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    Spare Parts and a Free Key

    Ozwald Morgan
    Ozwald Morgan

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    Spare Parts and a Free Key Empty Spare Parts and a Free Key

    Post by Ozwald Morgan 14th September 2021, 5:40 pm

    Amidst the smog filled cyberscapes of Motor City stands a distinguished gentleman of danger and eloquence, his appearance standing out amidst the mechanics and grease monkeys of the city. His status as a nobleman would normally rouse the mischievous rogues and thieves to rob him of everything he has. It is an entirely different story if he's a regular among the various shops of the city. Regardless of circumstances, his towering height was enough to make criminals think otherwise. Of course, the man named Ozwald isn't here to sightsee, but rather, to make a transaction with a model train manufacturer Zandai. Just as he loved tinkering, he loved trains most of all, and people would often refer to people like him as 'Rail Buff' or a railfan. No doubt a rail buff like him would want to have a model train built and displayed back at home. Other than model parts, his emerald colored eyes would tale quick glances at the rest of the shops for something interesting. He found nothing of that sorts on his way to Zandai's shop. He only saw the same thing he saw with every visit - machinists tinkering on vehicles and technicians repairing damaged parts, which is a common sight in Motor City.


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