few people out in the back. People that couldn’t get into the party or chickened out mostly. Arminius grabbed his brothers arm and started dragging him away from them and towards town. They had come by carriage, were dropped off up the road, and would have to find another way home… or to the guild hall. Danny was in no state of mind to do anything.

    “Arrrrmmmi! I love you. You’re the best broooother~ even if you’re a ghost. A weird ghost that pisses me off. So great. Sammy loves you~ I need to find a nice person to share a bed with.”

    The newly physical ghost twin makes a face as he pinches his nose with his free hand. Of course Danny would talk like that. He felt a tingle in his hand and pulled it away from his nose to look at it. Inky blackness started to form in it and he blinked in confusion as it also started to get white sparkles to it? What the hell did Danny even eat to give him powers too? He would have to figure it out soon.

    As they went to round the corner of the building, a person in a deep red hooded robe that covered their face but showed a pair of luscious red lips was before them. Arminius grabbed his brothers arm with both hands and pulled him to a stop. “Sorry, we’re passing through.”

    The person was smiling right at Arminius. “Ghost… you’ve been blessed. Take care of your brother well. He carries your key to continue on and be available for all to see and hear. Your nephew as well.”


    “He swallowed a god slayer lacrima.” She turned around and started to walk away, but paused and turned to show only her lips again. “Welcome, Render of Spirits. You can bend their wills, and rule like royalty.” she turned the rest of the way around and started walking away from the duo.

    Arminius gawked at the person’s back before they disappeared around the building and looked towards Danny. Did he really swallow a god slayer lacrima? A tiny one could be that powerful? He didn’t believe it. Leaning Danny against the wall, Arminius turned towards the empty field beside the warehouse and glared. It was kind of dark here, but some shadows from a flickering lamp was nearby. He had seen some slayers breathe in air or an element and roar some stuff out. Maybe he could do the same? His hand had the black stuff on it, maybe he needed that. Without taking a second to think, he began to suck in air, but shadows and some of the light from the flickering lamp seemed to also be sucked in before he let out a breath that had a tornado of light and darkness escape his lips.

    There was silence.

    The people nearby were staring at the blond who was staring in awe at the destruction he just caused and turned towards his brother who was starting to softly hum a song that he didn’t care to listen to. He quickly ran towards his brother and grabbed him into a tight hug before he whispered in his brother’s ear; “You idiot, merci…” He only said it because of him being high, and possibly drunk, otherwise, he wouldn’t have said a word.

    This would be the start of his life for him… he knew it. He was excited for it. What out Earthland… Arminius got a body.

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