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    Parts and Plans (Open)


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    Parts and Plans (Open) Empty Parts and Plans (Open)

    Post by Yuudai 7th April 2019, 5:09 pm

    Yuudai Moved thru the streets in Motor City,normally he avoided a city like this because of the strong smells of chemicals and smoke often irritated his nose but for what he needed he had to come here and get supplies. The hybrid was starting to work on a custom motorcycle so he could have fast transportation on the main land when he was working and not on Tolgalen spending time with his family and lovely wife. Part of him was rather happy that he didn’t have the kids with him this time, it was so loud and smelled here that he had no doubt that his kids and wife would have not been happy to be here.

    ugh coming all the way out here to get parts, this had better be worth it” he grumbled, the Hybrid knew this would be tough since he had to make a bike that could fit his size and weight since he towered over most and weighed a lot for being 10 feet tall.glancing around he stopped in the middle of the square and glanced around to try and find the shop he needed.


    Parts and Plans (Open) GSvDExK

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